Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013.... But....

Wouldn't you just know it...

The first day of 2013...  filled with plans for lots of fun and many, many projects...  I get the stinking punies.

Pneumonia and a sinus infection.  Feeling pretty darn under the weather, although a little bit of improvement today.

At least I'm not coughing non-stop.

Hey, I'll take every little bit I can get.

This is no fun.

Hope you're all doing well and enjoying the New Year.

I have plans.

Can't wait to show you.

Huggies and Lovies,


PS...  Good thing I can't pass my germs though Bloggyville, right?   :-)

PSS....  Could y'all please pray for me?


  1. Not good to be sick with the punies. Praying you are better real soon!!!!

  2. Oh Spencer I am hoping you get better really soon. Lots of flu going around so take care of yourself!

  3. Sending many prayers. So many bloggers are under the weather and my daughter has had a lingering cold for 2 weeks now. I try to air my house out as much as possible and use Lysol spray in my baths and kitchen A LOT!

    Feel better soon, Spencer.


  4. So sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather.. this seems to be a rought season for sickness...Praying you feel much better soon. Expecting great things from you! Blessings!

  5. Praying for you to feel better soon-this seems to be hitting people very hard once they catch it.

  6. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment. I read your story and you've got spunk. I like spunk. I have fibro, too, but not all of that other stuff you have to deal with. I have basically the outlook and trust God will take care of me. He also gave me many gifts to see me through the bad days.
    I am so looking forward to spending time here on your blog and getting to know you better.
    Hugs- Tete

  7. Get well soon. Prayers for you! Have a fantastic 2013!

  8. What a sweet blog. I hope you start feeling better real soon,Spencer.
    Happy New Year to you!

  9. G'morn sweetie! Hope today is a better healthier one for you. Prays lifted you are snapping those heels together quickly ...

    TTFN ~
    Hugs of love,

  10. That's no way to start off the new year!! Sorry you are ill. Hope you improve quickly. Praying for a quick recovery.


  11. I hope this finds you without the "punnies".....which is a great way to describe whatever it is that everyone has....The Boss was sick for a whole month, actually blacked out one night out eating from coughing so much....went on vacation came back and he's sick again...worse then before. Poor Miss B was so sick right before our trip to Paris and there wasn't a doctor in town that would give that child a thing to take...they just said it has to run it's much for taking a sick 5 year old across the Atlantic....I've been spared luckily....So I hope you are on the mend my friend and a Happy New Year to you and hope to hear from you soon...Hugs from Georgia, Sue.

  12. Hope you are feeling better!

  13. Hi Sweetie,
    Gosh, hope this finds you feeling much better by now ... I haven't been around in along while !! Gotta get back to this bloggy world !!

    I tried to find where to email you, but, couldn't find, sooo wanted to drop a line of thanks to you for making my beautiful runner !!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and sooo appreciate you taking the time, effort, and all to make ME one !! You are talented !! Best one I've seen .... Fell in LOVE with Marydons, and she said she would take care of that :O Didn't want to set hers loose !!! hahaha ...

    So, wishing you well sweet one, and hoping to get back in to this very soon !! Much love, happiness and blessings to you and yours this STILL New YEAR !! Much love and gratitude Spencer xo


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