Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Tickled Pink...Pink Saturday!

Hey Girlies!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Oh my gooooodness..........Is that not the PRETTIEST "snow" you've ever seen?

I was coming home from the one hundred forty nine two thirtieth visit to the darn chiropractor when I saw this glorious PINK yard.... My head snapped back and my car zipped around the block, so I could take a snap, before I even knew what happened!

I wish my yard looked like that.

Don't you love driving down the street when those lovely pink blossoms are blowing all over just like snow?

Now, about the tickled PINK bit....

I mentioned awhile back that my daughter was going to take my little grandson out of his school and move him to a new school.

He has Asperger's Syndrome and not only were they not working with him AT ALL, it was the MOST negative environment I've EVER seen. He came out of school every day with his head hanging down and wouldn't talk all the way home.

When my DD went to pick up all his things from his desk, at the old school, his teacher was horrible. She didn't even tell my grandson goodbye and good luck or anything.

Ditto the principle who told my daughter that she was making a big mistake and she would be sorry.

See what I mean here?

Well, he's been at his new school NINE days and he's like a NEW kid!

He yells goodbye to his friends as he leaves and walks on air to the car....then chatters about his day all the way home.

His teacher is FAB.U.LOUS!

I love you Mrs. G!

When my boy walked into the classroom, on his first day, there was a sign welcoming him to the class. Everyone was looking forward to meeting him.

His teacher is beyond awesome.

She's a young teacher and obviously LOVES her job.

Now, nothing against teachers out there........Please don't take this the wrong way.....but his OLD teacher would always criticize and say...."Bummer for YOU" my little fella.

I think she should retire. She does NOT love her job.....and it SHOWS.

And, that is NOT an ageism thing...........I'm OLD too! :-)

So, this is one very happy Grandma. I love this child more than I could ever express.

He is the JOY of my heart.

I could cry I'm so happy.

Now, this is PINK SATURDAY....and I know you're anxious to get around and see some yummy pink stuff....


Go here:

You won't be sorry!

You're the VERY BEST!

Thank you for coming and for your loving support.

Could you please pray for my sweet BECKY at

She's in the midst of lots of testing and could soooo use prayer.




  1. I am SO happy your grandson feels better in his new school! WOW sounds like a great thing for him ♥♥ And yippee for his new teacher too ♥

    LOVE the pink snow lol. When we had that kind of trees in my street it looked like that sometimes too (never made a picture duh)The trees were all sick so they had to cut them down :(

    Love and have a great weekend ♥

  2. Hi there! This is my first visit to your blog. I just wanted to say how happy I am for your grandson. Bless his little heart. What a difference a new school makes. I wish him joy.

    I changed my daughter's school almost exactly 1 year ago. She too is a changed girl. She has started growing, she is happier and my whole family can't get over how different she is. She is happy now. The old school wouldn't let her have anything except fruit to eat at break, didn't allow any 'fun' activiities, and was so far from what children are really about. It was a bad environment for learning and living in. She was seriously underweight, pale, started to get migraines. All this has changed.

    I truly understand your elation about your precious grandson.


    PS, love your blog!

  3. Hi Spencer,
    That is just horrible how your Grandson's teacher acted. What's wrong with these people!
    Anyway, I am so glad that you saw the problems and switched schools. The little guy is so happy now and I know your heart is happy too.

    I love all those pink petals, what a great photo moment.


  4. I am so glad your little boy is happy at his new school. It is too bad that teachers are not willing to work with children who have a disorder. My daughter just removed her twin boys from school because of the teacher. She was very unsympathetic to my grandsons needs. He has been diagnosed with P.A.N.D.A.S. which required him to be on meds for a while. The meds made him sleepy but without them he would have tremors and outbursts. This was caused by the Strep virus which attacks the brain. He is fine now, no symptoms, but he will remain homeschooled for now. And they both love it. Like you, I am very protective - when he would tell his teacher he didn't understand a problem, she would say, "can't help you there". Made me want to rip her hair out!! But he is happy now and that is all that matters. There is a bit of info on PANDAS on my blog - if you have small children, please read it. Love your blog, Spencer, and have been a follower for some time now.

