Thursday, April 12, 2012


My darling grandson began calling me Hemma when he was just a little guy.

He's nearly twelve.......still calls me Hemma.

My daughter and I spelled it Hamma until he started writing... he always spelled it Hemma...... so Hemma it's been since then.

I was delighted to find this darling little needlework on Pinterest with my name on it... right there on the WWW! Ok, yes, I know it wasn't personally for me, but stilllll...... :-)

But, the bestestest part? It's Swedish. Hemma means HOME.

How precious is that?

I hope he calls me Hemma forever and ever.

I love it.........and I ADORE this boy.

Hope you're having a great day. We have bits of sunshine here! Whoopppeeee!

Huggies and Lovies!




  1. The sweetest story I've heard in a long, long time. Precious.


  2. What a wonderful story! I love that! Home.

  3. Well how darn cool is that? Now you have to make one of those, or better yet, buy that one. Maybe they have it it PINK.

  4. Just found your blog!! Love it and the story about how you got your name! I am your newest follower!!


  5. I love this post...How precious is the word Hemma!
    I will remember this post forever..
    It touches the heart and makes you smile..
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  6. Melt one's heart moment! Claudie beat me to it ... pink & buy it! What a beautiful boy you have Spencer.

    Your all 'wet' & we are hotter than a french fry!

    Gearing up for 'her' arrival on Thurs. Hope she leaves the wet in the NW, chuckle. Will be taking a break while she's here ... you are next, right?!

    Love you sweet friend ~
    Have a beautiful week.
    Love ya!

  7. Oh how sweet that is, and how amazing that he was speaking Sweedish at such an early age!! LOL! And how appropriate that his word for his grandmother turned out to mean home. From the mouths of babes!I love this post, and it was soooo good to hear from you, sweet Spencer. laurie

  8. SPENCER MY BABE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was SO BLOWN AWAY by seeing your comment today! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU! It is so hard to keep up with blogging but I have been doing this now for four wonderful years. It is sad to me when I find that many people either stop all together or are out for a long time for whatever reason. To see you again is such a blessing! AND YOUR BOY is now 12?TIME HAS GONE BY!

    Many thanks for your visit and kind birthday wishes! GOD BLESS YOU, BEAUTIFUL! Anita

  9. He will will always be mother was Mimi to my boys until the day Heaven welcomed her home....

    So sweet....

    Lou Cinda

  10. I love this story. What a sweet name and to find out the meaning is even sweeter. I will think of you as Hemma when I read your blog now. My first grandchild is now 17 and started calling me Mamaw first, so the rest of the 10 followed. We discovered when he started writing he was saying Mamol. He still says that and writes it that way. I don't think it has such a sweet meaning though. LOL

  11. Spencer- I read your explanation on naming your home... you are quite right. When we lived in Belgium many years ago the name of our home was "the place of the swallows" of course, in french and the sign on the front of the house was in wrought iron with a flock of swallows and a birds nest... very charming.
    I love that your grandson calls you Henmma....HOME is where the heart says...ahhh...
    Blessings, L

  12. Hi Spencer...what a wonderful little story about your name given to you by your sweet...I am just plain old grandma but it's still a thrill to hear Miss B say it.....and your daughter is beautiful and I can see in her early pictures that she has some great personality....Have a blessed weekend!

  13. Good morning Spencer,
    What a heart-warming story! The sign is adorable and suits you perfectly! I'm Nanny to my little ones. Thank you so much for stopping by. It's lovely to hear from you. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.


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  15. I loved your story. Thank you for stopping by. I also have a daughter who is 40. So nice to meet you and have a nice day.

  16. Hi Spencer...

    How are you doing, sweet lady? I hope that my note is finding you and your family all doing well.

    Grandkids are the best!!! How very sweet that your little guy nicknamed your "Hemma"! I love it! The needlework is beautiful! How wonderful that Hemma in Swedish means Home...very appropriate indeed!

    Love ya,

  17. Spencer, I love this! How neat that Hemma means Home because you are surely a safe harbor (home) for that precious boy and his sweet mother.

    I have missed you, my friend, and I was so thrilled to see that message from you tonight. I can't check in every day, but I happened to have Mr. M's laptop here tonight and did. I raced over to tell you how much I have missed you.

    It's going to be awhile yet. We have some house issues that are quite expensive (I hate to add a new laptop on top of that) and are requiring all my time, so I will blog again when I am able.

    Love you...




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