Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Could this FINALLY be the solution??? I have tried everything I could think of to organize the mess in my car for YEARS! Baskets, tubs, name it. Still, every day, I have stuff flying all over everywhere! YUK! I wanted something with loads of pockets and handles so I could take it in and out of the house easily and short so the "stuff" would be accessible. I didn't want the items inside to be hidden.......too hard to find AND I don't want somebody breaking into my car to get my HANDBAG only to find the little tote full of coupons! Not that I'd like them to find money, but you know what I mean! :-) We went to Hawaii last October and found this yummy reproduction barkcloth.........perfect for this project, I think! Now I'm hopeful that I'll easily be able to find my shopping lists, coupons, lotion, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, pens, notepads.......and on and on and on........I even made a side pocket to hold my water bottle. It was soooooooo hard to make. I have a nice sewing machine........NOT a professional one by any means. I backed the pieces with iron-on EXTRA HEAVY duty sewing machine DID not like it and I had to fight through the whole darn project. Somehow, in the "old days" when the fabric was thick one could just plow through it anyway. Hmmm.....not just blows a fuse on these new electronic numbers. I broke two needles too.......but in the end, although not a perfect sewing job........I have a tote to bring in and re-load with all the things I need when I'm going to the store (and a book......just in case!!). Yippppeeee! Now, if it works I'm going to one reallllly happy girl!

Oh.......and it looks wavy because of all the little gems I have stuffed into the pockets.... :-)

Wishing you a WONDERFUL and Blessed Wednesday!


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  1. oh oh oh...I want to make one...I have a pattern that I bought off ebay...I wonder if it is the same one you have...I'll have to go look...what pattern is yours???? Laurie


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