  5. Ooh, I would love to have a carpet like that! I'm so glad your grandson is happy in school now. I just don't understand teachers that doesn't have a heart for their students. That's one of the reasons I have homeschooled my children. They might not have had the most intellectual teacher in the world but they couldn't have had one that loved them more or wanted to see them succeed anymore than me. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. How awful for that teacher to be that way and to treat a special needs child that way. So glad he was moved to a better school with a much better and cool teacher. That is great that he loves it there.

  7. That is good that he is in a new school! His previous one sounds like it was a horrible environment for him. Glad to hear that this new school has affected him in such a good way already!

  8. All that "pink snow" is so pretty!

  9. Spencer, first, I had a vision of you hitting the brakes when you saw the beautiful pink tree, although I know you were safe and went around the block. :)

    A friend's son has Asperger's Syndrome. Good for your daughter for doing what she knew was right for her son. Sometimes, as parents, we have to fight for what's right for our kids.

  10. Thank pink snow is beautiful!! I'm so glad to hear that you grandson is happy in his new school. Reading about him feeling sad and hanging his head brought tears to my eyes. What a different a new environment is making for him. Great news!!

    Susan and Bentley

  11. Dear Spencer,
    What absolutely gorgeous pink petals and what a sight to see!
    I completely agree with you about teachers! Some of them should not be allowed to teach! I am so glad that your little man is happy in his new school! So very important! Bless his heart! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you.



  13. Dear Spencer I am so happy that your grandson has a new teacher and is now happy. Isn't it amazing how negative so many teachers are and do not like children who are out of the 'norm'. Lovely Pink yard, such an amazing time of the year!

  14. I am so happy for your grandson!!! This story brought tears to my eyes. When I was a substitute teacher, I could walk in and tell which teacher loved her job and which one was only earning a paycheck. God bless his new teacher!!

  15. Hi Spencer! That must be an awful feeling to be unwelcome in an elementary school.....there's only one possible explanation (besides the staff just being plain mean), and that is lack of education about Asperger's syndrome. Have you ever seen the HBO film "Autism: The Musical"? It's actually a documentary about this wonderful mother of an autistic son that puts together a group of children, each with Autism Spectrum Disorders including Asperger's, and creates a performance with each of them playing a part. I could go on with a more detailed explanation, but let me just say everyone that watches "Autism: The Musical" would come away with a better understanding of these children. And any educator with a heart would want to reach out and do their part to help them feel welcome in their school! I highly, highly recommend it......

  16. Good for your daughter! You should ALWAYS listen to your "gut" cause you know when something isn't right! Yay for your grandson! He will do soooooo much better in a nurturing, warm environment as you can already tell! Beautiful pink snow btw!

    Happy PS,

  17. So So excited for your little guy to be in an all inclusive environment...makes all the difference in the world!! The newer teachers are well versed with all of the issues that plague our little ones and the reason they are getting into teaching now is to help not hinder these flourishing little minds!!
    Way to not waste any time and get him the nurturing he so deserves!!
    Wish all snow was a lovely pink...gorgeous!!
    Enjoy your weekend xOxO Nerina

  18. Sometimes I wonder how some teachers continue to keep their jobs! Glad to hear that your grandson is content. It is so hard to get some children back on track after having had a bad experience.

    LOVE the pink blossoms.


  19. This is the coolest pink Saturday post I have ever seen. Those blossoms are incredible. As for your grand boy...I am thrilled he is happier and that your daughter is such a good advocate for him. Some adults should seriously examine why they continue on in a job they can't do.

    I have zero tolerance for anyone that claims to be a grown up that treats children badly. There is no excuse...none!

    Yay for you and your good news. Is there any love like the love we feel for these grandies?

  20. Love your pink snow!
    I am so happy for your family that your grandson is in the right environment so he too can bloom!

  21. Hi Spencer, So glad your grandson got into a better school. How sad that we have such teachers that don't really do a good job.....they really do damage! (love the pink petals)

  22. Thank God for good caring teachers and good caring grandmas and moms!

    I love that pink snow - I could take that every day of the year!


  23. Hi Spencer and Happy PiNk to you!

    Oh..what a sorry ending and a happy NEW beginning for this sweet soul. You know the first time I heard about Asperger's Syndrome was on that crazy tv show, Boston Legal...there's an attorney on the show that plays a fabulous roll and how he lives with Asperger's...the show is quite hilarious and makes fun of just about everything in you must love that kind of humor to watch's just one of those "Don't take life so serious, None of us are getting out alive"...haha

    Ok, so much about the show..I just felt like I instantly knew about your grandson's challenges and adventures in know children themselves can be so cruel to one another [without the blasted teacher chiming in]! I'm so tickled that a new school and fabulous teacher has been found. YAY!! I'll look forward to more stories on how he does.

