Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yep, I Fired Up The Sewing Machine!

Hi there sweet little chickies....

Well, finally! I can say that alllll of the sewing is finished for the den.

I've moved onto the Master Bedroom now and will share a smidge of that in a couple days.

I bought this delish dupioni silk over a year ago with plans to re-do the den. (As I've said.........I dreaded it. It was HORRIBLE to sew on).

I thought it was sort of manly-denish (yes, made up word)....but still has a cottage feel?

There are just bits of fabric left now. And, I'm pretty darn proud of myself, I must say.

Hey, I've been procrastinating for soooo long, I HAVE to pat myself on the back, right?

I like LOTS of detail.........so, lets have some lace and ruffles too!

Oh, and some vintage buttons?

Several weeks ago I shared the ruffle dilemma.....on the edge of the curtains. Well, I never did figure it out.......so lets just hope no one notices. (On one curtain the pleat goes up and on the other it goes down.) Darn.

Oh, and they're not hemmed yet. I'm not quite sure where the rod will end up so I wanted to leave that until it's up so I can measure properly.

I'm hoping for crown molding... Hear that Hubbs?

The walls will be painted the darkest brown. (I've had the paint so darn long I hope it hasn't gone bad.. :-) )

And, you can see a bit of ivory quilted silk? That's the cover for the daybed. I did big bolster pillows for the ends too.

Sooooo.....here's the rundown of finished items.

*daybed cover
*bolster pillows
*desk chair slipcover
*side chair slipcover
*ottoman slipcover
*nine pillows

Gosh, that made me feel good.........to actually see it all listed. It makes me look like I've been busy. :-)

I hope you've been enjoying a great week so far.

It was rainy, foggy and dreary here today. YUK. But the grass is greening up and things look they're coming to life again.

Yippppeeee! SPRING!

Lovies and Huggies Dear Ones!




I've linked to two great girlies........There is some REAL inspiration here..



That sweet little Marla over at


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  1. wow, your pillows are pretty. Good ruffles..

  2. BEAUTIFUL pillows, and yes that silk is terrible to sew lol. But you did wonderful ♥

  3. Oh Spencer dearest, I sure would love to have a sewing machine! I want to make a slip cover for my harp, out of something light and airy, like my harp!

    Your wares are stunning as usual, and your cottages is divine!!!

    Have a great week dearest! Anita

  4. Hi Spencer,
    What a wonderful job on your pillows. They look very pretty. Look at that list of accomplishments.....I'm impressed!

    Can't wait to see the finished room.


  5. Spencer,

    My goodness - I thought you were talented, but you are extremely talented! I love the colors and everything you made.

    Do you decorate for others! lol


  6. The photo took my breath away! Love the sewing and so beautiful the way you married the fabrics. Please do my home!:)

    I'm hosting Woo Hoo! Wednesday and this project would be perfect to link. It most definitely is a Woo Hoo! post.

  7. Spencer, you are so talented. Love the pillows!

  8. Love your fabrics and the pillows are just gorgeous. Beautiful designs, and I love the pleats. Hugs, Marty

  9. my goodness you've been busy. I just love the fabric and the pillows turned out just fabulous...great job. We all have to procrastinate every once in awhile...
    Happy redoing the bedroom..

  10. What a beautiful job you did on the pillows!! And the ruffles look great. When something has a little bit of a flaw, my grandmother used to say "You'll never notice it on a flying horse." Your ruffles are on a flying horse and no one will notice they go up and down!

  11. Yeah! I just knew you'd like a fun party! Thanks for linking to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and sharing your beautiful sewing.

  12. Wow, Spencer, they look so beautiful and so professional! Great job! Whew!

  13. Oh my goodness!!.. Everything looks beautiful!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pillows! ~tina

  14. So divine! To be able to sew like that! Can't imagine it. You're one talented lady. Wish I lived close by so you could teach me!

  15. Thanks for your visit and kindness. I can't believe you made all of this, so beautiful...looks so professional, like something I'd buy in a store! :D

  16. How lovely! You are so industrious AND talented! Since I've treated myself to a lazy day (check out my blog entry today), I need to get to work on one of my many projects. You have inspired me!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  17. I love the fabric you chose, the color and pattern is really pretty! Wish I could sew:( Thanks for visiting and commenting on my kitchen, I sure appreciate it:) Hope to see you again!~

  18. You are an EXCELLENT seamstress, Spencer!

  19. Wow, Spencer...GORGEOUS! You are so gosh darn talented!


  20. Spencer, those silk pillows are perfection. You really do a fabulous job of sewing, and I don't think anyone will ever notice your pleats on the curtains...did I miss the room though? I would love to see it all. I will take a look around the blog and see if I missed it because I really want to see it. Thank you for linking up, and yes, your daughter is absolutely beautiful. She has a pretty smile too, as well as those gorgeous lashes.

