Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sisters, Oregon.....What A Fun Place To Visit!

Darling Girlies!

Happy Friday!

My darling Hubbs and I just spent a restful and beautiful week in Bend, Oregon for our anniversary. We've gone to Oregon every year since our honeymoon in 1997...except last year. (We went to Hawaii instead).

We always take a day to visit Sisters, about 20 miles west of Bend.

It's known as The Gateway to the Cascade Mountains, and was established in 1875.

It is THE cutest little town.

We ALWAYS get a nice cup of coffee at Sisters Coffee Company. When we first started going there the store was a TEENY little place, but they've since built a heavenly building with a big fireplace and cozy furniture. Why didn't I take pictures of it? Crazy!

Darn it all...this is the only picture I got of the fireplace.

There are loads of little shops and we took a bit of time to peek around a few.

While we were driving down one of the back roads we saw these little guys. Aren't the sooo cute?

We pulled over to the side of the road to watch them, and get a few pictures.

They were under a huge apple tree.....getting a bit of lunch!

This little fella strolled up and checked out the fence. "Dang did my buddies get in there"?

And then............

No problem!.....

I couldn't believe I actually got the shot! Isn't that a hoot! Now I know why people complain about the deer eating their gardens. Might as well just skip the fence!

Have you ever seen a deer jump? They're sooooo graceful! It's a sight to behold.

They have a large quilt shop too..............I like to go peek around....good for inspiration!

I NEVER buy anything there.....and don't ask any questions either. They're not the cheeriest people in that store! YIKES!

We had such a great week. I love the down time....and actually got a bit of stitchery done. It seems I never have time to do it at home. It's quite a long drive so I had hours in the car to stitch and listen to a book on tape. Not to mention just BE with the Darling Hubbs.

Happy Anniversary Muffin!

I love you.

Kisses from the Missus.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Huggies and Lovies,


  1. OMG! I had to comment here. I was recently at a REAL BIG NAME shoppe in NH (Yes, they do have a catalog and everything!) and I shall now say that their employees were "not the cheeriest people". A step up from "so full of themselves that they could not be bothered by my measly stack of bolts waiting to be cut"... LOL! I feel like such a lady now. I learn something new every day. Thanks for helping me become more PC, I'm really working on that! LOL!

  2. Oh Spencer...I am so happy you had such a romantically idyllic week together to celebrate your anniversary...That is what it is all about, just being together.

    Great photos of the deer in action, too!

    Be sure to stop by my blog...I just started my 1st GIVEAWAY~~I am SO excited!

    Take care and just BE!

  3. Spencer Happy Anniversary!!!!! I love Sisters, such a cute little town and a lot of really fun shope. I lived in Bend from 1970 to 1983. It was not near as big as it is now and really did have a lot of wonderful little town charm. It's still a great place to visit. So glad you had a great time. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hubs and I've spent a weekend in Bend about 9 years ago and just loved it, honey. I've never been to Sisters though I've heard of it.

  5. Happy anniversary, Spencer. That sounds like a lovely anniversary trip to Bend. I have always wanted to go to Sisters for the quilt show in July. Thanks for the heads up on the Pumpkin Patch fabric giveaway. :-)

  6. What a darling place...your right...getting that buck while he was jumping is a great shot.

  7. I ♥ romantic little getaways, they are the best! You were lucky to have your camera ready when that buck decided to jump, they are so fast.

  8. Hi Spence,
    I love Sisters, although it's been years since I've been over there. My parents lived in Lincoln City and we went through Bend to get there and I loved the little side trip to Sisters. It sounds like it has more there now than it used to, but it had such a charm to it.
    What is it with quilt shops? We have one here with the same unfriendly atmosphere. My friend and I joke that they must all be sewing snobs. (inside joke)
    Your trip sounds like a great time.

  9. It looks beautiful there, I too love little getaways to refresh. The deer are beautiful and that buck - perfect! Happy weekend to you.

  10. Spencer, I loved touring that cute town with you and seeing those pretty deer! I think it's so neat that you get away from it all for your anniversary. What a special thing to do. And I hope it was a wonderful time!

    Love to you both...


    Sheila :-)

  11. Happy Anniversary to you! what a fun get-away youmust have had (except for the sick part:(...sisters is cute...been awhile since I've been there...DH grew up in Bend but all family has since moved away...hope you're feeling better.

  12. I, too, love Sisters. We have been vacationing in Sunriver for 26 years, and I always plan a day for myself in Sisters while the guys all go golfing. I missed it this year, but I think my trip to Peru was worth it. We'll be back again next year.

  13. Hi Sweet Spencer! Gosh Gal, thanks so much for your enthusiasm about my possible pillow endeavor! I have had SO many ideas for little businesses and none of them ever came to fruition. So I've been praying and waiting. I think the Lord may just want me to jump in and fully trust Him. DUH!! He's the one who put the desire there! Makes sense, huh? ;o)

    I'm delighted that you got to steal away with your hubby and celebrate your marriage! More people need to do that! We are convinced that getting away, even if only for an evening is what has nourished our marriage all these years. (And of course God has blessed us!):o)
    Here's to many more wonderful years together!!
    Congratulations, sweetie!

    My hubby enjoyed your deer pics, too! He just got back from...gator hunting! Came home empty handed though! Too many people out in the area he went to!

    Have a glorious weekend and know what a blessing you are to me and blogland in general!!

    BIG HUGS!!


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