Friday, July 9, 2010

Cleanin' and Washin' At The Cottage.. :-)

Happy Friday Girlies!

Oh my gosh, what a difference a week makes in the weather. We are TOASTING here. It was nearly 100 yesterday! It rarely goes over 100 here in the Pacific Northwest, but yesterday was a big toooo warm for this chickie! It's supposed to be warm for the next few days too. My posies are thrilled.

I am grateful for air conditioning. Who knew we'd need it here?

I'm NOT a warm weather girlie.... and I'm STILL cleaning and who can clean when it's just too darn HOT?

Over the years I've found some products that I just LOVE... I thought I'd share some of them with you today.

I've been going to do this post forever and just never got to it.... so here goes!

You may already use some of these products, but just in case..... :-)

When we bought this house we chose a gas range. It's WHITE....and every time I cooked (believe me....that doesn't happen often) I would make a mess on top of the stove and it was sooo hard to remove. I called Whirlpool and discovered this little stove top kit. It has a cleaner and a wax type product. It is WONDERFUL!... And, makes those little yukkies so much easier to clean up!

Ahhhhhh.... Mrs. Meyers! Doesn't it smell delish? I sometimes buy the dishsoap too, but I must say, the bubbles don't last long.

If you have never tried Barkeeper's Friend you really MUST! This is the BEST!...and my very favorite find. You will NEVER use Comet, Ajax or Softscrub again. It will make your sink look brand new and it's very gentle... I have white laminate (I know.... They're on the list of things to be replaced).... and it will take off a coffee or tea ring with NO elbow grease! I LOVE it!

And, Sea Island Cotton spray from Bath and Body Works. This is actually a personal spray mist, but I love to spritz it all over the house... It smells wonderful! Bath and Body Works has a boatload of yummy smelling sprays....some are actually house sprays too. :-)

Green Works by Clorox.... Oh MY goodness. It works great, but it smells yumm-o!

See a theme here?

Goo Gone... This is a MUST! Ever fight with one of those price stickers that leaves that yukky residue? This will take care of it in two shakes!

The little toothpick holder with the big ball of blue?

It used to be called Fun Dap, but goes by another name now and I'm sorry to say I can't remember the new name.

This will fix LOTS of things... That picture that just will not stay level? A little pinch of this blue stuff under a corner and it will stay even FOREVER! And, works great under that little china piece that you're worrying may fall off of the shelf too. You'll find a million uses for it.

Spot Shot.... I can't live without this stuff.... Great on stains AND on carpet. Someday I'll have hardwood floors, but right now... Gotta keep that carpet clean!

Hydrogen peroxide is awesome for stains on fabric you don't want to bleach. It's much weaker and works like a charm on old linens. Be sure to test it on a little spot that doesn't show before you dip the whole piece!

As I've said a million times, I have a little grandson (The Light Of My Life)... :-) And, he's MESSY! He'll find a way to get a little grease spot on EVERYTHING! Just rub in a little bit of Dawn (original) on the nasty spot and wash as usual. It's made for grease, right? It's MAGIC!

I have lots and lots of vintage linens that require a good pressing.... so I use LOTS of spray starch. Faultless brand has lavender! It smells YUMMY!

Just in case you don't know this little pressing tip... Spray your vintage embroidered piece with spray starch, then press, upside down on several layers of nice white terry towel. You will be amazed! The pattern pops right out and it makes your doilie or cloth look PERFECT! LOVE that tip. :-)

I couldn't live without Whink Rust Remover. If you ever have a little rusty colored spot on something you're going to launder this product will probably take care of it. Just a DROP and that spot is GONE..... INSTANTLY! It is FABULOUS! The new bottle is a bit different than this one..... I buy mine at WalMart. I've bought MANY vintage linen items that are all pressed up and have those little rust colored spots. I know that vendor has tried to remove them and has failed... They didn't know this little secret..... I bring it home....a drop of Whink and my linen is like new!

And, Clorox bleach pen... This things are FAB.U.LOUS... You can get out lots of little stains on your white laundry. We must get lots and lots of stains around here. Do you too?

My daughter claims that wearing a tiara while she cleans makes the job easier... Who knows? It just might work!

I find Mary Ellen's stain remover at Joann's... Yet another product in my stain arsenal. :-)

No....that is NOT the toothbrush I use for my teeth... but I do save my old ones. They are awesome for all sorts of between the taps or scrubbing a stain. I have a ZILLION of them.....

Arm and Hammer Washing Soda... A MUST for work-out wear. The Hubbs is a bike rider, tennis player and treadmill runner.... I NEED this!

And, I'm sure everybody has their little stash of Oxy-Clean... Isn't it great stuff?

Love it in a jar with a vintage measuring cup for the lid. :-)

I hope you found something new to try that will solve a cleaning/laundry problem for you...... I LOVE clean and sparkly. :-)

So, there it is Girlies.... some of my favorites.

