Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Yes! I've Been Thrifting! Happy Pink Saturday To All Of You Sweet Girlies!

  Hi my dearies........and Happy Pink Saturday...    :-)

I hope you've been having a glorious week.

We've actually seen the SUN here in the Pacific Northwest.....It was a beautiful day today.  Oh how I'm yearning for spring.

Well, if you've been reading the 'ol Bellamere Cottage blog you know the saga of the bleached blue check duvet cover..(see sad face)...shown right there in the picture above.  And, you also know that I've been on the quest to find a replacement.........I've been everywhere.  It's been a sad and pitiful quest.  Still no gingham.  But, with the bad news, there's always some good news, right?

Soooooooooooooo.....Let's just look at the BRIGHT side.    :-)

Well, if a girlie goes to thrift stores often enough she WILL find some treasures, right?

Yep, she sure will.

Lovely little linen tablecloth....I'm going to use it in the master bedroom re-do.  Four dollars.

And, another shot of that adorable Cath Kidston-ish bowl for the sewing room....

An enormous tea cup with posies on the front.....I think it was only two dollars.

Blue plate.....79 cents.

Little orphan teacup....29 cents  (I don't care if this little gal lost her saucer....I have a plan!)

Lidless cottage ware sugar bowl.....I don't remember how much this was, but it was a steal...

It's going in my bathroom....I don't know what I'll use it for, but I'll come up with something.  It makes me happy!

Bennington bowl?  Yep, less than a dollar!  Can you believe it?  I had a few of these many years ago, but sold them at my garage sale.....they were quite the "thing" then.

See that adorable little pitcher?  It has a green border on the bottom and is English...I love it!

I think that little white china piece is for posies.  I have something very similar that is for pansies....Do you think it is?  I think it would be soooo perfect for business cards.  Not that I have business cards, mind you!    :-)


 Wow!  Yowza!  Look at this little beauty!  I love it.  It was about three dollars and is in perfect condition.
I always envy all of the fabulous finds you girlies have on your bloggies.....I'm happy to say I've found a few of them myself.

  I am crazy about that vintage flower pot.....Ok, it's NOT vintage.  I found two of them at the Goodwill, different pots at different stores, by the way....I think they're probably from the dollar store, but I LOVE them.....and they were so CHEAP.  Yep, I know I'm supposed to say inexpensive or affordable, but what the heck.........I LOVE CHEAP!

For lots more pink fun head on over to visit Miss Beverly @

You won't be sorry.

It's a fiesta of fun.

And, thank you sooooo much for all of your wonderful and encouraging comments on my little desk chair slipcover!   WOW.  My heart is ever so grateful!

Have a wonderful weekend my dearies!

I love you gobbies!

Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Love all your finds but I especially love that floral bowl!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!

  2. Great finds! It's amazing how much stuff we find that we didn't even know we needed at the thrift store! I love that round flower pot, yummy!!

  3. Hi Spencer!

    Thanks for stopping by! It was so fun catching up with you this morning. I LOVE all your finds and fabrics and your plans for your treasures. The slipcover you made for your chair is awesome!! It is very professional looking and so tre chic!! You go girl!
    You've inspired me to trudge through the snow to my favorite thrift store and see what's there!

    Big hugs, Sherry

  4. Girl, you hit the motherlode , I think i like the little bone dish with the pink roses best. But then they are all great little treasures.
    The little lidless sugar cottage would look great in your bath holding make up breshes or even a small arrangement of flowers. So many uses for something like that. Great fines always excite me.

  5. Spencer - you hit the jackpot! What fabulous finds! I like everything but the little Cath Kidstonish bowl is calling my name. It is so charming. Have a great weekend and Happy PS!


  6. Good Morning Spencer,
    I was sitting here drinking my first cup of coffee, feeling all content. That is, until I opened your blog and read this post.
    Now, doggoneit, I want to go thrifting!!! You got me in the mood. All your finds are so lovely.


  7. Good morning, Spencer! Thanks for reminding me that it's Saturday! Ha-ha! My days are all mixed up!

    Well, I'm so happy for all my PNW friends and relatives for getting some sunshine! NO ONE appreciates it more than a native!

    And I'm so happy for you to find so many fun treasures lately! ♥

  8. Such a pretty group of finds. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. the little windmill would make a perfect toothbrush holder!

  10. You scored some lovely lucky girl!


  11. Hi Spencer,
    Lovely finds! Love the bowl and plate with the roses. Happy Pink Day.


  12. You did very well with your thrift store shopping! Happy Pink Saturday to you.

  13. Oh, my goodness, look at all the little treasures you have found, Spencer! You could make yourself some calling cards for that cute little white piece of china! Love the Bennington pottery, it is from my home state...the blue and white lidless sugar would make a cute toothbrush holder.

