Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh How I Love My Birthday Girl! Let's Celebrate Pink Saturday Too!

April 10th, 1971..........One of the VERY happiest days of my life......

Even as a little girl myself I dreamed of growing up and being a mommy......It's all I ever really wanted. And, I so hoped to have a little girl.

Oh how God blessed me.

Today is that little girlie's Birthday.

Where have 39 years gone?

I can hardly believe it.

If you have a little one enjoy this special time........It'll be gone before you know it.

I don't know why her eyes look brown in nearly all of these pictures.

They were SOOOO blue!

So were my grandson's until about two years ago or so....My daughter's and my grandson's both turned GREEN the same year. Isn't that odd?

Baby Dodi...........on her first birthday......sorry the picture is so blurry. I had to scan old pictures.

One and a half........Isn't she adorable?

I had to throw this picture in........I shared a picture of her on Easter wearing this as a pinafore over a dress.........she wore it for a LONG over jeans. Boy we got a lot of mileage out of it! :-)

She was crazy about pink.......(and still is)....and wore it all the time.

And, had a PINK room too.

Just look at that lovely 1970's style..........GROOVY!

Reading in bed........she still likes to have a good book or magazine in bed... :-)

Growing up........Nine years old...........

Yep, still loves jewelry too!

My sweet girl with the doll I made for her. It was the year that Xavier Roberts' Little People came out..........they were $125.00.......way out of my budget, so I made this doll for her.

Don't know exactly what was going on with her hair......I can't think of any good excuses either.

Fortunately she knows how to handle her hair now and is known among her friends as the girl with the shampoo ad hair.....It's BEAUTIFUL!

Look at those freckles!

And, the first day of school her senior year......

I took her picture coming out of that very same door every single year on the first day of school.

As I was putting this post together I thought how silly I was not to have used her birthday pix through the years...... I'll remember that next year!

I had a hard time rustling these up......My sweet daughter's been over many times going through the old snaps, so MANY are missing....

She was such a joy as a child and has grown into the MOST wonderful woman.

I'm so proud of her..........Sooooo proud.

She has a WONDERFUL sense of humor. Everyone around her is laughing constantly. She is hilarious. :-)

And, she has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known. Truly. I've never seen anything like it. So generous and sweet. I learn from her all the time.

She has worked since she was 16..........REALLY.....she wanted a job so badly that she pestered them at the Safeway constantly until they told her they'd hire her as soon as she turned, the day after her 16th birthday she went to work.........and has worked ever since.

I'll be spending her big day with her.....we're going to go shopping and somewhere yummy for lunch..... I can hardly wait.

My darling daughter...........You are such a treasure. I love you to bits.

I'm the lucky one......and SO blessed.

Happy, Happy Birthday!




PS............I laughed myself silly over some of the comments on my Easter post.......

A couple girlies referenced the VINTAGE pictures...........OH MY! :-)

That's when you're sure you're older than dirt.

And, now that you've made it through that really long post.......I know you'd love to peek at some lovely pinkies.......

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Huggies and Lovies,



  1. Good morning precious one! Oh, how gorgeous is your daughter! SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE MUM! She has dimples...Spencer, I just can't get over how cute you are inside and out....I wish I could here your voice. I imagine you so spunky and sweet. BEST WISHES TO YOUR DAUGHTER AND YOU....what a "travailleuse"....meaning, she is a hard worker!!!! God bless her soul. SO many people don't like to work, but how refreshing to see someone that enjoys it!!!

    HAPPY WEEKEND and thank you for your kind comments on my post! Anita

  2. Hi Spencer!
    A very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter Spence! Daughters are a special gift to mom's aren't they?

  4. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter, Spencer. What a lovely tribute to her. Have a wonderful day with her.


  5. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday.

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. It is fun to see how much styles change throught the years isn't it? Enjoy your day together!

  7. Good sweet memories... I will be 40 next month. I do hope you have a great weekend.


  8. Hi Spencer,
    What a lovely post in honour of your daughter's birthday! She's beautiful!! Happy Birthday to Dodi! Our children are such a blessing to us. I never had a daughter but my youngest son celebrates a birthday next week. He's been working since he was 11 years old, starting with a newspaper route. Happy Pink Saturday to you and have a lovely weekend.