I like things spiffy here at the cottage!

I hope you found something new to try and that it will solve a problem for you.

I'm stilllll working on spring cleaning.....Isn't it summer?

I'm hoping to finish by the end of July.

Have a wonderful weekend Dear Ones...

God bless you.

Lovies and Huggies!


***Edited to add.... I forgot Mr. Clean Stain Erasers! I thought the darn things were just a bunch of hype, but they are just WONDERFUL!!! I have no idea how the darn things work, but they do the trick on tons of things. I'm a convert. :-) ***


  1. Love all this helpful information, Spencer! Many of these are items I already use, but some are new to me! I am always looking for the right cleaner.

    BTW, I am also a big fan of Barkeepers Friend.


  2. Hi Spencer!
    Thanks for all these great cleaning tips and product recommendations. I do use bar keepers friend and it's wonderful... Do you know it's even good to clean your stove top.

    Thanks for the stain removal tips too and the tip on how to iron vintage linens.


  3. Hi SPencer Sweetie...
    Oh I am just smiling away with all of the shares you have today. Some I knew, but some I didn't. I just love it when you share. Now I do have a gas stove and I know about those hard to clean spills, and I have got to know. Where do you buy the Whirlpool cleaner that you mentioned? I need some to save on my little fingernails from scrubbing.

    I didn't know the trick with the Spray starch and the doillies with the patterns. Boy have I got plenty to try. I love my little embroidered pretties. They make me smile.

    By the way I have tried that tiara trick. Ask your daughter what she sings as she is working, maybe it is the song I sing, because it didn't work for me? Ha! Ha! Ha! I love it Sweet Spencer. You are a doll.

    Stop by soon. I love it when you do.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. Hi Spencer, I just found your blog, not quite sure how, but I did! Thanks for all the cleaning tips.
    I ready "your story". I think I was meant to read that. My husband of 42 yrs. had a knee replacement in Oct.09. In May, he fell and broke his hip. He was in the hospital, took the shots in the stomach and is still going through therapy. He is healing slowly. He is still on a walker and does not move around very good. Is there any advice you can give me to try to encourage and build his confidence up? He is afraid to try a came as he says it hurts and he is afraid to fall. The doctor wants him to step up his game a bit, but he just is afraid. He is getting discouraged and so am I. I pray every day for his healing and I cry every day for this whole mess to be over. I was so encouraged by your story, I want to share it with him. I hope you are doing well. I really like your blog and will visit again.
    God bless you, ginny
    Please visit if you get a chance....

  5. Okay we some of the same products. Some of your products look great to try - wonder if I will find them here in Ga.

    It is too dang hot to clean or do anything! Whew.

    Keep cool.


  6. Hi Spencer! Oh my gosh, it's been SO-ooo HOT here too.. They say this heatwave is supposed to break up soon. I LOVE Summer, but we NEED a break from these near-hundred-degree temps and the humidity!... I thought your post today was great, and I really do appreciate your thoughts and tips about your favorite cleaners! I've heard about Bar Keepers Friend, and would like to try that! I'm totally with you about Goo Gone.. LOVE that stuff!!.. And thank you for the tip about ironing linens and doilies! I'll try that too!.. Keep cool, and have a wonderful weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  7. Hi, Spencer!

    I use a bunch of the same things, but I appreciate the rec on the others!

    Hope you aren't working too hard, and I hope you are staying cool.

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  8. Hi Cupcake!! What great info you gave us here! I think the only thing I already use is Barkeeper's friend. It is the only thing that makes my porcelain kitchen sink look white!! Just love it! I am definitely going to try some of the others!! Thanks so much for the tips!!

    Oh and that flag thing you sent didn't open up for me! :o( Try again?
    Love you sweetie!
    Hope our weekend is glorious!!
    (I'm still spring cleaning, too!) HA!!

  9. ...thanks for popping going to try peroxide (forgot about that!) on my antique linens.....but as for now we have the sun andthat is a great bleacher!...yeah sun shine here in the pacific north west!...we wait all year for this!

  10. Hi think I live in the deep South and it's not as hot here as it is in the Pacific wacky is that!
    great post and I always love to hear what products on the market are good and which ones aren't...I love Goo Gone and I just discovered one of the Kaboom products (I think that's what it is)'s the stuff that they advertise you spray it on blue and when it turns white it's's for tub and tile really well, I do leave it on longer then they say and my old "toxic tub" gets nice and clean with very little scrubbing..

  11. This was a fun and interesting post, Spencer. There are several products here I have never tried but will definitely do so now, especially the Green Works by Clorox.

    I have white laminate countertops in my kitchen (and actually LOVE them!) I have always used Clorox Cleanup on them. Works great at removing all those really pesky stains like coffee, tea, berry juice etc. Also kills germs/bacteria. You just need to remember not to lean up against the edge of the counter until it's dry or you will have a not-so-pretty horizontal bleach mark across your shirt! (Don't ask me how I know that! haha) And yes, the Mr. Clean sponges are AMAZING!