  14. Oh, so many good goodies! If I could pick, I'd like the little creamy pitcher...

    You crack me up...."lost her saucer"...I feel like that some days!

    Can't wait to see what you make with all of your goodies and where they find homes in your pretty home. That Cath Kidston-ish bowl is gorgeous!

  15. I certainly KNOW that feeling...its so nice to find goodies that you can include in your home for so little and still get that WOW affect! Great stash!

    Have a great day!

  16. Lovely. All of it, sweets! Happy pink saturday.

  17. Gorgeous! I can't wait for yard sales! I love a good bargain, too.I told my husband that he shouldn't complain bc I never buy anything really expensive...and he said 'yeah, but if you buy 20 things that cost $5...'blah-blah...I don't know what else he said...I kind of tuned out by then,'cause I saw this pretty mirror for about $ finds!Happy Pink Saturday!:D

  18. Good Saturday morning to you Spencer!!! :)
    How do you all do this? I never find such sweet goodness at our Goodwill - I think so many people shop it in our community that there is hardly ever anything this beautiful left over for lil' me. Sooooo, I just oooooo and ahhhhhh over all your finds, and hope maybe someday, I'll find a little treasure for me too. :)
    Thanks for stopping by to visit me in Colorado. Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest sounds most delightful!

  19. Spencer you hit the jackpot for sure. Love every single thing you have sitting there. I know you are doing the happy dance.. That tablecloth is my fav though. Does something to make my heart go pitter patter... Have a great day. Sheila

  20. Happy Pink Saturday! Awesome finds, especially the Cath Kidston-ish bowl. I love what you said, "It makes me happy!" That's the most important thing of all, I'm learning. ♥

  21. What fun finds!! I'm glad you had such a successful week thrifting.
    It's always fun to find things that make us happy.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. What uttering delightful, wonderful finds at thrifting! Beautiful!

  23. what a great day you had!!! everything is just gorgeous and CHEAP!!! I love it all.

  24. Spencer, your finds are truly super treasures. Isn't it fun to find such wonderful items. I love them all. The pretty cups, saucers, pitcher and all of your finds are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what all you do with them. Which by the way, I am taking over Table Top Tuesday from Barb since her business has her so busy right now. So I do hope you will arrange something wonderful with all your fabulous finds and join us on Tuesdays. Hugs, Marty

  25. Your little collection here is amazing. I love the first photo with the blues. Nice! I went to my comment section and experimented by leaving a comment and it went through. Hope it wasn't because Im the administrater? You're welcome to come back and try again. Sorry it didn't work for you the first time!

    Love your music here! Right on!!

  26. Well you sure did scoop Slenc.
    I found 3 bowls like yours, but mine have pink hearts all over them and say Amour. I love them too. The only problem is we fill them up, their big bowls that hold lot's of yummy food : )
    I wish we lived closer. I found a pretty blue and white toile duvet cover with matching pillows and valance for 11.00. I have no where to put it. I would gladly give it to you if you were my neighbour : )
    Love your music Spencer. I'll try to steal it soon lol
    Happy PS
    Love Claudie

  27. I absolutely adore your little white bowl with the blue rim and the pretty flowers. Lovely!!!

  28. Ooooh, such lovely finds! I love the little bowl and the cottage pot without a lid, wouldn't it look sweet filled with ivy or flowers?

  29. These are all so very beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. I will be back soon and have a wonderful weekend. Cheers, Lia

  30. I would sure say WOW! if I found that gorgeous for $3.oo too!! Love, Love Love it! Great buys all around!

  31. Hi Spencer!
    I have a white little creamer like yours! I love it. You really had a good time thrifting! Good for you.
    Thanks for visiting Brynwood! Good luck in the drawings.

  32. OK, I am off to do some thrifting RIGHT NOW!!!

  33. Spencer, You sure are hankerin' for Spring. All your treasures are blooming with Spring happiness. Love that lonely tea cup.

  34. Such sweet pink finds. Love that plate!!!

  35. Well Done You!!! Great haul!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  36. Okay, it's a good thing that we did not go shopping together because I might have elbowed you out of the way so that I could snatch up those items myself. Just kidding, I'm not that pushy! You must be thrilled! Isn't it fun to find things you don't really need, but you just fall in love with them and bring them home and suddenly you just can't live without them. If I had a shop, I'd hire you as a "picker". Wonderful finds. Just love them!

    Susan and Bentley

  37. Oh what treasures you found and what great prices. Love all of your pretties. laurie

  38. Beautiful goodies you've shared today!! The roses cake plate is really making my heart race!!


    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  39. Great finds Spencer! They are all beautiful.

