Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Boy, Cabela's Visit and Back To "Normal".....

Oh my dear girlies! Whew...........I'm hoping you're all settled after enjoying a fabulous holiday season.....I feel like I've been moving at "zoom" since Halloween. Things are returning to "normal", what ever that is, around the cottage.

All of the decorations are down and packed away. I always wonder why I pack everything up so nicely; I always find loads of good junk after Christmas that needs to be added to the packages.

And, this year is no exception! I can't wait to show you what I've found at the 'Ol Thrift Stores.......it's been a bonanza!

I've missed you. Thank you so much for all of your heartwarming messages of encouragement. Gosh you girlies are WONDERFUL! I appreciate your comfort more than I can say.

I love you.

Ahhhhhhhhh..........Cabela's...... :-) Have you ever been to one? They are quite the place to visit. More like a destination visit than just a shopping trip.

My little grandson.........well, not so little, he's nearly as tall as I am now, but he'll always be my "little" fella..........anyway, as I've said.......he is simply the BEST.......I ADORE him and will pretty much do ANYTHING for him.

He LOVES animals. I mean REALLY LOVES them. I swear, he constantly tells me about animals I've never even heard of before. Seriously!

Well, in his little world it's all about zoos and places like Cabela's. They even have a restaurant there. It serves things like venison quiche and bear in a bowl......ok, maybe not those exact dishes, but stuff like that!

Ahhhhhh...........there he is..........I love him sooooo much.

Isn't he cute? Yep, I do see braces in his future. Our family has little mouths (I KNOW, hard to believe, right???).....and lots of teeth.

Animals, animals EVERYWHERE!

I think the "WILD" shirt suits him well. :-)

They're stuffed, but he'd stand there allllllllll day! I'm not kidding.

Checking out EVERY tent.

Several months ago I said that something had knocked my socks off........I wasn't ready to talk to you sweet Girlies about it yet.........

That little boy? We had just learned that he has Asperger's Syndrome. Just in case you're not familiar with it....it's on the Autism Spectrum..........and he is on the low end of the syndrome.

It was both good and bad news getting the report. It explained a lot and is leading us in the right direction to get help for him.

Since he was just a little, bitty guy he's loved animals.......that's how he learned to use the computer when he was about three and a half. If he wanted to learn more about an animal, he'd go find a book with his subject in it so he'd know how to spell it in the search box. I've read with him since he was born, but I think putting all of the letters together with something that was familiar to him pushed him along. He could read long before he started kindergarten.......and read, in first grade, at fifth grade level.

The single minded attention to animals was the first clue. He has never played with cars, trains, trucks or anything else other than art. He LOVES art and is soooo good at it.

The other clue was his wanting to play alone. His mother is VERY outgoing, so it was hard to see him doing solitary things. All we ever wanted for him was to have loving, long lasting relationships. But, we've come to understand that's what WE want. It isn't necessarily what HE wants.

And, he spent many days, in his first two years of school, in the principal's office. I think they had my daughter on speed dial. (That has improved so much in the past two years)....

He refuses to ride a bike. We've discovered that that is common with Asperger's. He has a scooter and took a VERY bad fall in late summer. We bought him a new battery model for Christmas......and naturally he was a bit afraid to get on it......but he did.

When he got back he said "Hemma, I was a little bit afraid to ride it..........but I DID........and I felt such FREEDOM............it was sooooo freeing..............and I felt so confident"............It just cracked me up.....

What a treasure and a gift from God he has been. We adore him. His journey has been tough. He lost his daddy when he was 2 1/2 and has ADD and Asperger's. What a little trooper he is though. His brain functions differently. He doesn't process things like other children do and sometimes just doesn't "get it".....

He is ever entertaining........Hilariously funny, and smarter than a whip. We're constantly amazed by the things he knows and can't figure where he learns all this stuff. He tested in the 95 percentile for intelligence............whew, what a smartie!

He has the kindest heart ever. Ever the optimist, and always cheery.

So, there it is sweet Girlies. Sharing from my heart about the love of my heart.

Whew..........long and wordy today, but it was important to me to share ALL of this little guy.

Praying a fabulously blessed New Year for each and every one of you!

Lovies and Huggies,



  1. Oh Spencer, he is precious! It does help to 'know' something when we feel something is not quite the way it should be with our children.
    Good news that it is on the low end and there is so much help out there~~for all of you.
    I do understand the emotional turmoil, but he will be ok.
    It is hard to share about what means the most to us. But in sharing that part of our heart, we can be helping someone else who is going through something similar.
    Blessings to you and your sweet family!


