Friday, April 26, 2013

Tip Of The Day!

I FINALLY have started the 'ol Spring Clean!

I fully intended to start right after Christmas...yeah.....didn't make that timeline for sure.

Which really has nothing at all to do with this post, does it?  

Except that I wanted to replace all the moss in my pots as I work around the cottage spiffing things up and I found this AWESOME deal at Dollar Tree.

A BUCK!  I've purchased dearfoot/reindeer moss many times, and usually use my Michaels coupons, but have never gotten the stuff for a buck.

So, hurry right on over and pick yourself up a few bags!

Thanks Dollar Tree for the great deal.

It's a decent sized bag too!

The second part of this story is that I bought four bags full of items and only made it home with two.  Why can't they give you ALL of your bags?  I was NOT happy.  I am in the midst of totally tearing the place up around here and did not have time for a return trip.  Grrrrr.

I always start with my bathroom (aka the master bath)...  and I'm so excited to show you all the improvements.....  It's a rather LARGE project which is why I was procrastinating.  As usual.

Ok girls........Start Your Engines!




  1. Oh I so need some of that moss. I need to make a trip soon. Hugs, Marty

  2. I love shopping there and I think they do that on purpose! Gives you a good excuse to go back right away and find something else! Can't wait to see your bathroom. I am having the same problem getting my spring cleaning done here. Gotta get movin' on it or it will be fall cleaning!

  3. Wow what a steal! I would've bought every darn bag they had. ;-)
    Don't you hate that when you don't get all your stuff. That has happened to me also-very frustrating.
    Have a good weekend

  4. Thanks for the tip on the moss, Spence! That's good to know.

    Will you come help me? My engine needs a kick-start!



  5. Oh I love that moss too.And yes I am spring cleaning around here too.It feels wonderful to get things done that have been left undone for so long!
    Happy Weekend!

  6. I never thought of putting moss in my potted plants, much nicer to look at! I'm off to the Dollar Tree and I will count my bags!


  7. I always buy my reined moss at the Dollar Tree- best bargain around. Hate when I leave a bag at the store! Makes for another trip and wasted gas. Have fun with your project! :-) Sue

  8. I too am so far behind on blogging and visiting my favorite blogs. Glad I stopped here today. I will be back to see your MB updo. Thanks for the tip about that moss. I hope our Dollar tree has it. It is amazing what you can find there. I'm a regular.

  9. Hello Spencer,
    Same here...time flies by so fast! I am a grandmother as well, and I find I have no more time than I had when I had little ones. But I do love to make things, and I am still doing that.
    I love the dollar stores too. You can get some great stuff there, as long as you get all your bags! lol!
    I read your Portland post too, those are some really lovely homes. I am glad you had a nice trip there.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment. I am entering you in my giveaway. Good luck : )

  10. Hi, Spence, just wondering if you hot-glued yourself to the sheet moss and are trapped there. Where are YOU??? LOL



  11. I love moss in potted plants, it always gives them a finished look.


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