Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Springing Ahead??

Hey Chickies!

Oh, how I've missed you....

I'm overcome with grief for the people of Japan. I cannot even begin to fathom the devastation and loss, families looking for their loved ones, everything they've known gone in a flash. I'm heartbroken.

I'm so grateful to know Jesus and know for SURE that He's there for me should any kind of crisis come our way.... I know I can hold onto Him and that I'm in the palm of His hand. Pure peace.

The night of the earthquake I stayed up until two in the morning watching the tsunami reports. It was expected to hit Hawaii... The Hubbs' Mom lives on the water on Oahu....I was very concerned about my MIL... but, she had no damage at all and was staying at a friend's home on higher ground..... it's not the first time they've had to evacuate. Thank you Jesus for your protection.

I've seen pictures of tsunamis before, but still can't wrap my mind around the force of that water. An entire town looks like toothpicks.

Continuing to lift the people of Japan up in prayer, and I know you are too.

They've had quite a few reports about the earthquake threat in Washington. It seems we're on the Cascadia fault. They think, if we have "the big one" it will also create a tsunami and they think the waves would be about 100 feet high.... Whoa!

This seems so totally unimportant, in the scheme of things, but I'm SICK to death of winter. I'm tired of being cold and damp. I grew up in Washington State. Believe me, I've seen plenty of rain. But, enough. is. enough.

It's been COLD AND WINDY. Our canvas patio cover is in shreds.....and my sweet little primroses are barely hanging on..... And, those lovely hydrangeas that I so adore????

Look like this. YIKES!

I keep waiting to post pictures of the house until I finish everything. It finally dawned on me that that day probably will NEVER come so I'm just going to post where I am now.....

Stay tuned!

Huggies and Lovies.....


PS..... Did the time change mess up your internal clock too? I am SOOOO out of whack. :-)


  1. Good morning beautiful Spencer...it is so good to see you back my dear friend. Yes, the happenings in Japan have just stunned me, and the devastation is too hard to bear. AND LIKE YOU, winter is still hanging on strong here, but today and tomorrow we are expected to hit 50 degrees, so that will melt much snow!!! We here don't even expect to see flowers til late MAY!!! But when we get them, we love it all so much. COME BY when you get a chance dearest!!! Anita

  2. As I watch the news about the tsunami and all that it destroys...it makes my heart sink with so much sadness. The people in Japan need a lot of prayers.
    My internal clock has been thrown off with the time change....trying to keep on somewhat schedule.
    Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Hi Spencer! Japan has been so hard to watch, it's like a movie, totally unreal!
    Starting to feel more like spring here, not a moment too soon for me!!

  4. Hi Cupcake! The weather isn't such a big deal until it gets to where it effects how we feel. I don't think I could live where there were so many rainy, clouded days. I am going to pray for some relief for those of you who do.

    I'm so glad your MIL is ok. I, too, am praying for these people. Such a tragedy.

    And YES...our internal clocks are definitely messed up, and Randy says there is A LOT of traffic when he is leaving 5-10 minutes later than normal, so everyone must be struggling. Although I have to tell you...I LOVE THE EXTRA HOURS OF SUN!!! I would rather it stay this way all the time!! :o)

    Big HUGS and love to you!!

  5. Spencer, this has been a long and cold winter and so many terrible things have happened, I am praying that things will get better for those suffering these horrible disasters, it is just so sad.
    Spring please hurry! Your flowers looks so lovely in full bloom!
    Margaret B

  6. Hi Spencer, I was wondering what you were up to. I totally agree about Japan. Such total devastation is hard to see. It tears at my heart.
    Spring can't come soon enough for me. All is still brown here, too. Ugh...
    Hope you are feeling well, :>)

  7. Hey sweetie, my internal clock has been messed up for years...but yes, this time change made it worse. Instead of gaining an hour, I feel like I've lost 24! Yikes,this gettin' old is gettin' old!
    I am so sad for Japan, and have been praying for them too. It puts life into perspective and I see more clearly the need to love more, serve more and care more.
    I am so glad to read that somebody else is needing more sun too. Winter was beautiful, but it is now middle of March..so I say 'on with Spring'
    sending big hugs your way...

