Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day At Port Townsend And A Car Crash Update.......

My Hubbs had a long weekend for the Fourth of July, so we drove up to Port Townsend, on Friday, for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

The weather was just yummy and we had a delightful day.

I love a town with flower pots, flower baskets..........whatever, wherever....POSIES MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.........I swear, I'll pay a little bit more to buy gas at a station with flowers....They just make me happy.

Yep, there he is...........really he should be turned the other way.......this fella LIVES for a water view. He's such a cute little guy. Everyone who knows him uses this EXACT same sentence........."oh, that Craig........he's just the nicest guy".... :-) They're right!

Port Townsend is such a sweet little old town. Lots of little shops and some really nice antique stores. Sadly, I was having "a bad leg day" and didn't get to walk around.

So darn cute!

It's too bad they don't have underground wires in this adorable little town, but isn't this old architecture just delish? Sort of like a wedding cake, isn't it?

Ahhhhhh........and our favorite restaurant, The Stillwater Cafe. OH MY GOSH....they have the BEST food. Very different flavors melded together. I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the inside and of the FOOD while we were there. Sorry! :-)

I have admitted it here before, I'm a lousy cook. I used to be a great cook when everything had a sauce and most things were made with tons of butter........we just don't eat like that any more and my sweet, 3X bypass, Hubbs doesn't eat meat, so things around here are pretty pathetic in the dining department. I bought The Stillwater Cafe Cookbook........I am SO hoping it will help. Everything in it looks wonderful and most things are made without meat. YIPPPEEE.

Now, onto some really sad news. My DH's boss was taken away in an ambulance yesterday. He is a WONDERFUL man and my Hubbs really cares for him. It looks like he may have had a stroke. I'm sick over it and have prayed and prayed for him. Would you please offer up a prayer for him too. He's only 63 and has a family. Thanks so very much. My Hubbs is beside himself.

Now, the Darling Daughter wreck update. (Please see last post).

My daughter has been spending endless hours dealing with this mess. It looks like they're not going to total her car at this point. They are, however, going to take the whole side of her car out and rebuild it........that includes that center post. I don't want to be gory here, but that post is that failed when her husband was killed in an accident. She does NOT want this car back after having been put back together. And, evidently the frame has been bent and they think they can square it back up. I'm not a car repair person, but it makes sense to me that if you bend metal, then bend it back it will never be as strong. She has to have a car that is safe for her child and for herself.

We went to court yesterday for the uninsured ninny with a suspended license who hit her. He didn't show up. Isn't that just classic? But here's the clincher. He hit my daughter on the Fourth of July. He was arrested for driving with a suspended license AGAIN on the FIFTH! Can you believe it? He just doesn't get it.

Sorry this bloggie is just lots of ramblings.......My brain is alllll furry right now. :-)

Thank you so much for coming, for reading my ramblings and for your prayers.

We covet them.

Lovies and Huggies!


  1. Your daughter does have options with the insurance company to not accept a damaged car repair she finds dangerous or unacceptable & get other appraisals, you know, I am sure. Anyway, this happened to us once before & our insurance tried to pull that on us, but we found out better & went for the gusto ... they then decided to total it. Hmmmmm.

    What a lovely day you must have had. It is so pretty @ Pt. Townsend, isn't it. Glad you had a nice 'get away' from it all.

    Prayers lifted for the gentleman.

    Take care, Spencer. Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

  2. That is the cutest little town. I also love towns that have hanging flower baskets. I always feel like I have been taken back in time.
    xxoo, Susan

  3. Hi Spencer,

    Love that adorable town! Your Hubbs boss is in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad your daughter was alright, but I'm with blushing rose...put the gusto in high gear! Bent way!!!


  4. First of all, don't feel bad about the way you cook... Hubs & I are in the same boat. Only difference is no heart surgery yet!! We eat very little meat & mostly fish & chicken if we do.. Ah-h-h-h, where did the days go when we could demolish a bag of chips??
    As for this clod-hopper that hit your daughter??? I don't know how you can not want to smack him. If they don't jail him soon he will keep this up until he kills someone. No justice....
    Please keep us posted on the progress...

  5. Prayers going up, sweet friend. Love the the story behind it all, too! Isn't God good and faithful?

    xo to you, hubby and dd...


  6. Hey ramble on girlfriend, we'll listen (read).
    I agree with your findings on the car business and I'm lining up behind you for a nice kicking session with that guy.

    Now the little trip looked so wonderful in this town. Love to see the old building and before I read your comment about the wires I was thinking the same thing. Sorry to hear about your leg pains. Hope it feels better soon.

    And will also say a little prayer for Hubbs boss.

    Wish you could have been with us today, it was sooooo much fun. Dixie took us to one of her favorite stores...OMGosh we were doing the happy dance. All three of us walked away with happy stuff.

    Thursday Blessings,

  7. First, I'm glad that your daughter is all right but I would love to take that ninny that hit her and make him fly right!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's boss. I will pray for him of course...and for his family. Bless their hearts.

    Say "NO!" to bent metal.