  40. Hi, I just started following your blog. I love all your thrift finds! That little blue table cloth is gorgeous!! I want to go along with you next time!!

  41. It looks like you hit the thrift store jackpot! This sunshine must be bringing you good luck! The little rose dish for $3 is gorgeous. Hope your day is beautiful and you enjoy this beautiful weather!

  42. You really had some great finds. I can see that I'll have to work thrifting into my regular schedule. Now I'm curious about what your plans are for that pretty little cup.


    All so lovely Spencer! Would love to go hunting with you!!

    Have a delightful week, Cupcake!!

    Mine will be full so please pray for me!!
    Love you,

  44. Hi Spencer! Glad to see all of your wonderful finds! It's so much fun to find things and have them be at a good price to boot!! Makes it all the more fun. Hope you show us all of the things you do with them. xoxo

  45. Sweet finds! I need to go "thrifting" again soon myself. Last time I found some great things.

  46. you have a very fun blog page! My entire house is entrenched in beautiful finds from thrift stores and yard sales. No matter how you say it, cheap is a GREAT way to live!

  47. Wow Spencer! Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE the office chair slipcover? Yes, indeed, I do!

    Have a great week,

  48. I have the exact cottage ware sugar bowl but mine has the lid and the creamer. They belonged to my maternal grandmother and I love them.

  49. Lucky you! What beautiful and thrifty finds! I didn't have that kind of luck at thrift stores this weekend. I couldn't believe when I walked away with nothing! But, I'm glad you did well.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  50. Wow! Spencer, you have some great finds there. Your thrifting sure paid off. Makes me want to run out to the GW today. I always find something, not as many treasures at once as you though. Oh and love the office chair slipcover. Gives me an idea.....

  51. Wow! You really did good, Spence. Great finds and buys!...Christine

  52. Dearest friend,

    What a weekend and Monday I have had; I think I missed your post his Saturday!

    Lovely finds and sweet spirit as always to make my visit here a wonderful treat!

    Bisous to a great lady, Anita

  53. Hi Spencer, What beautiful treasures you found!! I just love the flowered bowl and the plate it is sitting on and your blue & white linen tablecloth is so charming!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment, it is always so nice to meet new blogging friends!! I am so happy to meet you and I will visit you often!
    Hugs, Carol Anne

  54. What treasures you have found! No faves...I like them all!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  55. Hello Spencer~I've just strolled in for my first visit. I'm from Vancouver WA. I love meeting friends from the PNW. this unexpected sunshine has been divine. Our Daffodils have already bloomed.
    I've enjoyed taking a peek around. Your blog is so beautifully inviting.
    We share similar tastes for so many of the same creative design elements.
    It's wonderful how inspiring blog friends as yourself can be, that's why I love returning the gesture, by sharing cooking or DIY ideas too.
    I've bookmarked you in my favs.
    I look forward to coming by your charming blog again.
    Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

  56. Oh, Spencer, what lovely treasures you've found.
    Love that plate!

    Hugs, Marydon

  57. Hi Spencer,
    I love it all!.
    Now for the office chair slipcover, Amazing and so creative. I love, love,love what you have designed. Don't you just adore sewing with drop cloth. I still have a few ways to use up my left over drop cloth too. You should sale your slip covers. I would buy one for sure! for my office chair at work. Think about it:)
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  58. I just found your blog and am loving it! You have a wonderful way with words that make me feel like I'm talking with you face to face. You have a new follower!
    Patricia :o)

  59. Oh my goodness!!! You had such luck (even if you didn't find your duvet cover). It seems to me I find the best when I'm not finding what I'm supposed to be looking for.

    I'm laughing about your Cath Kidston-ish bowl. I'm working on a tablescape for this week in which I use plates that I think are very Cath Kidston-ish. Along with a little pitcher I bought in London at one of her shops. It's so sad that she's no longer in the states.

    Happy thrifting. to your continued sucess!

    - The Tablescaper

  60. You got such great treasures!

    I love the Cath Kidston bowl. It makes me laugh because I'm working on a tablescaper this week with plates that I found that I think are very Cath Kidston-ish. I'll be adding my little pitcher that I got at one of Cath Kidton's shops in London. I wish she was still in the states!

    Good luck with your continued execellent thrifting.

    - The Tablescaper

  61. You found some great stuff! WoW! :) My name is Meme from Screaming Meme...I would love to invite you to Screaming Meme...It is a decorating blog...I hope to see you there! Meme

  62. You really scored some goodies, Spence! I loved seeing what you found. I wish I was there to shop with you. :-)




Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

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