Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh How I LOVED My Auntie Frannie.... :-)

My parents moved from Michigan to the Northwest before I was born. Several years later my uncle (my dad's brother) and Auntie Frannie moved out here too. Neither family knew anyone here so we were a tight knit little group.

My Auntie Frannie and Uncle Karl had five kids and money was VERY, VERY tight.

Christmas came and the only thing I really wanted was a Barbie wedding dress.

My sweet Auntie with allllll of those little kids made me the wedding dress on the right that Christmas.

I can still remember how thrilled I was and that was FIFTY years ago. I have treasured it all of these years......even then I knew how much love had gone into it and I tear up just writing about it.

One year my Mum was in the hospital on my birthday. All six of the little pack were outside playing and my Auntie wouldn't let me come into the house. I couldn't figure out why I was banned, but I was. Several hours later she surprised me with the sweetest little birthday party and a yummy cake.

I always felt welcome and loved at their house. It was almost like another set of parents.

She was such a treasure and I loved her so much.

She passed away from Cancer about ten years ago.........about ten years after my uncle. Their sweet daughter (my favorite cousin) passed away about three years ago. All from Cancer. Cancer killed my dad as well. That's a lot of cancer for one little family, I think.

I hope you have an Auntie that you love and who loves YOU!

Bless your little pea-pickin' hearts.

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. What a sweet sweet post!
    How lovely to have an aunt like your Auntie Fannie!The Barbie wedding dress is beautiful! What a moment for you!
    My sister loved Barbies...and would have adored a wedding dress like this one!

  2. Oh your post brought tears to my eyes. It made me miss my Aunt Jan who even on a budget created the loveliest gifts. Blessings to you.

  3. OK...I'm bawling my head off.

    I'm way too sentimental these days.

    Or hormonal.

    Not sure which causes me more tears.

    More than having an Auntie like this...I want to BE an Auntie like this.

    God willing, I will be.

    Love to you Spencie...Happy Thanksgiving.


  4. That is such a treasured memory & I think I will share it with you, you see... My family was fractured by my parents divorce when I was only 12 & my fathers sisters left us kids too. Shame on them.....
    Our Victorian Cottage

  5. Spencer,

    What a heartwarming story. My Mom and my Aunt Catherine were my two favorite people on the planet. Both have passed now, but I think of all the wonderful times we had together every day.

    xo Cathy

  6. What a sweet and lovely memory. The wedding dress is absolutely beautiful. Aren't we fortunate to have had an aunt we loved so much!

  7. I did have an Auntie Grace just like that. She was wonderful and she passed away just last year in September. I miss her so much! She was just like my Dad and Grandmother who has both gone before her. When she died, they died again for me. Sweet memories.

  8. I have had several wonderful Aunties, one being Auntie Paulette whom I spoke to you about. I miss her very much. Her sister, Aunty Maddie was another of my favourites. They took my sister and I to EXPO 86. I was around 10. It was magical. She would also have sleepovers all the time.
    Oh I could go on and on about many Aunties that have blessed my life.
    Remember I posted about SISTER Lorietta? Well, I picked her up yesterday, brought her to the book store where Randy and Colt were doing there book signing. She was like a little girl in a candy shop. She didn't know where to look. She took out her little envelope with a 20.00 bill, and bought one of their books. Precious! She's 88. We laughed and talked so much we got lost. She has come into my life for a reason at this time. I look forward to many more hours of pleasure and laughter with Sister Lorietta...
    Thanks for sharing your story about your Aunty Frannie Spence.
    Happy Week
    Love Claudie

  9. Spencer~~

    This is such a sweet post. I had tears in my eyes throughout. Just the thoughtfulness and love that went into the pretty Barbie dress (that you still have!!) and the birthday party speaks volumes about your Aunt. You are truly blessed to have these wonderful memories.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :-)


  10. Spencer,
    What sweet Barbi dresses and it's amazing you have kept them all these years. I remember my Mother making clothes for my Barbie because we couldn't afford them either. I'm sorry too for all the lives that have been taken in your family from the dreaded cancer. Cancer took my Mother just a few years ago.
    Your post is very touching and bitter sweet.

    I hope that I have been a good Aunt to my neices and newphews too.

  11. Hi Spencer! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm so glad you did it brought me here and here is a wonderful place!!
    I've scrolled down and found so many neat the Barbie wedding dress, brings back so many memories of all the barbie clothes I would barbie had a new outfit every day! lol...and your handpainted floor and island! gorgeous..did you do those? if so, your roses are perfect! I'll be following & be back:)

  12. How blessed you were Spencer to have such a gem of an auntie. That dress is such a beautiful remembrance to have of her love for you. I so enjoyed this story of love from you today.

  13. Oh Spencer, I think we all have our own "Aunt Frannie." Mine was my Aunt Bernice, my mother's younger sister. It was always such a treat to go and visit her and my younger cousins. She treated me like her friend, not just her niece. Thanks for letting me relive my memories...
    Thank you also for your kind words when you visited last week. I am on the mend and hope to start getting this place ready for the holidays. It may take longer and I probably won't set out as much stuff, but I am so ready for Christmas! Today I actually got out and drove the car- I had to go to the license bureau to renew my license before my b-day on Turkey day. The place was a zoo! Take care, have a happy Thanksgiving Day!
    lotsa hugs, Sue

  14. Beautiful gift and wonderful story! Happy Thanksgiving.


  15. Spencer, did Auntie Frannie crochet those for you??? That must have taken hours! Oh, what a special gift.

    I had cousins (boys), and we always had a bunch of us kids at Christmas. My oldest sister was already grown up with a family of her own, but my middle sister was always in the middle of things with us, too. Oh, what fun we used to have and mischief we got into together. LOL!