    Many hugs,

  8. OH!! I just left you a comment and closed it too fast and have to start again! I also just saw you signed lovies and huggies! I have used huggies for years it cracks my friends up!!
    So sorry about your hubbs' boss! I will add him to my list! I'm so glad you had a good time even with a bad leg day!
    Please tell your daughter to fight the non-totaling decision! That is just too scary. I really think you can refuse it and make the insurance company do it. You cannot rebend a car!! They are just crazy! I hope it all works out!

  9. 104-degrees here today... I'd glady change places if you'd like...?

    looks like a beautiful little town to visit...

    as for daughter's bad guy... if they'd keep his rear end in jail for a couple of years... he might... I say might... learn a lesson!

  10. Sorry about your daughter's accident and problems, Spencer. I hope they get resolved soon. The town you visited is so charming, love the buildings!...Christine

  11. Oh, I hope your Husband's boss is alright. My Dad had a very mild stroke 5 years ago and it took him a few months to get up and about again. He was terribly dizzy while they took the time to get his blood pressure under control. It sounds like the nightmare continues for your daughter, good luck to her.Port Townsend does look like a neat little town. I've never been there.

  12. Hi Spencer!

    What a darling place Port Townsend is! Love that wedding cake building! Those kinds of towns are the best. I've enjoyed visiting you and getting to know you. What a sweetie you are!

    Thanks for coming to visit my trip. There was so much walking in NYC! Sometimes I would have to just sit down and have a cold drink and maybe a fabulous dessert and I would get rejuvenated to go on. (I think the dessert was the key!)

    big hugs, Sherry

  13. "I love a town with flower pots" I love this line! And I so agree :)

    Sending lots of positive thoughts for your DH's boss.

  14. God bless your family. I just read the previous post and my heart goes out to your daughter and grandson. God was holding them in His hand.

    I am sending prayers that hubby's boss will come through with flying colors!

    If we could afford to leave AZ, we would be in Port Townsend in a heartbeat.

    Blessing to you and your family,

  15. Dear Spencer,
    Prayers are being lifted up for your daughter and grandson...that is a lot for a 6 year old to deal with, let alone the stress to your daughter.
    You hear about guys like this who keep getting ticketed and nothing is ever done....let alone the fact it is ILLEGAL to drive without insurance and yet your daughters insurance will have to pay it and they almost always then raise the insurance or drop you.......the good guy always gets penalized.......I pray this guy does not kill somebody to change his life....because even then it doesn't change some people.
    prayers are going up for your dh's boss....63 years old is very young....did he have high blood pressure.....
    I would always also buy gas from someone who cares enough to hang flowers.......they were beautiful...the town was so pretty...I love old towns...I am sorry you could not do any walking for leg pain.
    Thanks for sharing the trip, and about your daughter and grandson and your dh's boss....I think all of us will listen to a friend ramble who is in need
    Angel hugs

  16. Spencer, I'll probably offend some people who are in the insurance business, but she needs to stand up to them! We pay our premiums to them for years and then when something happens, they just want to see what they can get away with without having to pay so much money out! I know they are in the business to make money, but I've seen them try to get away with as little as possible, when I KNOW they should be doing more. She might need to try to talk to a lawyer.
    I hope they lock that guy up! I cannot believe he got a DWI the next day!
    I'm so sorry about your husband's boss. Boy, when it rains it, pours. I'm saying a prayer for him. Looks like a lovely day trip you took. laurie

  17. Spencer
    My goodness I just went through many of your posts and am so shocked at the many similarities of us! Some fun, like the same books we've read and love and movies too! Then the sad things I read of the polio, I was in a body cast from 2-6 with a thing called leg pertheas disease. Have had a lot of surgeries and always bad luck after them. What brought me to tears tonite was when you wrote of your Mum. Mine passed almost four years ago and my life is not the same at all, there is such a void. I feel in love with the memory jar, I so hope to find one like yours.I would get alot of comfort in seeing her things this way. Both my parents and sister and brother are gone. Your so delightful to read I wish we lived closer I would love to meet you. P.S. I too love flip flops to bits!LOL Its getting late but I do plan on finishing your posts! Please feel free to visit my site and write! So wonderful meeting you Spencer! Lori

  18. Dearest Spencer~ You are such a sweet person & I am very sorry for all your family is enduring. So much heartache. I will glady "throw up" a heap of prayers for your DH's boss and for your sweet daughter & her family. So happy to see pic's of Port Townsend; one of my very favorite little towns in the PNW. Oh how I miss it. We were home to Seattle in June for my eldest sons college graduation. Happy time but went far to quickly. All my best to you & yours. Thanks for your kind comments today. I love to hear from you. I am happy to know your DH cycles too. You know..only the "nice guys" cycle!!
    xxx deb

  19. Dear Spencer, Thank you for your kind words last night. I'm feeling much more uplifted this morning and ready for my day.

    As I read about your daughter, I could not help but be reminded yet again that where insurance companies are concerned, we are all just numbers with $ signs in front of us. Flesh and bone aren't really the point at all.

    I loved seeing the pictures of Port Townsend, a place I've heard of often but never been to. All those old Victorias - it's like a mini San Francisco.



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