  2. My daughter's brother-in-law (youngest brother to her hubby, Micah) has Asperger's. Also the milder side of it. He is doing great...is almost 18 and is in school and holding down a wonderful job.

    Remember...God never allows what we can't bear.

    Thinking of you with love.


  3. I'm not sure how much things get back to normal for me in January. I have four birthday dinners and celebrations to prepare for my children and one grandson.

    I've never been to a Cabela's - it looks like quite a shopping experience. I can see why your grandson likes it so much. He is a handsome boy. It sounds like he is also super intelligent and very sweet. My two grandsons are (almost) 9 and 7 and live with hubby and me.

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us, Hemma.


  4. Spencer, what a beautiful post, and that little boy is the sweetest, cutest little man! I hope and pray that he continues to progress and is able to conquer this and lead a happy, happy life. That's my prayer for him and for those who love him.

    Love you a bunch...


    Sheila :-)

  5. What a precious treasure that sweet fellow is to you. I adore my little grandson, too.

    I've never been to one of these stores, but I have heard of them.

  6. Happy New Year Spence
    Your heart is soo big. I can feel it from here. He is a special boy to have you as his grandmother.
    Colt my youngest of 3 is also a very very sweet and loving soul. He actually just received his license to drive yesterday...all by himself. Growing up too fast. He will graduate this year, and off to University he goes.
    I love it when you talk about your daughter and your grandson. Your smile is ear to ear isn't it?
    Love Claudie

  7. How blessed this little fella is to have a grandmother like you! God is so good.
    Ladybug Creek

  8. Prayers to you Sweetie as you have a long road ahead of you..... I guess no one ever said life would be easy.

  9. Woo-hoo for Cabelas! We went there once a month when we lived in SD. My Micah loves animals, too!

    I am familar with Aspergers Syndrome. Thank God for the talented people who know how to help talented people like your grand boy! ♥

  10. Spencer~~~

    My husband is in love with Cabela's. I haven't been in yet. But he adores it. And it looks like your little guy does, too!! I have every hope and prayer for him. You are such a sweet and caring grandmother!


  11. Hi Spence, I've been slow getting around to all my faves since the company has left, but I'm so glad I made it over here to read this wonderful post about your beautiful grandson. Having the answer and the resources to help is always a good thing I have found. What a doll he is and I know that he must be the brightest light in your life! Don't you sometimes wish you could bottle them up and protect them from everything? I know it's not possible, but it would sure be easier on our hearts if we could. He is so lucky to have you in his life. What a wonderful post to read today. Thank you!

  12. What an adorable young man. One of my closest friends son has Asperger's Syndrome and he's doing wonderful. Just putting a face and name to his special way of looking at the world was a huge sigh of relief for his parents.

    My middle daughter has Dyslexia. She just graduated from college and is beginning a wonderful adult life. There were many struggles, especially with self esteem issues, along the way but she's grown into an amazing young woman. We call it her gift of Dyslexia because it turned into a strength, not a weakness. God is in control.

  13. What a loving and caring Grandmother you are to love your little grandson the way you do.
    He is so special. Isn't it wonderful to see him grow and express himself? How wonderful that you are there for him.
    I hope he continues to do well and I'm sure with your help and understanding he will.

  14. Spencer, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your grandson - He is such a handsome boy. I am familiar with Asperger's Syndrome. I have read a bit about it and just last night watched something on PBS about a man with Asperger's. I know it must be a challenge for all, but it sounds as if all of you are helping him live a full and wonderful life. I think the key is what you said about what HE wants, not what others want. Even though that must be hard, if he is happy that's all the matters. This was a wonderful post, Spencer. Bless you all.


  15. My precious, darling friend,
    Being a teacher, I have had a variety of boys with Aspergers. They have all been love-bugs, very intelligent and function very well. They have always brought me so much joy and a different and wonderful view on life and approach to learning. God bless them and God bless your beautiful boy. He is so sweet and precious, like his hemma. Your love for him will never be forgotten in his mind and heart, and especially will be written in the Book of Life. How well you articulated your story....I love hearing your story about your family. I love the photos...Cabela's is out here in Minnesota as well! We used to go to L.L. Bean in Maine years ago, but I don't know if that is the same thing. You take care now precious, and thank you for stopping by my blog; simple things like just LOVING one another is what I am concentrating on this year. God bless, Anita

  16. Your grandson sounds like a wonderful young man! Having the diagnosis is more than half the battle, don't you think...He sounds like he is happy and trying new things just like most of us. He is fortunate to have a loving family who will give him what he needs.