  9. Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter. I understand as I have two sweet girls and they are the light of my life!! Enjoy your day.

  10. Spencer, she is adorable! My Jennifer will be 38 on the 19th of this month. I agree with you...times does go by so quickly! I have two beautiful daughters...there is nothing like the love and friendship between moms and adult daughters. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I also have a fabulous son...but it just different than that girlfriend thing you get with your girls. Our son has the same thing with my husband/his is like no other friendship.

    I lately just keep my computer on your blog as I still love your music. I have tried to make one of those song things but it never seems to work right for me. I get two songs playing at one time. Annoying! I loved that Potato Salad video. Those girls are definitely unbelievable and I can guarantee they don't eat much potato salad!

    Enjoy your fun time with your birthday girl. I wish I could spend Jen's with her. Not to be this year. Boohoo.

    Hugs, Bonnie

  11. Happy Birthday to your girl!!! So sweet memories.

    Happy Pink Saturday!!!


  12. Happy Birthday to your precious little girl! Time just flies on us doesn't it? you've some wonderful memories to treasure:) love the photos!

  13. You know you've reached a certain spot on the life chart when your photos are viewed as vintage, sweetpea. *Sigh*..... Darling though.

  14. This is such a lovely post. Your daughter is beautiful. I can tell how much you love her. I lam inspired to do the same with my kids bdays. A big Happy Birthday to her.

  15. what a great post...happy birthday to your baby!

  16. Oh Spencer...I hope you and your daughter just enjoy the most wonderful day together!

    ~happy happy day~

  17. Happiest of Birthdays to your dear daughter. I know. I know... Where do the years go? Hugs from Missouri.

  18. Happy Birthday to your baby!! My cousin's bday is today too! It is a great day!! Have a super great extra special wonderful weekend!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  19. Hello dear Spenc
    I'm back from my wonderful trip. Happy happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. What a very lucky girl she is to have a mom like you.
    I would like to wish her a very happy year.
    I have so much spring cleaning to catch up on, but I wouldn't trade my voyage with my bloggy friends for all the money in the world.
    Julie, Jeanne, Mrs. Magpie, CC, Beckie, Deborah, Lisa, all beautiful ladies.
    Happy Pink Saturday
    Love Claudie

  20. I'm so there with you! Where do the years go. My eldest daughter turns 35 on the 14th of this month. What a lovely way to celebrate your daughter with this lovely post.

  21. Happy Pink Saturday, Spencer! Such a wonderful post! Your beautiful daughter's chroncile is so lovely! Please wish her a very happy birthday from me! And may all her dreams come true!


  22. A belated happy birthday to your daughter! These pics are all just lovely! She had a great bedroom btw! Love that style!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  23. Oh Spencer, I love all of those photos. Happy Birthday to your very special daughter! (I knew your daughter would be a wonderful person.) laurie

  24. Oh I hope your daughter had a marvelous birthday! Mine just recently turned 9 years old. So fun to see your precious one at 9.

  25. What a special post! Hope she had a wonderful day! How cute are her special dolls lined up above her bed! Stop by soon! Lori

  26. Hello Spencer~I've truly missed my visits, but little by little I'm catching up.
    Although last month was difficult with our loses, a new month has brought new hope.
    I poured myself a cup of tea and read a spell...I hope your daughters day was filled with a wonderful celebration of her life...something tells me it was.
    This is a beautiful time of year for a birthday.
    Seeing spring blooms popping up. The inspirational palette of colors.
    Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
    It's definitely invigorating.
    Come by for a visit. Your company would be nice.

    Sweet wishes,

  27. Happy Pink Saturday.

    You are blessed with the very best pink of all - a wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday to her. I know she is a joy and blessing in your life.

    I got blessed with blue - a wonderful son.

  28. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet daugher. She was a precious baby and grew up to be a beautiful young lady. No wonder you are so proud. Yes, the years fly and they are grown so fast. I tell my kids that all the time about their kids.

  29. Happy belated birthday to Dodi! She is so cute and I can tell by her pictures what a nice gal she is. ♥sandie

  30. Happy Belated Birthday Dodi!! Oh what a beautiful daughter, I know from the comments you made about her, she must be precious! Loved all the photographs! Thanks for sharing.



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