Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Did I have a target on the back on my little car?

Nope........I don't think so, but still............there was a nincompoop out there aiming for it just the same.

Yep, rear-ended yesterday. I saw it coming. I braced myself. Not good.

No broken bones.....thank you, Father God, for your protection.....

But a bruised and battered Spencer....

I finally finished the slipcover for my little den chair over the weekend and it was my plan to share that with you.....and hopefully a little tutorial to go along with it.

As soon as I get it all together I'll do it.

But, today, I'll be going to the auto body place....the doctor for my owies and, hopefully, I'll be able to get some relief. (No pain meds for this gal......I'm allergic to EVERYTHING!!!)

I still have a crummy cough and a VERY sore throat. I've had this crud for a month now.

Brother. When it rains. it. pours.

Hugs to all!

I'll be back, as Arnold would say!

Kisses and hugs,



  1. Sorry for the rear ender, sugar. Show us the den chair redo asap, chickee.

  2. Spencer you have had a rough few weeks! Glad you weren't seriously hurt! Do take care. Traci

  3. :-(
    I am so sorry. Just take it easy and slow. I would say to take some pain meds for the comfort but I guess that is out. Just keep your spirits up and try and get over that incidious virus you have.
    Hugs ~Sue

  4. I do hope you are okay? My goodness, just what you did not need!
    Margaret B

  5. Oh no! Was this ninnyhammer drunk or what?
    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. So sorry Spencer. Hope you get back to tip top shape and your poor car gets fixed fast!

  7. Oh Spencer, I am so very sorry to hear of your accident. At least you are in one piece altho you don't feel like it at this time. I hope all can be fixed with your car. Hopefully the culprit stopped and did the right thing. Make sure you go to my blog and click on the shabbylaneshops giveaway. I am one of many vendors that donated items for this giveaway. We will be having it once a month and the value of around or over $100.00 worth of wonderul merchandise all tucked into a gorgeous hatbox. Good luck and feel better soon, Char

  8. So sorry for your accident! Hope you will feel better soon!

  9. SWEETIE! Are you O.K.? Oh my dear, you are protected by angels, that is for sure! Please stay well my dear friend. Anita

  10. Oh my goodness, Spencer, how awful! I'm grateful to hear that you're okay except for a few bumps and bruises.

    Take care and be sure to get checked out thoroughly by the doctor!


  11. blessings to ya deary!! I am with you. Sometimes when it is pouring you can't even see that the light on the other side of the rain cloud is just around the bend.

    Hope you get everything in perfect order.

  12. Hi Spencer,

    Bless your heart- not the best of days.
    I am sending hugs and prayers your way.


  13. Sorry about your car, sorry about your owies, sorry you have to go to the Dr. and even more sorry you have to put your car in the shop!! Hope all is better soon!
    Hugs, Lisa

  14. Oh, my Spencer! What is it with you all & cars?!? Glad you aren't seriously injured. You take good care.

    Dying to see the redo, my friend.

    Sure have missed you. Have a great eve! TTFN ~Marydon

  15. So sorry for the accident, Spencer but I am glad you are ok except for some bruises...Christine

  16. I was sorry to read about your accident. Glad you were not seriously injured. Take it easy the next few days....for your "ouchies" and for the sore throat and cough

  17. Yikes! I'm glad you are safe and sound. Hope you feel better soon. I'm hoping that nasty flue doesn't make it's way here from Eastern Wa!

  18. Spencer, I am so sorry about the rear-ending.
    I know that even though there are not visible signs of injury, you have aches and pains.

    Anxious to see the slipcover...

  19. Oh my gosh...I see the light through the tunnel will be shining for you anytime now. All of this crazyness will come to an end!
    Glad to hear that you are unharmed!! In the midst of all of this, you still managed to finish the slipcover....go girl...
    Big Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  20. Well darn, that's no fun! Sorry to hear about the rear end and the cold! Thank God you didn't get seriously injured! Hope the week gets better for you!!!

    :) T

  21. Oh-my-goodness! SO glad you're ok Spencer!
    Take the best of care my bloggy friend, I'm
    sending hugs and positive vibes your way!!

  22. Oh Spencer, I'm so sorry. I'm sure things will look up soon. Maybe a nice soak in a spa will help those aches.

  23. Spencer, I am glad that you were not hurt badly and only suffered minor bumps and bruises. It is always traumatic when something of this nature happens to us. Please take care of yourself, take it easy, and remember that I am thinking of you. And what is it about your "cold" or whatever it is you have? I kept mine for 2 months in the spring, even with meds, so I know what you're going through. Then, I woke up one day and I was fine. Go figure. No more hacking and wheezing or anything. Guess it just ran its course. So maybe that is what might happen for you. All good wishes for better health!
    lots of hugs to you, Sue

  24. So sorry to hear about your car accident. Hope your owies get better soon! Feel better!


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