Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bellamere Cottage Is Having A PINK Giveaway......

Hi Sweet Chickies!

Oh my gosh... I promised this giveaway at the beginning of the week. I do believe it's Thursday! I'm so sorry to be so tardy.

Thank you for all your sweet comments regarding my nasty case of the crud. I am soooo much better now. So, that health issue is nearly solved. YIPPPEEE....

But, for some reason, I have something else that's been going of for quite some time now. I have a tummy owie. It passed the uncomfortable stage some time ago and is now to the throw yourself of the floor and cry phase. It's a really long story and I wouldn't want ya'all to fall asleep before I tell you all about the giveaway, so I'll make it snappy.

I saw a Digestive Disease Dr. a month ago. I don't know how many people can consistently drop the ball, but after waiting for all the ducks to line up for FOUR weeks I gave up and went to my Primary Care Dr. on Tuesday. He had me in for an MRI at the crack of dawn yesterday.

I have a terrible time with claustrophobia so he had me take 2 mgs of Xanax before the test. Hmmmmmm.... I think to myself..."Spencer, I don't know about taking that much.... if I were you I'd take half"..... So, after much thought and contemplation, I took 1/2. Naturally, my DH drove me.....he said I was asleep before we even hit the freeway... (about five minutes away) and slept until we got there. Made it through the test....slept all the way home.........and didn't wake up until it was time to go to bed. Slept all night too.

Sooooooooooooo.............that's why I didn't post yesterday. And, was Doctoring on Monday and Tuesday.

Good grief.

I hope they get the whole shin-dig figured out pretty soon. :-) that's I've finished my update........Let's talk about the giveaway.

I've gathered a few little pink cuties for you....and I hope you'll like them. :-)

Reason for the giveaway? Well, besides the one that says "who needs a reason for a GIVEAWAY?"...

Because you're the BEST. And, truly, I mean the BEST!

I am soooo grateful to each and every one of you.

I just want to say thank you in my small way.

So, here's what we have........

A little pink and yellow heart.....I LOVE making these things. I can't even count how many I've made, but believe me, it's plenty.

I've given them to everyone I know.....

You can hang in on a cupboard door, door knob, hook, or where ever you'd like.

Several yards of yummy rayon ribbon.

Three vintage with a little pink edge...... sorry you can't see them very well....but they're there.

A little white pitcher....... I got this out thrifting and I thought it was just tooooo cute. I think it's probably porcelain....but so sweet, don't you think?

Because I'm not a "make one of each" kind of gal I made dozens of these little roses....they're fun to put on top of a little stack of books or stick under a bell jar.....who're all so darn creative you'll think of something I've never even considered, I'm just sure of it!!!

And, finally, this sweetest little frame......Can you see the little sparkly rhinestones?? Gotta love a little glam with your frame! With a little thought on HOPE..... Isn't it wonderful to know that God has an inexhaustible supply? What a Mighty God we serve.

Ok.........would you like to be included in the drawing?

The ONLY thing you need to do is leave a comment here.........make sure you have a way for me to contact you.

(Not that I'd mind one little bit if you'd like to share the love!!)

Yep, that's it. No hoops.....nothing. EASY PEASY.

Because.............I am grateful to YOU!

What darlin' chickies you are and I'm thrilled you popped by.

I'll draw the winner on March midnight PST.

*Because of the cost of postage I'm sorry I'll have to limit this little giveaway to the US of A!*

Big Grateful Huggies and Lovies Dear Ones!



  1. Hi Spencer,
    I hope that you are feeling better and that everything is okay. The MRI thing can be very smothering to say the least.

    Wonderful giveaway. Please count me in.


  2. Dear Spencer,

    I am so sorry you have been feeling ill. I'm sending prayers your way that all is healed ASAP, my friend.

    Please take care,

  3. Spencer, hope you are feeling better and better and the docs get you 100% ASAP!!

    I don't like the MRI either and didn't even think it would bother me at all!! IT DID!! I had to talk myself through it...and breathe, breathe, breathe....if I have one again, I am taking 1/2 of something!

    LOVE the give away!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  4. Oh, Spencer! Tummy owies are the WORST! Hope you feel better soon and that it's not serious!

    You're very sweet to have a 'no reason' giveaway. Please count me in. That pink and yellow heart is so cute!

