Sunday, October 24, 2010

This Is For You, Rebecca!

Hi Chickies!

And, Happy Sunday.

Yesterday was Pink Saturday.... My post was about what a prissy girl I am.......Oh my gosh, it's true!

It seems there are a LOT of you who also fit into that category. :-) More members in the "I only wear dresses and I'm girlie-girl" club. I dreamed of being Donna Reed when I grew up.... Yes, a lovely frock for cleaning day. Did I realize that dream?? Heck no....... You can't even imagine my cleaning garb. It's not a pretty look.

If it has lace, glitter, sparkle....I am going to LOVE it!

Well............... my little friend, Rebecca, over at A Gathering of Thoughts, wanted to see an actual photo of that little fooooofy little here it is dear Rebecca! I think my Mum realllly liked short bangs. Good grief...... Did other mothers do that to their daughters too?

I loved my little petticoats. The more my dress stood out, the happier I was. I often wore several to achieve that look.

Third grade....circa 1958

We were having a May Day program at school. My Mum bought me the MOST beautiful pale blue, dotted Swiss dress with embroidered flowers on the bodice. Deeee.lish. AND....the best part? A brand new "stand out" slip! Whooopppeeeee! I was sooooo excited. Because I always one of the shortest kids I was always placed in the front row. Directly across from me, on the audience side, was my sweet Mum..... I smiled. She did NOT smile back. She was motioning me to "PUT YOUR DRESS DOWN".... I had carefully arranged it so that my pretty, new, fluffy slip was perfectly exposed. She kept motioning to me. I kept smiling. I can still remember that day so clearly. She was soooo annoyed with me, but I just HAD to let everyone know that I had this FAB.U.LOUS new petticoat.... :-) Yep, I was prissy....and I think maybe a bit disobedient too. Oooops.

I'm packing today to go stay with my daughter.

She's having a hysterectomy tomorrow, so I'll be taking care of her and my sweet little grandson until she's up and running.

Please, please pray for her. She's a bit nervous. She has a history of staph infection, so this Mama's a bit concerned too.

Bless her little heart....she has the sweetest status on her Facebook page...."and when the day is done, my Mama's still my biggest fan. I love you Mom. I'm looking forward to our next few weeks together, in spite of the circumstances. You're my rock. You're the best".

Ahhhhh...... Seeee why I love my girl?

I'll post as I can, from the girl's house, but my pictures are on my computer here, so I don't know how that's going to work.

I'll let you know how everything goes.

I appreciate you soooo much!

Huggies and Lovies,

Spencer (AKA the nurse)... :-)


  1. You look so cute!!!! I grew up with my mother putting a permanent in my hair...I looked like Shirley Temple :)
    My your daughter have a speed recovery from her surgery and enjoy your stay with her.

  2. You are the cutest one, Spencer! Just a little doll. And yes, my mother did that to my bangs, too! LOL! I have a picture that is going to be posted in November, and I will remind you to look at it when it is. LOL!

    I can just see you promenading in that May Day pageant with your petticoat showing. LOL!

    Love you much...


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh, and by all means, I just prayed for your daughter, and I pray in Jesus name that the surgery goes perfectly with complications!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Blessings and love and prayers being sent your way, Spencer. Please keep us posted on your daughter's condition.


  5. Cute girly-girl photo,Miss Spencer;)

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your sweet daughter's surgery to be a success and a quick recovery!


  6. What a cute photo! Love it. I was a prissy girl growing up! Loved dresses and girly things. Still do!

  7. Praying for your daughter! With you there she should be fine. Mama's make it all better!

  8. Now I know how old you are!! I'm a couple of years older so no big deal. hehe. Praying that your daughter comes out doing great. Moms are the best nurses.

  9. Your were such a darling little girl. What a charming thing to do on stage!!

    Many prayers going out to your daughter, and an uneventful surgery. I hope you have a good visit on top of that.


  10. How precious! What a cute little girl...and what a blessings to have a such a wonderful relationship with your mother. Prayers are with your daughter right now. Full and fast recovery and a special time with your grandson.
    As I turned to your blog The Carpenters were singing, We Have Only Just Began...I didn't listen to them but my husband did and loved my thoughts went straight to him.

  11. Spencer...Prayers coming for you and your daughter my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Hi dear,
    of course I will say a prayer for your sweet daughter. She will be taken care of by you and Him...what wonderful hands to be in for sure!

  13. Spencer,
    I did see that post about the pumpkin and I posted on there as and BJ are the reason I wanted to go Tightwad Tillie on my decor hahahaha!!!! See how you inspire :D

    Deanna :D

  14. Ah Spencer, you were such a cutie.

    I wish the best for your daughter. Thank goodness she has her sweet Mom for support.


  15. Hi Spencer! I think very short bangs must have been "the thing" back in the 50s and 60s. I can't tell you how many pictures there are of me with bangs that looked just like yours! I always hated short bangs so I swore when my daughter was born, I wouldn't do that to her. Despite the fact I never cut hers above her eyebrows, she always complains how ugly her bangs were in photos. What the ???. I guess moms can't win for losing. ;)

    Sending wishes for a speedy recovery to your daughter, although I'm sure she will do great, especially with her mama taking good care of her afterwards!

  16. Oh, you were (are) a cutie pie, even with the short bangs. My Mom would cut me bangs and I had a widows peak I hated.
    Petticoats, yes the more the better.
    Cute story about yours.
    Certainly will be praying for your daughter and her surgery.
    Have a nice visit.

  17. Oh Spencer, how we could bring out the memories of all the frou frou we wore in our childhood years....but I will be praying for your dearest daughter. May God protect her from any harm or infections and that this procedure would be the least painful it could be. You are our sweet little rock of strength and beauty, and I know that your daughter just adores you. Shine that gorgeous smile on her......Blessings to you all, Anita

  18. Spencer, you are just so cute with your ringlets, gorgeous happy eyes and smile, and you still have that smile!!
    Sending love to your daughter
    Hugs Sandi x

  19. I am wiping tears...what a precious thing to put on facebook. I think she definitely got her mother's sweetness!!

    And the answer is YEEESSS!! Other mothers did do that to their little girls! I was one of them! She told me I wiggled too much and it made her cut them wrong, so she had to fix it!! I still don't know if that was the truth!! :o) I'll find out when I get to heaven! We'll have a good laugh over it, I'm sure!

    AND your were ADORABLE!! :o)
    Love you to pieces!

  20. And I'm praying for you both!! May He bathe you and your daughter in His peace, and protect her from anything that could harm her, In Jesus Name.

  21. You were adorable! I think short bangs must have been the fashion, I see lots of little girls from the 50's with a similar look. How fun to wear all those petticoats! I am afraid I missed that era, unfortunately!
    I hope your daughter has a speedy and healthy recovery and that you have a wonderful week with your daughter and grandson!

  22. Sending you and your daughter blessings! Thank you so much for visiting us, and leaving us a comment, you are a sweet heart.
    We just returned home from the Seattle area, we were vendors at Ruffles & Rust Show in Monroe, WA., I'll be posting photos soon, please visit us again soon, as will we. XO Glad & Celia/Junebug

  23. Hi Spencer

    Love that sweet photo! Best of luck to your Darling Daughter. I found a fab website when I had my surgery at 39. It's a great support group and really helped me a lot.

    Gentle Prayers



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