    I loved your story, and it makes me want to sit down and look through pictures. My aunt gave me two things she had saved all of her life (a cameo locket and a Sigma Chi ring). She gave them to me when I was a teenager. Unfortunatley, they were stolen along with some other sentimental pieces, but they can't steal the memories or the gratitude! Those are forever.


    Sheila :-)

  16. I have more than one, I am blessed! Your little wedding dress is so beautiful. I remember my Grandma used to have a beautiful white crochet dress for barbies we used as a wedding dress, I ended up with it but am not sure if I still have it or not. I'll have to look. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of your Auntie Frannie!

  17. Those kind of gifts are the ones most dear to us aren't they? My grandmother made me loads of beautiful satin barbie dresses and I still have them. My daughters played with them and my grandaughters (Lord willing) will play with them. I can't remember many other gifts in all my years, but the hand made ones stand out to me and are remembered.

  18. Hello my sweet Spencer! Yes, I sure understand...both my parents and my aunts and uncles passed on because of the "C" disease...And I had the sweetest mum and auntie. My mum made all the Barbie cloths and my auntie looked like Elizabeth Taylor and Vivien Leigh, all roled up into one lovely lady. I miss them so, especially for the holidays. My mum, a great baker, my auntie, a killer cook. One day, we shall see them again! Have a lovely and memorable Thanksgiving! Anita

  19. Oh Spencer I also have an Auntie that is very special. She lives near my Mom and they are best sister friends. My favorite cousin is her daughter and we have always been close. So sorry about to hear about that much cancer in your family. At least you have wonderful memories. I love the Barbie wedding gown, I so remember begging for clothes for my Barbie but things were expensive so my Mom made some and I still have them and treasure those more then the store bought one's. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. What a sweet aunt you had! I love the Barbie wedding dress that she made for you and I love the fact that you still have it!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  21. Spencer, I wish I had an aunt or an uncle, but sadly, I do not. I don't have grand parents either, they are all gone. Boy, time and life is fast, but we all have the great memories like the ones you have shared with us today. Also, the stories of past keeps everyone alive and well loved all these years later. And yes my friend, that is a lot of cancer for one family, I am sorry about that, Char

  22. What a heartwarming posts! I tell you, family and simple pleasures are the things that bring true happiness to your life!

    What adorable gowns you Auntie made you and I can see how much you truly treasure them, they are in pristine condition!

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful Auntie as well as the priceless memories she gave you!

    Love and hugs,

  23. Hi Spencer!
    What a sweet memory of a loved one! I had an Aunt Margaret who was a close family friend. I remember that she was my babysitter and I have very young memories of her. She still is married but it has been years since I have seen her!

    Have a blessed week!

  24. Hi Spencer,
    What a wonderful memory you have of your Auntie. The little wedding dress is so pretty.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Deb :)

  25. What a sweet post. I do have an Auntie that loved me too and made me crocheted Barbie clothes as well! Your little wedding dress is priceless!

  26. What a lovely story...I do have a great auntie that is so very sweet. Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway...I just had to stop by and meet you and so glad I did.

  27. Lovely post! Memories like that are rays of sunshine!

  28. Aw... I've never had a special aunt but I sure have special bloggy friends! I love your "lace" gowns! ♥

  29. Good morning dearest! Thank you for your kind, kind words! Life is beautiful because of sweet souls like you!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Anita

  30. Spencer, your post was absolutely beautiful and full of love! I was in tears because I know just how you feel. Your note when you visited my blog made me cry as breaks my heart the common heartbreaking link that seems to bind so many of us here in blogland, but truly your comment did my heart much good. I am so sorry for all of your lovely families losses, we in our family sit here in the same boat, we lost 5 of our family memembers in just 2 years, only my dad to cancer, but we also lost his mom, sister and bro-inlaw to cancer, so it is hard, what helps me in trying to remain strong is the love of my family and loving friends. I send to you a huge hug and wish for you a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with the love of family, good friends, good food and lots of laughter as we remember cherished memories ofthose that are not at our table this year. Besos, Rose

  31. What a sweet rememberance of someone who sounds as if she was one in a million. Happy Thanksgiving and blessings abundant.

  32. Spencer - I didn't have a favorite aunt - but I had a favorite grandmother - I just knew she loved me best. When she died - I found out that everyone thought that! She just made everyone feel so special. I think you think of these wonderful people at holidays - don't you? Happy Thanksgiving.

  33. Sweet! I'm too teary eyed to write too much.
    What fond memories. That's what family is suppose to be all about.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. Hi Spencer,
    What a wonderful story about your Aunt. Isn't it wonderful that our fondest memories are always reflecting on the simple things. My most meaningful holidays were never the prosperous years, they were always the years when we didn't have allot and the meaning of Christmas came shining through.

    Your memories are lovely, and I am so glad that you wrote this post. I can just see you with a smile remembering as you sip a cup of tea.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  35. What a sweet story and the dress is adorable. My Great Auntie was my best friend. I loved her to death :) Miss her so much , every day. :) Thank you SO much for your sweet comments on my blog :) You are a very sweet lady !! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving !! :)

  36. Looks like I'm not the only one who got tears in my eyes reading this post, Spencer! Very sweet.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :)

  37. How sweet to still have the lovely hand made dresses as a wonderful remembrance!


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