Monday, November 21, 2011

Channeling My Inner Mamie Jane

Happy Monday! ;-)

Well, I'd actually be closer to channeling my inner Mamie Jane if I actually took before pictures. Somehow I nearly always forget. I'm anxious to get rollin' and dive right in.

Now, have you ever met Jane over at Mamie Jane's? I'll just bet you have. I am always amazed by the ideas she sees in thing most of us would zip right on by. I LOVE it and I always leave inspired. I know she'd have probably come up with something REALLY creative with this little shelf-ie thingy.

This little do-hickey was white, YUKKY, CHEAP and made to go the other way around, but it was only five dollars, so well worth a little elbow grease. It had a towel rod where I've now made a little spot for display and the cubbies were actually filled with drawers......and the little doors were the other way around. After lots of sanding, painting and waxing it's a spot to hide my glasses and the remotes. I tried to round the corners just a smidge so it wouldn't have that new-ish look. I re-did the drawers too, but I really like it better without. I toyed with the idea of just having one, open slightly, with a little plant in it, but chose this way instead.... maybe I'll switch it around from time to time.

I had planned to paint it with my new old white Annie Sloan Chalk paint, but, after the dining room cabinet dilemma decided I didn't want it to look like every single thing had been painted either cream or black.........this is a color mixed up with some paints I had around and a bit of craft paint. Doesn't it look like 40's green? Yeah, well, it was a LOT brighter......bordering on neon, so I whipped out the brown shoe polish and gave it a little waxy love. What the heck, I'm tickled with it......a little bit of paint and work can do a lot for a bit of trash, can't it?

Have a great week!

I'll be prepping for Thanksgiving and listening to Christmas music this week.



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  1. Its fabulous. I love the color and all those little cubies to stick stuff:) you did an excellent job on it..


  2. That is the sweetest little thing with it's little cubbies and darling things. Love the 40's green, my favorite! :D

  3. That’s so great! I’d love it for you to add this to my linky party at {}.

  4. Great job Spencer. You always amaze me, you know that?
    Oh and I'm not listening to Xmas music yet, too soon. I'm listening to your great music.

  5. Love it!!
    So adorable!!

    Have a great week, and a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. That is some gooood whippin' up you did there! I like it a lot!

  7. You are so darn talented. I LOVE IT Spencer. Love everything about that cute little Mamie Jane cubby shelf.
    Hope you are having a great week my friend.
    Love you
    Love Me

  8. Many Blessings to you and your love ones this Thanksgiving..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Spencer.....I love anything that 1940's apple green color...and your little nookie shelf is adorable.....Sue

  10. I love Jane and she is over the moon creative! And look at this! I love it Spencer! You had a vision...I never would have thought to change it all around! It looks great!

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

    Lou Cinda


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