  8. Normally I don't have a problem with the time change but this time I just can't seem to get going at my regular time in the morning. But I do love that extra sunshine in the evening. Can't wait to see it all when your projects are finished. Seeing that wall of water over and over on the news just tears me up. Just doesn't seem possible. Many prayers and thoughts for those poor people.

  9. I agree, we all get sick of winter, but when things so powerful as what happened in Japan impact so many people, i am reminded of how we need to take the time to enjoy the little things in life, and for winter, its how beautiful it is when you wake up early in the morning to enjoy your coffee, and you've had some snow overnight and it just sits on the trees and looks like a winter wonderland.

    its almost over... hang on.

  10. Hi Spencer, I too have been so sad for Japan! I just thank God for his blessing and keep praying for his mercy on Japan. Hopefully Spring will arrive soon! hugs, Linda

  11. Where do I begin, Spencer? Yes...the change totally messed me up too...and now I've caught a cold! You know I live in Portland... so I feel the same way you do about the weather. Spring Break? Really? But then I remember what has happened in Japan and of course all is well with me! I can't wait to see your photos....soon?

  12. Lots of praying these days...thank goodness we don't have to live in fear...because there would be a lot to be afraid of wouldn't there?!? Glad your MIL is ok...praying for Japan...
    To answer your question on my blog...YES, I'm pretty sure Marie would know how to make those flowers...probably her sister too...ah-haha! I should have posted that link too...maybe I'll add it...
    Blessings, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  13. Awww,I'm right there with you...oh to be "just down the road" and have a cup of coffee. And talk about it all. I'm so heartbroken. The whole world is aching.

  14. Hello dear Spencer
    I'd like to warm you up.. Here is a great big ((((((((HUG))))))))). Did that help?
    I think I told you before that we lived in Vancouver for many years. Randy is from there, all 3 kids were born there, but after 14 years, I just couldn't take the damp cold rainy days. Now, we wouldn't have it any other way. Randy LOVES his crisp cold blue skies.
    Spring is around the corner.
    Come by and see your sweet-heart in my cottage.
    Love You
    Love Me

  15. I've been out of whack too. I am also so so tired of our dull and gloomy weather. I really needed the sunshine we had today and it looks like more is in store!

    The thought of a big earthquake/tsunami here is so very scary. The poor Japanese. My heart goes out to them. Enjoy the sun and have a beautiful Sunday!

  16. Hi Spencer,

    I would give anything to be back home in Tacoma. I can't believe that I miss those rainy days! But I do. I have been transferred to Toledo, Ohio. We have had a winter of extreme snow. I would trade it all for my rainy home town.

    It is hard to believe and understand the suffering others must go through. But then we know that this is not a life promised without sadness and turmoil. I too hold on to the promise of JESUS. It is the only peace in this torn world.

    Here's to hoping for a wonderful Spring filled with beautiful flowers.


  17. SPENCER!!!! YOU CAME TO VISIT ME! Oh how I love to hear from you! Do you have spring on your side of the country? We are finally getting rain instead of snow! I feel it in my bones, SPRING IS COMING!!! How lovely and kind are your words to me sweet one....have a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Anita

  18. The time change has completely messed me up, too. I can't wait to start puttering around in the garden. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have at least one more week of winter.

    I have friends with family in Japan, and it was a tense several days waiting for word that their families were safe. I'm glad to hear your MIL made it through fine, and that she had a friend on higher ground to stay with for the night. Seeing the devastation, and hearing that Hawaii was in the tsunami path must have been so scary for her. (((Hugs))) and thanks for sharing.

  19. Miss SpencieGirl...

    Your sweet note left on my blog today has entered you into a 2nd chance drawing for some of my Easter Greeting Cards! Thanks for stopping by and the tip of your hat. Means a lot to me.

    Now...I kill everything and my yard looks terrible. We have much to do. I long to grow beautiful hydrangeas!



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