  21. wow, super job. they are so beautiful, all the incredible details.

  22. Hi Spencer!

    LOVE your pillows. The details are wonderful. The fabrics are so pretty and your craftsmanship is terrific! Listing does make us feel good-yes?!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed it!

    love, kelee @ www.katillacshack.com

  23. Love everything about your pillows, the yummy fabric, the lace, the center button, the colors, the sheen...such a beautiful and well done project. I agree about sewing dupioni but it is well worth it. I love your name; Spencer. My first name is Alexa and before Billy Joel chose that name for his daughter I was the only one with it for 30 years!

  24. Wow, you have been a busy lady. Everything is absolutely gorgeous. You are a brave lady to sew on that silk, and you did a fantastic job.
    It looks so professional, in fact, it is probably better than professional, all that really means is they can do it faster, not better necessarily!!lol Thanks for sharing your pretties with us. Love the fabric too, and all the combinations. Superb my lady!!
    Blessings, Nellie

  25. Your pillows are lovely!

  26. I love your pillows! they are so pretty and one of a kind for sure! I know sewing on silk is a pain since the fabric can snag easy, but you did a fantastic job and they turned out perfectly! Two thumbs up for sure.
    Enjoy your day, Hugs~Elizabeth

  27. Spencer, have I told you today how talented you are??? Well, you are, and you're sweet, too, and you have good taste! Love what you've done, dear one. You have worked your fingers to the bone on this, and it shows. GREAT job!

    I took a break to blog today, and I'm trying to fly through over 100 posts. LOL! I think I'm about a fraction of the way through. The way I figure it, I will be blogging until next Christmas! ;-) But I miss you and the other bloggy friends and wanted to say, "Hi!" It's back to the grind tomorrow.

    Love you so, so, so, so, SOOOOOO much!


    Sheila :-)

  28. OMG what gorgeous pillows!!!! The detail is amazing.

    Had to laugh at the cottage/manly feel!

    - The Tablescaper

  29. Beautiful pillows! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again soon.

  30. Spencer..your colors are just beautiful and I can't say enough about your pillows. As far a what you consider a mistake on the curtains...no one will know except you! :) I know how you feel though. I do that too.

    Those pillows!!! Gorgeous!! You say you "fired up the sewing machine?" Well..I GUESS so!! :)
    If I could fire my sewing maching like that I would be rich!

  31. HI Spencer! Oh, how yummy! I love this. You have been so busy and I can't wait to see what all you've done. Now guess what? We've just finished painting our master bedroom and these are the very same colors I want to use! Your pillows are gorgeous! I would love to make some just like yours! You're marvelous.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. Hi Spencer....GOOD for you on finishing...doesn't it feel great?! I am so bad at it:) They turned out so cute, too!
    THANK YOU for all of your sweet words of encouragement for me and my family!

  33. Beautiful pillows..(:) loved seeing your blog ..I found you on Mumzie(:)

  34. I meant to say we both live in the Great NW..(:)

  35. Hello Spencer~I've no doubt your little sewing machine is smoldering with skid marks from all the action it's been getting, lol!!
    What beautiful pillows you've sewn. I've always admired those who sew such lovely things. I never graduated from the glue gun.
    My sweet mama use to sew for me when she'd come to visit. I'll never forget my favorite lil' heart curtain set she made for my bath which matched the tiny heart wallpaper.
    She lined them so, they'd be protected by the sun. They held such precious memories of her.

    Sweet wishes,

  36. Spencer~ I hope you can come by, I've posted a "TUT" on making stationary/cards with napkins.
    I think you'll enjoy it.
    Sweet wishes,

  37. Beautiful pillows.

    And yes, Jan's blog, Bobbypins boardwalk is great. Off to see the other one you listed.

    Oh, regarding all those tea bag roses you have thrown away?
    Get to dryin' some of those bags girl, and show me some roses!! =)

    blessings and smiles

    barbara jean

  38. Spencer, Wow, I am so jealous....I can't sew a straight line and you made these beautiful pillows, etc.

    Glad you have the talent, just wish I had it also.

    Trying to catch up....couldn't sleep and haven't been on computer in days. Weather here tonight is terrible.


  39. Oh I love the fabric you selected. Your pillows look amazing!

  40. Smashingly gorgeous, Spencer! I love dupioni!

    Sherry left this AM & now we are off to Ansel's 9th birthday party.

    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

  41. The pillows are beautiful, Spencer. I am re~doing mt family room, too. If only I could sew!

    Please stop by for my giveaway!!


  42. Beautiful pillows, Spencer! Love the fabric and the little ruffle you put around them. It looks like you've got a great color scheme going on.

  43. Beautiful pillows, Spencer! Love the fabric and the little ruffle you put around them. It looks like you've got a great color scheme going on.

  44. I love the ruffles, and the buttons! Such sweet details. Great work!


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