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Lori Lynn ♥

  5. Good Afternoon~
    I just stopped by to visit and decided I must be a follower of yours...hope you'll come visit and follow me too!
    I love your little hearts..omgosh how special and lovely!

    I would love to be in your give-a-way, my goodness such wonderful little goodies.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep happy thoughts coming your way.

    Be well my friend.... xoso Sandy O

  6. I'm not joining the giveaway, just wanted to pop in to say, glad one thing is sorted and hope your tummy bug is sorted soon too.
    x Sandi

  7. Oh, I hope your problems clear up soon...whatever it is, the MRI will show it. Please keep us posted.

    Your giveaway is so sweet and generous! And handmade! It doesn't get an better than that!

    Take care, my friend!


  8. Oh Spen, sorry, but hopeful that you get to the "bottom" of all of this, lol.
    I know it's not funny. I was in emergency with major tummy problems. They gave me some thick goop to drink and BINGO... gone down the toilet. Hope it's that easy for you.
    I don't enter give-aways, but I truly am in love with your little heart pillow. That's all I would need from you... your ♡.
    Love You
    Love me

  9. Spencer, I'm so sorry you are having some problems but I agree with Jane, the MRI should at least clarify what is bothering you.

    Keeping you in my prayers,
    Deanna :D

  10. I hope and pray that the Dr will find out what the problem is and that you'll be feeling like a "spring chick" soon.
    I would love to win your giveaway! Thank you for having one. I try to make felt hearts...however they sure don't look as pretty as yours..

  11. Spencer I hope all turns out well! Sleeping through an MRI isn't bad at all. What an adorable giveaway! Enter me please! I would love those cute pink goodies. Take care. Linda

  12. Hi Spencer. Hope they get your tummy issue figured out very soon. At least you slept through the MRI. Can you imagine if you had taken the dose the Dr wanted you to take? You would probably still be sleeping it off! LOL
    Hugs, Sue
    P.S. Your giveaway is lovely. I especially like the heart. That is super adorable!

  13. I am hoping that your on the mend. Thanks for the sweet giveaway...count me in.

  14. Spencer I'll be praying that the results will turn out well and that you will get to the end of your nasty tummy problems. You sound like me with medicine-but glad that it helped you relax so you could do the test! I am claustrophobic too and don't know how I would handle a test like that!

    Love your goodies!
    bee blessed

  15. Aw Spencer, feel better soon!
    This winter has been so hard on a lot of people...I think we will all be happy when spring comes to stay!

    I love all the precious goodies you have in your give away! A sweet lil "pamper me package!"

    Smiles and Hugs,

  16. Hello Spencer,
    I am sorry to hear about your tummy owie, I hope you will be feeling better soon!!!
    PLEASE enter me in the giveaway.
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  17. I hope you have results soon from the test. Your giveaway sounds lovely and I would like to enter.

  18. I had an MRI done on my knees. I was so glad that I didn't have to go in the machine all the way. I don't think I could have done it if I had to go all the way in. Praying for a good outcome. Love giveaways!

  19. Meds effect me that way too! You seem to have perked up. Hope you're better. Thanks so much for peeking in on me and leaving a good word!

  20. MOST PRECIOUS SPENCER! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH....please keep us in the know about your tummy situation!!!! LOVE YOU!!! Anita

  21. Hi Spencer...I'm praying for you, I want you to have a great weekend, SO I'll pray TWICE AS HARD! Wish I could fluff your pillow for you...
    Enter me in your giveaway please! I would LOVE to have the heart you made and the other goodies.
    Love&Hugs to you Sweetie,

  22. Hi Spencer! I am sorry to hear about all of your health issues. I have been ill with the flu and stomach problems too for the past couple of weeks. It's no fun ~ so I am sending lots of good vibes your way and will send up some prayers for you too. Coming to visit you is the best medicine and I am feeling better already. Your giveaway is just precious. I love those sweet hearts that you make!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  23. Hi sweet lady...

    Ohhh has been way too long since I have been by for a visit, sweet friend! I do apologize! Darlin', I am sooo sorry to hear that you are having health issues...I am already praying, Spence! You get to feeling better!!! Ohhh my goodness...just think what may have happened if you took the amount of Xanax the Dr. suggested! At least you were comfortable to take that MRI! I'm claustrophobic too...I certainly can identify! Anyway, I certainly will be praying for you, sweet friend!