  17. My what a precious and dear, dear lady you are!~ I "had a lump in my throat" and "a tear in my eye" the whole while I read every word of what you so very lovingly wrote about your precious grandson who has Asperger's syndrome!

    This was not because dear lady, everything you wrote warranted such a responce;(sufficed to say, there are plenty and excellent reasons why that is the case for me my dear)! ~ I'm just happy to hear that he is doing better!

    You are warmly welcome to pop by to my little corner of the blogging world for "a piping hot cup of Rosey Lee" and some "sweet treats", as at my,Tuesday Tea For Two, and for, Wednesday Tea For Me And Thee, little blog tea parties!

    Cheers and have a marvelous 2010!

    Blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  18. What a lucky little boy to have you for a grandmother! Love the post!

  19. Looks like a wonderful place to visit!

    Regarding AS- What a blessing to find out the condition so that educators can work with him. My aunt is just one of those educators that works with children who have autism and AS. So many ways to make learning more fun, accomidating and also comfort (sensory) them while doing so. The younger it is diagnosed the better too. He is a precious boy and I am proud of his accomplishments. He's a lucky boy to have such a wonderful grandma!

    Regarding thrift- Be sure to link up to tomoorrows Thrifty Thursday,. The links will be up tonight.
    Have a wonderful day, sweet friend!

  20. Dear Sweet Spencer,

    What a hard and brave and courageous thing you did - it is very hard to post to the world something 'hard' about our grandsons - isn't it?

    This is the first picture I have seen of him - he's a cutie pie. And the bloggers are right - you are a gift to him - his grace.

    I am sure you were your daughter's grace as well.

    It's a journey . . .


  21. Spencer, your love for your grandson makes me waaannt one, too! I'll wait a bit, please, since my son is only 20. But, I wait with great anticipation because of your lovely posts about him. I'm so glad you have knowledgeable people to understand what he faces each day. Love and prayers for you all.

  22. You are such a sweet grandma :) What a neat store, I have yet to go to one. I love the big animals, how cool! I bet my boys would love it.

  23. Sweet Spencer...You sure know how to pluck at our heart strings!! What an adorable little guy you have there! I have a close friend whose 11 year old girl was just diagnosed with Asperger's also. They've been trying to fit the pieces together for awhile, and are so thankful for some answers. She, too, is a delight, and is SO bright!
    Love ya gal, and am sending big squishy hugs for you and the little man!!

  24. I have never been there but it looks like a fun place to visit. Your grandson is cute!...Christine

  25. Thank you for visiting me at Life By George and for the nice comment. I'm glad our paths have crossed; I've already enjoyed looking at your blog. I love the name of it! My husband and son LOVE Cabela's! Your grandson is a cutie! Have a blessed day!

  26. Dear Spencer,

    The Lord knows where you are to go and what you have to read - and He lead me straight to you!

    My little girl is autistic and she is 10 yrs old. It is not an easy road we have as parents and as grandparents - speaking for both sides of the family.

    But love and complete understanding is what is needed. My little girl doesn't talk - but she lets me know what she needs in other ways and that is what makes it special.

    You learn so much from children like ours. You see God in every moment!

    Many blessings,


  27. What a darling boy he is! I can see why you are so proud of him. Many prayers will be headed his direction this night.

    Cabela's looks exactly like Bass Pro Shops, I wonder if it's the same company?

    Have a wonderfully blessed Friday!

  28. What an amazing little guy. I apologize that you didn't get your card. I will mail out another one asap. My deepest apologies. I think my neighbors ( being the shaddy people that they appear to be) may have raided my mailbox when the flag was up for pick up. I am sooooooo sorry. I thought that you had surely received it by now. Please accept my apology.

  29. Thank you so so much for visiting my blog it has meant I have found your beautiful blog... this post was very moving to me.... what an amazing little man you have there.... & a little man that is so loved, I can feel how much you cherish him...
    Wishing you & your family the very best for 2010 may it bring you all your heart desires...

    Lyn xxx

  30. Spencer
    My middle son, now 24 is Autistic. One year ago Asperger was added. We didn't find out till he was 13! I took him everywhere and I always knew something was amiss, and then finally found the answers. He is also very high functioning, the difficult area for him is social. For us finding help at his age has been difficult. Younger, such as the case of your grandson are fortunate being finally more research is being done. Its funny but when I first starting reading your post and listening to you, I had this feeling I knew what you were going to say! Best of luck to all of you. A commited family makes all the diference in their world! Lori


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!