Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Heart Still Aches.... Nine Years Later

Nine years ago today our country was brutally and senselessly attacked by evil terrorists, killing over 3,000 innocent people.

For nine years parents have grieved the loss of their children.... Wives and husbands have missed their "other half" and children have had to deal with the loss of one or even both parents.

While we all know that life goes on, my heart is heavy for these families.

I'm remembering them today... Prayerfully.

And, grateful to our Brave HEROS in uniform who have kept this country safe for NINE years.

God bless you. And, thank you from allll of my family.

You are amazing.

So are your wives, husbands, parents, siblings and children who live without you while you're in a foreign land doing such brave work.

Blessings and humble gratitude.

Spencer and Family

PS.... Plenty of tears over the sweet chickies who said they'd pray for me. It always touches me that you are so willing to do that for someone you have never met.

I love you all.


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  1. Never to be forgotten ... prayers lifting fo ryou, sweet Spencer.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. Good Morning Spencer Sweetie...
    A beautiful tribute straight from the heart. I love your writings. You have many talents sweet friend. Our lies were forever changed on Sept. 11th and it will never be the same for any of us.

    Now you just quit your fretting about that blood work. We have prayed about it and now let it go. We are not to fret sweet friend. We have FAITH that everything will be fine. They may need to change your meds or something. I will be holding you up in prayer until we hear from the dr. office on Monday. No More Fretting.

    Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  3. May we never, ever forget those feelings..of utter shock,fear and pray for those families, friends that lost their loved ones.
    May God protect us and bless America.

  4. There are no words, only open, giving hearts for the heros we lost that day, and sorrow for the loved ones left behind. We will never forget, Char

  5. A touching tribute, Spenser! I think we are all a little teary eyed today, remembering. Happy Pink Saturday.


  6. My precious one...certain images of that day just are too sick to handle....I can't believe some would impose such pain on others.....AND I have been praying for you and while I was at Sam's Club shopping (our Costco), I was praying for you!!! YOU MUST TELL US IMMEDIATELY what the test results reveal..we are worried with you my sweet pearl....Anita

  7. Thanks for sharing! I too remember it so well!

    Blessings, Lorena

  8. Me too, Spencer. It was so sad!...Christine

  9. Nice tribute!

    I forgot to mention in the other post that we have the 21 year first marriage in common.


  10. Lovely tribute and my heart still hurts too. sandie


Sweet and dear little Chickies....thank you so much for your comments. I read each and every one. I always try to make a return visit........sometimes I fail miserably... but you're alllll soooo special to me!

Many, many hugs!