Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yippppeee! I WON!


I won! I won! I won!

I LOVE HomeGoods....Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I won't have any trouble spending this little lovely.

Thank you soooo much Marla!

If you haven't visited Marla over at Always Nesting sure to pop over. She's such a sweet chickie and you'll enjoy visiting with her. :-)

My girl's on the mend..... and I am grateful. She's still in a lot of pain....I hope this week really changes that for her.

I've been coming home, for the past two nights, to sleep..... Don't you miss your own little bed when you're away?..... Then going back over to spend the day. Fortunately she only lives about 40 minutes away, so coming home isn't a problem.

Now, if you've been following my blog for long, you know I really don't pride myself as a whiz in the kitchen, but I do make really good soup. My dear friend, Susan, taught me lots of tips so my soups went from pretty boring to pretty darn yummmm-o. I had promised my little grandson that I would make chicken noodle soup so after spending a gazillion hours chopping bits it was on the stove.

My Mum taught me how to make homemade bread.....oh it is soooo delish.......and I popped that into the oven.

Waiting for the good smells.





Very bad timing. Very bad.

The stove decided it was tired and quit! Can you believe it? The soup was nearly done, I had just put those perfectly yummy Reams noodles in to cook and the buns were in the oven. Twenty minutes until some fine dining.

Fortunately one of my daughter's neighbors stepped up and finished both for us, but by the time we discovered the oven wasn't working the buns were dry. What a huge disappointment.

Guess I'll have to try it again after the repair guy comes.

It's probably not a good sign when smoke pours out of the control panel .... Right?

Off to go care for the family again today.

Huggies and Lovies!




  1. haha -- I don't think you sound nearly excited enough -- haha. Congratulations and have fun!

  2. Yeah on your win! I love HomeGoods and it is always fun to have free money to spend! Enjoy. So glad your daughter is doing so well. Hope the stove is fixed soon! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  3. Spencer,
    I'm sure months from now you might be able to have a giggle over this mishap. Darn that stove!! You'll have to share that soup mouth was already watering!

    Glad that your daughter is mending well. Nothing like having a mother's care and love to help the healing process.

    Deanna :D

  4. Hi Spencer, It has been a long time since I stopped by your blog. MMhhhmm I could almost smell that bread to bad about your stove! Well pop over and visit me! Traci

  5. Congratulations on your win!! Marla is a darling! Have fun spending!

    Sorry about all of the challenges you are facing but it sounds like you have kept your sense of humor...good for you. Wishing you the best.


  6. Oh no, I could just taste that soup and the fresh rolls too. At least the soup was saved.
    Glad your daughter is recovering.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  7. HELLO PRECIOUS ONE! are just a winner in all things my sweet! Thank you for coming by during a time when I know you are so is your darling daughter doing??? Give her my kind regards, please? PRAYING FOR YOU ALL DEAR ONE! And have a pleasant and HEALING WEEK...Anita

  8. Congrats on your win, Spencer! I just got a Home Goods gift card for my birthday yesterday from my son's girlfriend. Very thoughtful of her and she doesn't even know what Home Goods is! {Can you even imagine that?}. Hoping your daughter is getting stronger every day!

  9. Good Morning Spencer!!!

    I'm catching up with you this morning, only to find your sweet daughter had surgery. I hope she gets some rest and recovers spoiling...I nursing her will surely speed it up :)))

    So when are you picking me up to go shopping with your new prize??? I have a long list of goodies to may take up the whole $25! I'll be sitting by the phone, call me when you're ready ;)

    oh...and I hope your stove is fixed too. Some good soup after shopping is always the best :)))

    Have a wonderful November Spencer...Fall is in the air. It's SO time for the holidays :)))

  10. Spence, I am so relieved all went well and that your daughter is on the mend!!! YEA!!!

    Sorry about the stove episode, but I bet that soup was wonderful. Hope all is fixed soon.

    Oh, and I'm thrilled you won!!!

    Hugs, sweet one...


    Sheila :-)

  11. Oh, my! One time we were having the CEO of Harold's company over for dinner ... our stove went POOF! Yup! Since we were new to the neighborhood I had NO idea what to do ... Thank God for kids ... our son knew a kid who parents were kind enough to finish up our dinner. Oy! Sooo ....

    I know just how you feel ...

    Congrats! on your wonderful win, Spencer. What a perfect gift to receive for holiday shopping.

    Hope your girl is getting better quickly.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  12. Congratulations on your win! I have not won too many giveaways but when I do like you I am overjoyed!:o)

    So happy to hear your daughter is doing well. surgeries are no fun at all. Take care and happy week to you!



  13. Good morning Spencer
    I know with your loving care your daughter will be on the way to recover soon.. I will keep her in my prayers.
    Oh WHAT a great giveaway. Congrats on your win. I love HOMEGOODS.. Poor stove... Nope, I quess that is not a good thing when the smoke comes out of the control panel. Good you have a sense of humor..
    Enjoy your day

  14. Just now catching up on my blog reading after my trip. You are so very welcome and enjoy!!

  15. Hello Dear,I will be saying some prayers for your precious daughter and you.May God bless you both.Congrats on your win.Pop on over to my place.I am having a give away to celebrate mt return to blogland andthe holidays.Take Care,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  16. Congratulations on your win Spencer. Have fun shopping!

    Take care and look after yourself too!

    Best wishes,


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