Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh My YES! I've Been ONE Busy GIRLIE!

I've been sayin' for weeeeeks now that I've been a VERY busy girlie....

Jan over at www.bobbypinsboardwalk.blogspot.com has a weekly BRAGFEST...Now, doesn't that sound like fun? And, a great time to BRAG about my progress around the cottage. :-)

I'm also linking to Sweet Marla's WooHoo Wednesday over at www.alwaysnesting.blogspot.com.

If you have never visited these sweet chickies do pop over and check out their wonderful blogs. You'll LOVE 'em!


So, I'm totally prepared for lots of WooHooing and Bragging here.

I started blogging nearly a year and a half ago....on on of my very fist posts I talked about getting the fabric for my den. I showed said fabric on my blog many times.

I have finally finished every bit of sewing for that room.

And, all of the sewing for the master bedroom (except the slipcover for my little chair.....still working on that so I'll give you a peek of that one later)...

I've made:

13 pillows
3 1/2 slipcovers
2 bolster pillows
shower curtain
bathroom curtain
vanity curtain
daybed cover
bedroom curtains
den curtains

See, don'tcha think I have some big time WooHooing and braggin' comin'??

Above: Pillows for our bedroom... :-)

Vintage barkcloth era fabrics on the big ones....with some lovely vintage lace.

And, a yummy vintage doily on the little one....and that blue check? That's what's left of one of my very favorite shirts of my hubby's. :-) He looked so cute in that shirt.

My plan was to do our bedroom for less than 100.00 dollars.....I'm a smidge over that and haven't bought the paint yet....but still.........not bad, right?

This little slipcover is made from a vintage sheet.

Happy little thing, isn't it?

And, it had a lovely hemstitched edge........

Pillows for our bed.

I am loving the blue check.

Some things for the den.

The cottage is a pretty simple and casual place.

I got the plaid dupioni silk for a song and used lots of lovely linen for some of the other things.....and because I AM Tightwad Tilly, there is some canvas dropcloth mixed in too.

Just ignore the wrinkles. These things have been piled up. The cottage is soooo tiny and I don't have anywhere to actually store the stuff that is in progress, so they're piled on top of each other. If I took time to make them all pretty for this post I couldn't be working on other things. :-)

I simply did not have enough thrifted fabric for the master bath, so I was thrilled to have found a nice polka dot sheet set at Marshall's for 25.00.

Shower curtain, vanity curtain and window curtain with TONS of ruffles.

Good thing the Hubbs has his own bathroom.

I LOVE girlie.

The bolsters and the daybed cover in the lower right corner are for the den. They're silk and I actually got a bedspread at Tuesday Morning that I made the cover and bolsters out of.

Now you can see why I've been such a lousy bloggie friend. I am sooo trying to get done with these rooms...............spring clean and get onto my sewing room.

I really should take a picture of the spot where I sew. I have a TINY little area where I'm whipping all these things up.

I want to win the BH&G room re-do contest. What I wouldn't give to have a really nice sewing space. :-)

Ok girlies. Please don't miss all of the other fun.

I love ya'all.....

Whew....I am such a jabberbox today.

Now, do I hear some WooooHoooooo's?



  1. Wow, Spencie, You are a real wonder on that sewing machine! Everything is just darling I cannot wait to see the rooms all put together with all your creaions!

  2. Your pillows are so beautifully done and I'm sure the fact that you have created them brings you much joy...so whoo-hoo! Thanks for sharing your lovely display.

  3. Oh dear, I just want to cry because you are the cutest person on the planet. When I read your blog, I see an angel of a person with a chipper soul, and all your wares and colors and photos of your cottage speak volumes of the joy inside of you, Spencer! WE LOVE SPENCER! And I am WOOHOOING, with two thumbs up, over all the PROGRESS you have made in crafting all the details to make Bellamere Cottage a cozy rest stop!



  4. wow, you are a fabulous sewist~! everything you made is amazing and your attention to even the tiniest detail shows.. Well done indeed~!


  5. You have been busy, and everything looks great!

  6. Holy Smokes, Spencer. I really LOVE your creations. Under $100? You're so clever in the materials you used to create these items. I love them all -- I would be very hard-pressed to choose a favorite. Excellent. That chair is so sweet. Thank you for sharing! You've once again inspired me!

  7. Wow oh wow, you have been busy. I love all those pillows and slipcovers. I need to start sewing some, too, but I am just a beginner starting over. It will take me a while to get even close as good as you.

