Friday, November 27, 2009

Have You Met Sweet Rebecca???

Sweet Girlies!

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?

Whew..........we sure did, and I think I'm full.........well, not too full for leftovers. I cannot lie. Don't you just love the "day after"? All that yummy stuff and it's already all whipped up? I've shared before, that I'm really not a "cookie girl".....I'd rather do anything than to cook. That is unless I get the urge and go on a cooking spree. Doesn't happen very often.

I hope your Thanksgiving was Delish............AND BLESSED.

Both in your eating treats and spending time with Family....and Friends.

Now, about our sweet little bloggie girlie........REBECCA.

I've talked about this wonderful gal before, but you may have missed it?

You must go see her. You will LOVE her......and she's having a GIVEAWAY. Now, that should be encouragement enough.

Yep, that pillow above.

Can you believe it? What a LOT of work.

So, you'll find her at:


Just click on her link on my sidebar.

Have a wonderful Friday.

I will NOT be out shopping. Not for this girl.

Huggies and Lovies....


  1. Oh, I do love the day after, Spencer...just warming things up is soooo much easier than making it the day before, and before, and before!! lol!!

    The pillow is darling and I love a tip to a new blogger~the best way to meet wonderful new people, like how I met you, through Mrs. Magpie!!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend, my friend!


  2. What a joy to have won something so darling, sugar. I'm still full from yesterday but I'm getting back on the program today, chick!

  3. I almost, no definately, like the day after Tday feasts better than the day of! And..I'm with you on the shopping thing, no can do:)
    What a pretty pillow...I'll be stopping by Rebeccas!

  4. Happy to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Spencer...we did, too...and I only had to bake some nice fluffy rolls and little almond cakelettes to take to our friends' home. No leftovers here but that is fine with me seeing I am not a turkey lover! I do miss the stuffing/dressing to eat the next day, though.
    I will skip over to visit Rebecca.

  5. She is sweet! Thanks for the info on the giveaway!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. I do love the day after and the day after that. but no more then that. lol.. i say enough is enough.. some things are so much better a couple of days later. some not so much.. thanks for the smile

  7. Hi Spencer,
    I am enjoying those leftovers today and they taste better than yesterday. Maybe because you actually have time to sit down and r e a l l y enjoy the meal.
    Love that pillow too. What a terrific giveaway. I'm on my way to see her now.
    Thanks and have a great weekend.

  8. Hi Spencer~~ I am like you, I love all of the leftovers. That is the one advantage of cooking at home - the goodies always taste better the next day.

    I met Rebecca only through eBay years ago. I did not know she had a blog so I will go over and visit her now.

    happy day,

  9. Hi Spencer...always love meeting new bloggers...Glad your Thanksgiving was good and there is nothing better then those leftovers...we will be eating turkey for days!

  10. Hi sweet Spencer! I Love the day after goodies!

    I hope you win the pillow from sweet Rebecca!

    Did I ever tell you that I'm originally from Enumclaw? ♥

  11. Hi, Spencer. Yes, I loved our day yesterday and am seriously considering going after a slice of my dh's pumpkin pie from yesterday :-) But I wanted to let you know that I am highlighting your blog for tomorrow for Pink Saturday. Hope that is ok. See you around PS.


  12. Hi, Spencer,
    Yes, I love those leftovers, too. I think it all tastes better the second day. Isn't that pillow beautiful? Rebecca does the most wonderful work. I did not go out either to shop. I do not care for large, noisy and pushy crowds. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Blessings to you!! Vicki

  13. Hi Spencer,
    my family and I have hit the leftovers several times today. I LOVE the day after. It seems that the food all tastes so much better after a night in the frige. Maybe because I wasn't to tired to enjoy it like the day of Thanksgiving. I stood too many hours cooking yesteday and the day before that I was just glad when night came.
    I had cheesecake and pumpkin pie for breakfast.
    Bad, bad June!

  14. Hi Spencer - glad you had a nice Thanksgiving and got to eat a lot of your favorite things (I hope). How is your new computer? So you didn't go shopping today. I did - kind of fun - not as busy and crowded as I had hoped.


  15. I too love the day after Thanksgiving. All that wonderful food! Oh and the left over pies are the best!

    I have never done Black Friday! No way! I don't care if they were giving stuff away. I will never put myself through that. I don't have the stamina nor the patience besides I have left over apple pie that is calling me! LOL
    Hugs, Sue

  16. What a pretty blog. And a lovely message. That picture of your Mom is so sweet.

  17. Good morning precious! OH YEAH....those leftovers make us happy, don't they? What an awesome turkey I made!!!

    That pillow is just stunning and the work that goes into this...I know, I used to cross stitch and do PETIT POINT when I had good eyes!

    You just take a good day off this weekend and rest up; CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Have a good one precious one, Anita

  18. Hi, Spencer... so glad you had a good holiday! I am still feeling a little too full today. ;-)

    I'll check out your link.

    Love you, you sweet thing, you!


    Sheila :-)

  19. Spencer Happy Days after Thanksgiving...I'm still eating leftovers! thank you for sharing the giveaway...that pillow is so pretty.

  20. I like the leftovers too but not the shopping. We've had a quiet day at home. Thank you for the link to the lovely blog/giveaway. Enjoy your weekend.

  21. That is a lovely pillow! Thanks for the tip! Suzie

  22. Hi Spencer,
    Yes, I'm well aware of Rebecca's lovely blog and giveaway! Her pillow would make a nice Pink Saturday post. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  23. Sweet post! Glad you had a terrific holiday. We did as well. Now the made rush as the next holiday is fast approaching. Thanks for sharing Rebecca's give away. What a beautiful pillow! ~ Sarah

  24. We've had lots of leftovers here since I cooked two Thanksgiving turkey dinners. One the Saturday before and one while we were away. Just finished the last of the pumpkin pie today.

    Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway.


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