Saturday, February 23, 2013

Restoration Hardware Love

Oh my goodness.......Now, I'm a super thrifty girl and almost everything in my little cottage is a reclaimed treasure, but I am CRAZY about Restoration Hardware.   Don't they have some fabulous things?? 

There's a little antique mall not too far from where we live.  They have one of the really old medical cabinets there, but it's about TWO THOUSAND dollars...  YIKES.  But, every time I go I have to go take a peek..........and dream about it's lovely, chippy whiteness.    :-)   But, these are just way too cute, aren't they?  


LOVE..........  My beautiful, ivy topiary on the front porch passed away last year......I'm going to try to give it new life as soon as the weather warms up a little bit.  I think these are boxwood...  I NEED them.   :-)  Ok, they're probably bigger than my entire front yard......but stillllllllll.   :-)    

Oh yes.........I bought these 'lil cuties for my kitchen.  I've been collecting things for a little re-decorating and fluffin' but it's still in the planning stage so they're packed away with the other four gazillion things I've found.   I'm trying to fire myself up to get right on the Spring Cleaning since January 1st.  It's only fun to do if you have some pretty 'lil things to use, right?   Still haven't started.  It's almost MARCH.  I'm thinking it might turn into summer cleaning........  :-(

But THIS............Oh how I want one of these......... How cool is this wonderful 'lil piece?

I have my little office set up in a closet, so obviously there is no room in my little cottage for this fabulous piece..........but a girl can still dream, right??? 

Cue dreaming.

I think there are three different finishes.......including one that looks like the outside of an airplane......  

I'm so excited.........It's only four more days until the Sewing and Stitchery Expo...  I LOVE this event and have gone nearly every year forever....  Lots of inspiration and products to make life easier.  I can hardly wait.  They  have little 40 minute seminar classes there......I've scheduled a few.  Many years ago I took one on making slipcovers....  in forty minutes I learned enough to slipcover many chairs and my sofa twice!  

Wishing all of you Chickies a wonderful weekend.

I'll be making jewelry.  I'll show you as soon as I wrap things up.

Huggies and Lovies.

Spencer.......  AKA Addicted to BEADS.    :-)


  1. It's fine to dream!! And be inspired. I have to start thinking about spring cleaning, too! And you're right, It's nice to save up all those little treasures to bring out when everything is sparkling!

    Have fun at the expo! :)


  2. That trunk/desk is way too cool. I now want that but it won't fit!!
    Hope you enjoy your classes. I didn't know you did jewelry. Can't wait to see it.

  3. That is some great eye candy and yes, a girl can dream. I have always wanted to sew...not very good at it...past straight lines for simple It sounds as if you learned quite a bit...Happy Sewing Expo! Enjoy your weekend. Blessings!

  4. I am also so in love, those are beautiful things in the photo. Have fun at the expo and have a good week

  5. Great inspiration! I too love restoration hardware! Have fun at the sewing expo.I wish I could sew :-)

  6. Restoration Hardware is really interesting. There are some things there that I wan't to try to make myself. One of these days!

  7. Love all your dreaming finds. I love that office area! I want one, too! Would make a great craft area for me! Keep dreaming!

  8. It is always fun to dream about pretty things we'd like to have. I go nuts every time we go to the furniture market. I want it for me, instead of for the store! LOL
    Have fun and learn lots of new things at the sewing expo! Hugs, Sue


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Many, many hugs!