    Well my dear, how very sweet of you to do this fabulous gift giveaway for us! I love each and every one of the items! all would look sooo very pretty in my Tea Rose bedroom! Please throw my name in the giveaway hat, Spence! And...I'll be crossing my fingers..and even my toes! Hehe!

    Love ya, dear lady!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  24. Spencer-As I write this I am SO ejoying your music--got my feet tapping and I am smiling! I hope and pray they figure out what is causing your pain soon! Your pink goodies make a great giveaway. I love them all. Hope you will enter me!

  25. Hi Spencer,
    I just popped in to thank you for following our blog, but ended up spending an hour on your beautiful blog. Your story is so inspiring. You must be one of God's special instraments for you to have endured so much. May his continued blessings be with you.
    Forget ME Not Dreams

  26. That is the sweetest little pink giveaway, Spencer. Every single thing in it is a must have for me. You are a sweetie for offering it. So glad to hear you are better and hope they find a solution for your other little problem too.

  27. Hoping your tummy troubles will be over real soon..
    what a fab giveaway for all the Lovers of Pink we have here in blogland. I wish you all the very best of luck..

  28. Hi...I am new to your blog! and what a lovely space it is to visit. I really like the little heart you made and must say I hope you feel better soon.


    ps. since I am a new visitor...please don't include me in the giveaway, it just wouldn't be fair.

  29. MY SWEET ONE! Oh, I have missed you dearest. Your cute and beautifully written accounts of daily life, your visits, your sewing projects!!! But I certainly understand the effort it takes to get to the computer, download the photos and write! With our room additions and painting and organizing and moving furniture, it has left me spent, NOT TO MENTION MY FULL TIME JOB and then, ALL THIS SNOW WE JUST GOT and need to shovel,ON MY DAY OFF TODAY! Praise God ANYWAY!!!

    Stay well, we love ya, Spencer! Anita

  30. Oh, you have a lovely lovely blog! I do love the pretty lil heart you made, and would be so happy to win it :)
    Thank you for coming by my blog, hope you will come back soon :)
    Happy Monday!
    gi gi

  31. Hi Spencer, so nice of you to stop by to see my blog and leave your sweet thoughts. Good luck with your give away! Christie P.S. your blog is so pretty!

  32. Oh my goodness! I love that little heart! So cute! I hope you feel better soon! It's never fun being sick :(

  33. Yes, count me in. I'd love to win these beauties. Hope you get the answers you need and you're feeling better soon;-)

  34. Sweetie, you got to get well soon! Spring is beating at the front door ...

    What a darling giveaway ... Please accept my entry in your giveaway.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful day ~

  35. Oh Spencer I love the yellow and pink makes me smile!
    And I collect white creamer pitchers!

    Count me in on your sweet give away dear friend!

    Hugs, Dolly

  36. I'll put "healing for your body" in my prayers.
    What a very sweet give away.
    Happy Pink Saturday

  37. Hope and pray all is getting better for you soon, Spencer :)

    Sweet giveaway, please enter me if I may.

    Hugs from Marian

  38. Oh my what a sweet pink sorry you have not been feeling to well prayers that is all gets better for you...
    Have a Blessed day

  39. Hi Spencer,
    Oh my goodness you poor dear! I hope your tummy troubles go away very soon and the Doctor finds out what is causing it, so you can start to feel better.
    Please drop my name into the had for your sweet giveaway!
    Big hugs for you,Elizabeth

  40. I would love to participate in your wonderful giveaway!

  41. I don't know if I put my finger in this pot yet, or not. I can't remember....but if I haven't - please do. I love all the things and would be so honored. Have a great week. Sandi

  42. I am loving the new look, wow, this is fantastic!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!
    What a great giveaway!
    Margaret B



  44. What a cute giveaway. count me in.

  45. Putting Sandy B.'s name in the hat.... contacted via e-mail. :-)

  46. Hi Spencer! I know I'm not eligible for your giveaway as I am across th 'pond' but just wanted to wish you well and hope you are sorted out asap. There is nothing worse than waiting, we can cope with most things when we know what is going on. Lots of love. xxx