Friday, May 29, 2009

It's A Giggle For Show And Tell Friday!

I've been looking for a new (read vintage) coffee table for months..........I've dropped by the thrift stores/antique stores about town as often as possible..........NOTHING........darn it all. I want something big........well, in Bellamere Cottage terms it would be called big, but probably medium sized to anybody who has a larger cottage.....I want it to have "air" underneath it so it's not too heavy......I want something "different"... and it has to be a bit taller than a standard coffee table because my sofa's vintage and is a bit taller. NUTS! I'm having a horrible time. I want something rectangular...I want something cute........yeah, I do sound picky!!! ( I do have a really swell old farm table that could be made shorter if I knew somebody who could whack the legs off for me!! simple task, I want a bit out of the CENTER of the leg!......yeah, picky....).

Well, I still haven't managed to find exactly what I want, but I did find this bed........I gotta tell 'ya....I got the giggles..........WHO WOULD BUY THIS??? (Oh my.....if you have one or one that's similar, I'm so sorry, I'm sure it's sensational in YOUR house.) It just isn't the right style for my little cottage. :-)

So, there I stood at the St. Vincent de Paul store, giggling, and wondering how in the world a mattress actually fits on this frame? And..........where the heck is Elvis?

It has attached night has a little platform area, just in case you fall out of doesn't need a box spring............even the headboard is part of the whole shin-dig.

Do they still make black silk sheets and red velvet spreads? :-)

I wish I had noticed how much it was, but I didn't pay any attention.....that would have been interesting too.

Well, I stopped by there yesterday and guess what??? IT'S GONE!!!

Holy Cow! White Pleather??

Retro maybe??

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  1. Now,it isn't my style, but I bet my son would think it is know...maybe Elvis came back to that building and took it before he left!!

  2. OMG Spencer! I think if I slept in that bed I would feel as if I was getting ready to float in the air- it's like a freaky flying saucer! Okay, so the person who owned it before just didn't quite have the type of taste you and I do (in other words, he/she had some BAD taste)- but if we lived in a house of ill repute, it might just fit in. Cannot believe it got purchased!!!! eeewww..... Thanks for sharing this abomination of bedding....

  3. I don't know... Someday you may be giving your forehead a smack and saying, "Doh! Shoudda gotten that bed."
    About your coffee table...
    Consider getting a Vintage dining table and cut the legs off. That way you can make it as high and as wide as you want.

  4. I gotta' say this.... "One man's trash is another man's treasure". That certainly applies to the retro/ultra modern bed!
    With my knees I don't think I could ever get in or if I did I don't think I could get out!! LOL!!
    Thanks for the chuckle & I too appologize to anyone who has one like it!! LOL!! (sorry)

  5. All I can say is ICK to that bed but then if it sold someone liked it!
    Linda Q
    Hi Spencer, hope you have been well and enjoying the pretty NW weather!

  6. This bed and your giggles made me think of the time a coworker of my husband's invited us over for dinner and then proudly insisted on showing us the bed he had disigned and had custom-made. It was this huge monstrosity of baby blue crushed velvet roundness with a bassinet-like "hood" at the head of it. The "hood" contained built-in speakers and drink-holding side "tables." OMG! All I could think of to say was, "That sure is somethin'!" On the way home, St. Michael said it looked like something out of a . . . well, house of ill-repute, shall we say. And we laughed about our host's questionable taste.

    Later, when we reciprocated the dinner invitation, this coworker went on and on about how much he loved my beautiful white ruffled curtains that were hanging in my dining room. From that time on, St. Michael has affectionately referred to them as my "whore house curtains"! Arghhhh!

  7. That is the UGLIEST Bed I've ever seen in my whole life. Sorry, it is...

    Of course...ugly is relative to what it is being compared to. I mean...beautiful is too...

    Still...I'd rather sleep ON THE FLOOR than on that monster. Scary...LOL!

    Thanks for sharing. I can now say I've had my laugh for the day!


  8. Pretty cool. It's all you need in the room. You have everything in it, lol....Christine

  9. That bed is really something else. I don't think it would work in my house either, but it would be interesting to see where it went. lol. I do know your frustration trying to find the perfect table. That is quite a task. Hopefully you will find one soon. Hugs, Marty

  10. Hello Spencer; Gosh I really don't have the words to describe that bed,,,, but I think it is one big round ugly marshmallow... Now sure if I could sleep in that.... sorry had to say it.... I guess I am not that retro.. I hope you find the perfect coffee table... and when you do please share with us all... loved the story, you give me a giggle....


  11. Oh Heavens!!
    Did Austen Powers do away with his furnishings?
    That is definitely retro-ugly...but worthy of a good laugh. Thanks for sharing. :)
    Hope you're having a lovely evening.

  12. Maybe a Elvis impersonator bought it...yeppppers it is UgLy....IMHO....

  13. Oh that really is something!! It's gone?? Thanks for the laugh!

  14. As I had a client say to me today she is 'particular' not 'picky'. Great post!

  15. Hi again! Thanks for stopping by my place! You only have 200 unsed stamps! LOL I've used most of mine once, I hope, but the ones I just got are still in plastic hehehe!!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!!
    hugs, Lisa

  16. Oh my gosh,
    Meet George Jetson, His boy Elroy, lol. What a bed, kind of a retro sci-fi wannabee. I kind of do not wannabee near it, lol....... Cracks me up!!!
    On a more serious note, everytime I come to your blog I stare at your blog banner for a few minutes and then go look at the picture of your mum. There is just something comforting about both pictures. Thanks so much!!!
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  17. That bed is really something else(hehe)!!! It looks so retro...All I can say is I'm glad that bed isn't in my room.LOL!!!!


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