  12. Hi Spencer, Awesome post with tips galore!! Grease stains drive me crazy and it makes perfect sense that if Dawn is used to clean the birds covered in oil it will work on our cloths. I can't function without Barkeepers and Goo Gone. I must try some of your other are a doll to share all this info!!

  13. I just wear my tiara at all times!! ;}

    m ^..^

  14. Hi Spencer,
    You are so awesome to do this!!! I haven't used a few of these. I will definitely try them on your recommendation.
    Isn't the weather just weird this year? I can't believe that I have peonies in July. We are finally getting some heat this week too.
    Have a lovely week Spring (Summer) cleaning sweetie.

  15. Greetings Spencer
    What a great post.. I have used many of these, I would love to pick up the Sea Island Cotton spray, sounds heavenly! Don't you just love Bar Keepers Friend?
    Thanks for sharing,
    Blessings, Penny

  16. Good morning, precious! AH! I didn't make it over to your post yesterday because I was SOOOOOO busy cleaning and arranging and preparing for our giant garage sale yesterday! ALL DAY LONG we were out there bargaining and hauling and cleaning and really having fun...we made several hundreds of dollars!!!I have a lot of hardwood flooring in my little cottage and I love Murphy Oil soap. It smells so sweet and gives a nice gleam to the floors! I hope you got your rest; the other day when I was deep cleaning the entire house, I was sweating buckets and almost collapsed from the heat. I had to remember to drink plenty of water andn then I was fine.....take care beautiful one! ANITA

  17. Good morning darlin'! Oh, you just make me so happy! You are so kind....I never thought of myself as talented, REALLY! I just love to create and dabble with whatever comes into my head! I am one heck of a planner and anyone in my wake knows that I put them to work IMMEDIATELY when I have husband knows this but he too has been wanting this addition!!!

    THANK YOU LOVE BUG!!!! Anita

  18. Hello Spencer~After living in my home for it has been a love hate relationship, lol. I too have my favorite cleaners, several of which you mentioned.
    My new fave is Pledge Multi Purpose cleaner, which works wonderful. Now that we've added tile and wood flooring to the mix it's nice to have a all-in-one product to do the job. I was so impressed at it's performance that I stocked, which usually I only do with the Meyer products, so it's a winner. I absolutely agree with you and how wonderful Meyers smells. It leaves my home smelling fresh. You've got me in the mood for my house cleaning today. :)

    Sweet wishes,

  19. Great list of cleaning supplies. I love oxyclean and use it all the time, but a lot of the ones you mentioned I have never heard of.

    I'm going to make a list to take with me to the grocery store next time and pick some of those up.

    ....if only they came with a person to do the cleaning for me!

  20. Spencer, this is amazing...I have to write down all of these things!!!
    Thanks for all of the tips, I need lots of help with the housework and cleaning, he he, I am kind of neglecting it at the moment! Too hot to clean, or at least that's my excuse!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Margaret B

  21. Oh, what a wonderful blog...
    Thank you for sharing! You are invited to
    come by my blog, too....

  22. This is a great post Spencer! I do use a few of these but I'm writing down the others to look for. Our Goodwill store writes the prices on items with a permanent marker! I had a ceramic piece I wanted to gift and couldn't get the price off. I finally tried the Clorox bleach pen and it worked! Hope it cools down soon up there. We're use to it down here!

  23. Hi, Spencer..remember me? bj ? I haven't been over in sorry, I just seem to get lost sometimes in's sooo big. :)

    I posted about cleaning this week..yesterday, in fact. My cleaning day turned out to be fun...after all !! :))

  24. Wow! I think I should invite you to my house. Just kidding! But, I love all of your great suggestions.

  25. love this post, honey!! I think my all time fav b&bw fragrance is Sea Island Cotton. I'd love to copy your Jeremiah 29:11 pic to my blog. TFS

  26. Great idea for a post, Spencer. I found several products I didn't know about and added to my Walmart list. The best is the rust remover. I collect old linens and rust is one thing I usually can't get out.
    Thanks for all the suggestions.

  27. Wow, A lot of gread pointers there! Just in case you didn't know, Whink will take the paint right off your hand painted china!
    I enhoied my visit to your blog! Hope you are having a great summer!

  28. Spencer, love all of these tips! I have written a bunch of them down. Like you, I love to use things that smell good! I will open a container in the store in a second and smell it to make sure it smells good. I do get some odd stares though.....

    Magic Erasers are the BOMB! I use them everywhere!! They even took off orange colored scrapes from my car! Don't ask...well I will say, I wasn't driving, my husband was...and he met up with one of those orange barrels on the interstate! I think I had an out of body experience during that little escapade!!

    Stay Cool!

    Lou Cinda :)


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