Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations To The Saints And The Boy And The Burke Museum....


 Hi my sweet girlies!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  And, if you're in the "blizzard zone" that you stayed nice and toasty.   :-)

I spent the day with my little grandson yesterday....Bless his little heart. 

Nothing makes this little fella happier than spending the day learning about animals and anything related to same.

So, I picked him up early and we headed to Seattle to the Burke Museum to take in the Fossil Freeway exhibit.

He loved it!

 There were quite a few steps to get into the museum so we searched for and found ourselves a nice little elevator.  Sounds simple enough, right?


Oh my goodness.  If you have claustrophobia and ever had a scary thought about being stuck in an elevator, yesterday wouldn't have been your day.   It wasn't ours either!


We  hopped in the elevator, pressed the desired button and moved a bit.........then NOTHING!  Nope, doors didn't open, elevator was stopped.......grandson has a look on his little face I've never seen before.........we push another button........still nothing.  Panic begins to set in.  Nope, I'm not good in a crisis.....but I'm trying my best not to scare my little guy......I reach for the phone to call for help............and the elevator miraculously moves and the doors open!

Thank you Jesus!


Years ago I was in a very old elevator and the doors opened between the floors.  I'm realllly afraid of wasn't pretty.

 Is he not adorable?

 And, hungry.....He asked me days in advance if we could eat lunch at Blue C Sushi.....that was up next......and then off to City Peoples.....he loves that store for some reason and wanted to go there too.  I'm a sucker for this kid.  I'll do ANYTHING for him.

He is so precious to me.

I adore him.

We had such a great day and I was glad to be out of the house because.....

There was WAY too much testosterone at home.

My Hubbs was having a Super Bowl party.

Escaping was good.

I must say I know absolutely NOTHING about football.......but I was so hoping the Saints would win.  

I've only been to New Orleans once, but fell head over heels in love with that city.  It's beautiful, the food is over the top delish and the music is devine!

Besides that............don't you think their outfits are so much cuter than the Colts'?

I do love me a bit of shine and sparkle........gotta love some gold!

Come on..........who could root against a team who has a fleur de lis as their team symbol?

So, here's to you New Orleans!  Hip, hip Hoooooray!

Hope the testosterone's died down at your house and that you have a blessed week.    :-)

Huggies and Lovies!



  1. So precious dear Spence. I was at a party. Didn't even know who won by the time all the wine was consumed. The food was great though lol.
    Love this song. I miss you my Hawaii... nice.
    Have a great week. Seattle has had nice weather I hear from my Vancouver friends. Glad the elevator got back on track.
    Love Claudie

  2. Glad you got out of that elevator! Would have scared me too! Love me some Saints! I lived in New Orleans for years and it is one of my favorite places.

  3. Stuck in an elevator sounds like a nightmare, and thank you Jesus, for getting it moving again.
    I was stuck in an elevator once and they had to call a crew to unstick it. It was making grinding noises, and the poor gal we were going to interview for a job felt faint.

  4. Oh, Spence... I'm so glad you got out of the elevator. You would have seen me hyperventilate in that situation. I don't like to be closed, not one bit!

    And your grand is a doll!

    The Saints! At last! I've been happy dancing and screamed so loud last night I'm sure I scared the neighbors!

    Sending warm hugs your way...


    Sheila :-)

  5. Ahhhh, girl you had me laughing out loud! Thinking the Saints have "cuter outfits" is definitely the girliest comment I've heard concerning any football game! Love it! (And would expect nothing less from such a girlie girl!)

    And glad the game gave you a good chance for a "field trip" with your sweetheart of a grandson!


  6. Now this looks like an exhibit my grandsons would love. My boys had their bets on the Saints. I'm not big on football, but I must say, I hoped the Saints would win...that city needs a major boost and they sure got it.

  7. I've been in those elevator situations before. I'm claustrophobic and it is scary how fast I go into a panic! Glad it all worked out!

    I was cheering the Saints on, too! New Orleans needs something to cheer about - that game was amazing!


  8. This is an absolutely great post! ...from the elevator to the fleur de lis!!

  9. Dearest Spencer,
    I so enjoy reading your posts....I feel as if I was on that excursion with you on the elevator! And, I do not like football. My classroom was crazy this morning because I have 16 boys that are all 100% TESTOSTERONE!!! I had to put up with football talk IN ENGLISH in my French-speaking class!!

    Your little one is just so lucky and sweet, like his grandmother!

    Bisous, Anita

  10. Hi Spencer,
    How funny you would post about the elevator, I have had many dreams about being stuck in a elevator. LOL.
    I am so glad it started up for you and were able to get out.
    It's always fun to spend a day with our grands, I love to do special things with them, they are young for such a short time and then they want to be with there friends.
    I sure love your china and all the tea cups, I wish I had a big enough cabinet to hold mine, a nice walk in would be great.
    I always enjoy my visit with you and seeing your beautiful china.
    Take care and enjoy your day,
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  11. sounds like a great day with your cute...I don't like elevators either...

  12. Oh, that lucky Becky won your giveaway, how wonderful for her! That'll perk her up.

    What a darling g-son & day you had together such a wonderful day.

    I canNOT do elevators that don't work! Period! I bet you did thank Jesus!

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful week.
    Hugs, Marydon

  13. Hurray for the Saints...and Hurray for the elevator working as it should. I am right with you on the height thing!

  14. I was for the Saints too - they needed that. Looked at the commercials some, but not a big football fan.

    Your grandson is adorable.


  15. What a wonderful day with your grandson. You are blessed to live so close. I wish my parents lived closer. The elevator thing would have been scary. So glad it worked out fine.


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!