  8. Everything looks so pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing them in place.

  9. Spencer, Those pillows on your bed are just gorgeous! Love the piping, the fabrics, and the ruffles. They turned out fantastic. No wonder you have been occupied beyond belief. Would love to see the room when it is complete. :-)
    lotsa hugs, Sue

  10. Woo Hoo! You certainly have been busy. I think my favorite is the little checked pillow made from Hubby's shirt! Good luck on the BH&G contest. I'm rooting for you!

  11. Woo Hoo! I am seriously drooling over all your beautiful sewing. Beautiful and creative. You are awesome. Oh, how I wish I had half your talent. Thanks so much for sharing this for all of us to enjoy at Woo Hoo! Wednesday.

  12. Woooooo HOOOooooo! I love what you've done! I love bark cloth, too! You should be so proud of yourself, everything looks great. And again, Love the music!
    Val in Kansas :-)

  13. I am ready to move in, Spencer! These are the cutest things EVER! Oh, how darling!

    And you know we are friends because I have those same polka dot sheets on twin beds!!! Yes, I do! :-) Happy Dance!

    I love it ALL. But I am wildly, madly in love with your adorable little pillow in all its blue checks and cute antique doilie (sp). Spencer, that is perfect for you because it has all the colors you love... blue with pink and yellow flowers! No wonder you're excited! You have done a SUPER job. What I wouldn't give if I could sew like that.


    Sheila :-)

  14. Everything is absolutely beautiful! Isn't sewing such a miracle? Some fabric, thread and a machine...magic!


  15. WooooHoooooo

    and I mean them all! Fabulous. You are extremely talented.


  16. WHOOO HOOO!!!!!!!
    If anyone has a reason to brag girlie, it is you!!! I can't believe all that you have done and sooo beautiful too. I feel like a slug now,hehe. I LOVE how you recycle and reuse. I can't toss anything, cause I'm always so sure I'll find a way to use it later.

  17. I just love your pillows! The barkcloth is gorgeous, and I really, really love the one you made with the vintage embroidered linen! I have collected linens for many years, so one of these days I need to get busy & make something out of them (though I must confess that I'm not much of a seamstress!).

  18. Huge WoooooHooooo!! I am amazed at all the work you have done and they all look so great. I wish I could sew like you do and then I could have such beautiful things, too.

  19. Wooooooo Hooooooooooo for sure Spencer.
    You have been a busy bee. I on the other hand have been busy with long hours to the vet's office. Today was a doozy. 14 hrs. Dental work for 4 out of 7 dogs. @$@$# and more.
    I'm beat, going to bed, just wished I had all those pretty pillows to fall on.
    Love Ya Spencer
    Love Claudie

  20. Hi Spencer,
    You deserve a HUGE Woo Hoo! You have been one busy gal and I LOVE everything you have made. You are an excellent seamstress....just look at all of that beautiful piping and ruffling!!
    Great job.

  21. Beautiful! Love what you did! You are making me really want to get my own sewing machine, I need some more ruffles in my life!

  22. You have done an amazing job. I love how you can make so many beautiful things and still be thrifty. You certainly deserve BH&G recognition.

  23. That's amazing. You have every right to join the bragfest. You've earned it. If I lived to be 100 I'd never get all that done. Everything is done so neatly. Wonderful work! I can't even think of enough adjectives to describe it all!

  24. What a cute blog you have and amazing sewing talent! I'm jealous. It was great to meet you at the Funky Junk show!


  25. Spencer, Mr. M. wanted me to thank you and the girls for making his day so happy! THANK YOU, my dear sweet Spencer, and thank you for being my friend, too.

    Happy Memorial Day! I'm taking a mini, teeny tiny blog breaklet to get some things done. Be back before you can even blinnk. ;-)

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  26. I am in awe that you made such pretty things for your home. Sew? I get the shakes just looking at a sewing machine and have flash backs from Home Ec class from Jr. High. I spent the year just trying to figure out how to thread the machine. I was so bad I had to ask my Mom to make the class project for me (skirt)so that I did not fail Home Ec that year:-)

  27. Wow! A sewing fest! Love the pillows!

  28. Spence, I dropped back by to take a looky-loo, and oh, honey... you are amazing! I wish so much I could see these in person and ooooh and ahhhhh over them to your sweet and dear face, but I am in love, I tell you, LOVE with what you're doing. GREAT JOB... do I sound like a broken record???




Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!