    Oh, and that PiNk yard is to die for!!! How fabulous is that!♥

    I just left Rhondamum's blog where she's posting about the upcoming Where Bloggers Create party..I saw your comment that your creative space will not be ready...

    WELL....let me tell ya about last year...I had just moved into our new home and carpenter's were buzzing around everywhere..NOTHING, and I mean nothing was in was flurry of sawdust. I almost didn't sign up for the party last year and at the last minute I emailed Karen and asked her to put me in even though I'd just be showing [bits and pieces of what I was going to do with the studio]...I am so glad that I did..Spencer, I had so much fun visiting everyone and everyone was so encouraging with what I was trying to do in my studio.

    So here I am asking you to join in anyway!!!...just like I will not be sorry...I mean there were ladies that showed before photos of rooms piled sky high with was so cool to see that we all have certain traits in common but we don't like to show it sometimes.

    Let me know, ok?? I'd love to see you there on the party list!

    Hugs to you and your sweet grandson,
    Stephanie ♥

  24. Oh dearest, I just had a pink shower today as we were out yard-saling today! IT WAS SO GORGEOUS!!!!! Thank you for this pink post and the love that oozes out of you! Bisous, Anita

  25. I'm so sorry your little guy had to go through that. School should be a place everyone looks forward to going. I'm SO glad that your DD found this fabulous new teacher!!
    Patricia :o)

  26. Oh Spencer!! I am so happy he has a good school!! I believe that all children should be treated the same and they can excel even with disabilities BUT that school doesn't sound good for any child! I know how you feel about him being sad every day. I am SOOOOO glad your DD knew as a mother her decision was right. How can you all not be over the moon!! Well done mom!!
    Love the pink snow it is fun!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  27. Glad your grandson found a pleasant situation at his new school. Sounds like the perfect place for him.

    Love the pink snow.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  28. I am so glad he likes his new school! Kids always respond to love and kindness! We had to do this once.

  29. Happy Pink Saturday! Love the pink "snow"!
    So glad your little guy is loving his new school. I am a teacher who loves her kiddos, and that breaks my heart that he had such a bad experience. He definitely deserves better than that, and sooooo glad you got him out of there. I hope he continues to love his new school.


  30. Mummy, what sweet friends you have! Yep! I have onnnneee Happy Boy! And I DID follow my gut! So scary though! What a big responsibility it is to be a parent! I couldn't do it all without the support of my Awesome Mom! I adore you! xxoo!

  31. Dearest Spencer,
    Getting a comment from you is always like a shower of pink blossoms coming my way! Thank you for visiting and HAVE A FANTASTIC SUNDAY!!! Don't you just wish these pink flowers would just last all summer? Ah..........Anita

  32. happy PS! glad that your grandson likes the school.. looks like he is happy with new friends and teachers..

  33. Gorgeous scene and capture Spencer.
    Love it. Happy Pink!
    Have a great day and a good week ahead.

  34. that is the prettiest snow ever!!!!
    yea...for you grandson!

  35. The pink snow is gorgeous!

    The story about your grandson brought me to tears. I am SO happy that he is happy at his new school!! It's so sad when a teacher loses his/her way and forgets what a huge impact they make in a childs life. I pray that your grandson has wonderful school experiences from now on!

  36. Spencer I am so thankful that you and your daughter could read the signs and know that this was not the place for your little one. It takes beautiful caring teachers to really teach children, whether they have a special need or not, but especially with a disability. My son was blessed with a great school environment and I am so grateful. Good luck to you all in finding the right fit.
    That pink snow is so awesome!!!

  37. yay! I'm so glad that things are working out so well for your grandson!
    I'm so sorry that you all had such a bad experience. That's really sad.
    Love the pink flowers/snow!

