Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet Girlies! Look At This Giveaway!!!!!

I'm sure all of you know that this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and time to be sure you're up to date on your yearly and mammogram. It's a Good Thing!

I lost one of my very dearest friends six years ago to Breast Cancer. She was the sweetest, most honest girl you could ever want to meet.....and the MOST feminine. I never saw her without a perfect manicure and adorable little outfit. I miss her every day. Don't let one of your dear friends write this about you because you neglected your sweet self!!! Just go for the'll be glad when it's over! :-))

Soooooo...........just look at this totally yummy giveaway. Isn't if FAB?

Gwendolyn at A Charming Home ( is actually giving this little lovely away. Go visit her....she's a'll enjoy your visit, I promise! But I'd really appreciate it if ya'all would let me win....I love this little bit of glam! :-)

Thank you allllll soooooo much for all of your lovely Anniversary wishes. We had a lovely day...

There's a lot to be said for not giving up until you find your Mr. Wonderful. I thought my "Man Picker" was broken......but, finally I found a great match for me. I'm so glad I went to the Singles Event at my church that night. Who knew! :-)

You, sweet friends, make my day every single day...

You're the best!

Have a wonderful day.

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Isn't this pretty! I've already got my name in the hat but will be very pleased if someone else wins since I just won a giveaway. Maybe you will be the lucky winner!

  2. Beautiful Bracelet!!
    I lost my Mom to breast cancer in 96'.... I NEVER miss my Mammogram!!
    Have a great day!

  3. Good Morning Spencer!
    Oh I can't believe I am the first to comment!
    Thanks so much for sharing Gwen and her lovely bracelet giveaway with us!
    Belated Congrats on your anniversary, too!


    ~Let Freedom Ring!~

  4. Spencer my sweet soul,

    That is indeed a beautiful little token of support for this cause. I shall visit Gwendolyn!!! And you my dearest, have a marvelous day!!! Anita

  5. Thanks for the heads up on that great giveaway (I'm having one too....come on over and get yourself entered). Glad you had a nice anniversary....mine's today...21 they say - time flies!!!

  6. Hi Spencer, you're right about a neat giveaway. That's beautiful!

  7. It's lovely but I hardly, if ever, enter a giveaway because I did for months and months and never won a thing...sigh. Guess I'm a bad loser☺

  8. That is a great giveaway and an important message.

  9. Hello sweet one! Thanks for coming over and dancing a little tip toe with me! Anita

  10. What a beautiful bracelet. Thanks for the link to the giveaway.

    I lost my mom and favorite Aunt (her sister) to breast cancer. You can bet I see my breast specialist twice a year and encourage others to have their mammograms.

  11. Beautiful bracelet !
    Thanks for your comment ! I lived in Kailua too !! What a SMALL WORLD !!

  12. Love the bracelet-my mom is a breast cancer survivor


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