  38. Bonjour Spencer,
    So glad I found you, you follwoed my blog a while ago, but I could never link up to you for some reason. I've re-followed and will be back often. This is great news for your dear little granson. So glad he has found the right school and teacher! All my best!
    Have a fabulous week,

  39. Let it snow let it snow let it snow WOW fantastic pinks Spencer.
    Kudos to your daughter fro changing schools. We have been there and done that with all 3 of our children.
    Have a great week dear friend.
    Happy belated PS
    Love Claudie

  40. what a happy story! how brave of your daughter to
    think outside the box to help her little one. you
    must be very proud of her.

    it's a shame that some teachers are so negative,
    but it sounds like that is trickling down from the

    i'm just tickled 'pink' for you!

  41. Dear Spencer,
    Your daughter did the right thing by changing schools for her son. I bet he really has a deep seeded trust that his mommy will protect him and make it all better.

    Now for you dear!! thank you for stopping and taking the picture of the pink snow!! it really is a beautiful sight to see :)

    Thank you for sharing your family with us:)

    Blessings to you and your family and you are in our prayers as well.


  42. Thanks so very much for your sweet visit and kind comment!
    You are a dear friend!

  43. Hi Spencer,
    I am so glad your grandson is doing well! We took our daughter out of her school in second grade and all they told us is that it was a BIG mistake well the rest of the story is that she is only 1 month away from getting her teaching certificate because she wants to make a difference.
    Thanks for visiting, please stop by Friday for our name celebration.
    Have a wonderful week.

  44. wow, i thought i wouldnt find any more room for comments. I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed strolling down your previous posts. lovely blog. count me as one of your followers. verbena cottage

  45. I, too loved the pink snow. My car would have turned around too for the perfect "photo op"
    So happy too that you are feeling "in the pink" about your grandson's new school. Your daughter did the right thing and kudos to her for being so aware of her child's situation.

  46. Do you love PINK SATURDAY? How do you join??? I'm so stupid. ahahhahah

    Love your pretties and the ground cover is 2die4. God did all things right, huh?


  47. Happy Pink Saturday. Your news about your sweet grandson makes this grandmother's heart happy. I will never understand how some people can be so cruel.

    And, that snow of pink petals makes me happy, too. Beautiful!

  48. What a happy new beginning for him! It makes things so much easier when they love their teacher. Can you imagine having to spend somewhere for hours a day where you were miserable? No child should have to feel that way, they should be made to feel cherished and inspired. I am loving your pink snow, it almost beats the white stuff!

  49. Oh yeahhhhh...beautiful , beautiful pink snow!!!

    I am so happy you found a happier place for your Grandson! Life is too short to be where you are not completely loved!!! I am proud of your family!!! Blessed little guy!

  50. Spencer, you are one of the sweetest people ever! What a wonderful Grandma! I wish the very best to your sweet little lucky he is to have a Mommy like your daughter and a Grandma like you...

  51. Your pink snow picture is lovely.

    Glad to hear that your grandson is doing so well at his new school.

  52. Seriously? How can some people even look in the mirror.
    Thank goodness your precious grandson is being treated with some respect now.

  53. Just checking on you, Spencer! It has been a long time since last Saturday..hope you are OK! I have been so concerned about our sweet Becky. I wish she would post something soon. Hope your kids are doing well and your little grandie is still enjoying his happy, non-abusive school experience!

    Love, B

  54. wow, I had to scroll down far to comment! I'm so glad you got him out of that school Spencer! You should let someone higher up on the ladder at that school know how your grandson was treated! The pink petals are gorgeous gorgeous! what a treat to pass by!

  55. Hi Spencer,

    So nice to meet you!! I am new to your Blog and have become one of your followers as well!!
    What a wonderful lady you are!

    I will be back for a longer visit later!

    Ciao Bella

    Susan xxoo

  56. Spencer, this post really made me cry:

    "He came out of school every day with his head hanging down and wouldn't talk all the way home."

    That must have been heart breaking for you and your daughter! I can't even imagine. I know how much you love him, and I understand more than you know. My godson has battled a similar diagnosis. It thrills me heart that you got such a good report and that he is enjoying school. Oh, how that thrills my heart! :-) Yea! Yea! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    It's always the people who preach "doom and gloom" aka "You won't make it without us" and "You'll be sorry" that are never right. I had someone do that to me years ago about a situation, and I have never made a better decision in my life. That is manipulation of the highest order, and if they are saying things like that to you, you may rest assured that they were manipulating him in a negative way. That's my take anyhow. So I'm THRILLED that you proved them wrong. Oh, how happy I am for ALL of YOU! God is smiling and saying, "Well done!"

    You go, girls!


    Sheila :-)


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