Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easy Peasy Scallop Tutorial......No, Not The Seafood Type!

Goodness Me......It's Wednesday already? How can that be?

I just finished the curtains for the bedroom.


I'm so happy to be making some progress in the prep department.

I don't know if I made this system up, or if it's another of those things that I have actually seen and forgotten, but since scallops can be tricky, I'm passing these tips along to you.

It will make scallops sooooo simple........and the best part?


We like that.

Determine how wide you want your curtain (or whatever) to be....and how long.

I cut my patterns from freezer paper. (You'll find it under the zip lock bags in the grocery store).

Easily accessible and easy to use too.

I know I've mentioned MANY times before.... I HATE math. I can spend hours trying to figure out how large the scallops need to be and still not end up with something that I like.

I simply fold that darn 'ol freezer paper into halves....halves again....and again....until I get to a size that I like. Now, how simple was that? One minute vs: hours. I like that!

Draw a line across the bottom area of the paper to use as your guide.

Find something around your house that will fit perfectly between those folded lines. Ahhhh....come'd need to do this EVEN if you spent hours doing the math. (It took me a LONG time to find something that would work). Maybe you could use a compass...I don't even have one. :-)

Put a piece of tape on each side of your plate or pot so that each scallop will end up in the exact same's a guide for you. You'll love that part. :-)

Don't forget to add a little seam allowance on the side.....if you don't the last scallop on each side will be funky. YIKES!

You can use a marker that erases with water, but frankly, I'm not too hot on those, so I use a good old fashioned pencil. It will wash out and doesn't show anyway.

Draw around each scallop. it comes!

The best part!

You're not going to cut on that little're going to SEW on that line. Isn't that fabulous?

Ok....go stitch. I set my machine so the needle will always stop in the down position. It makes it so much easier to pivot when you get to that inner corner.

Perfectly perfect...

The pencil line is easy to see and you know you're right on target.

Right about now, you're going to be smackin' yourself in the head and saying, why didn't I think of that?

***Once again.....Tightwad Tillie whipped out the all cotton, thrifted sheets for the that fabric.......and it's nice and wide so.....NO SEAMS! We like that***

Now, you'll clip around the scallops about 1/4" from the sewn/pencil line for your seam allowance.

Clever shot, don'tcha think.....those little scissors are an arrow.. :-)

Put a tiny little dot of Fray Check in each and every little inner point.

You MUST use a fray stop'll be sorry if you don't.

Wait for it to will dry totally clear.

And, this is why! You'll be clipping that little inner curve right up to the stitching....And, I do mean right up to it... That's what's going to make a really PURDY scallop.

Turn your fabric right side out.

I used this little can use whatever you might have around that is flat.....You will sort of "press" it from the inside.....just run your little tool around the seam to "pre-press" it and so it will be perfectly smooth........

And, then, my best sewing tip....PRESS, PRESS, PRESS.........Sometimes it's really cute to have a Shabby Chic look that's sort of wrinkly and crinkly, but you MUST press it first....then throw in the wash for that crunchy look if you like. Otherwise your scallops will just look sloppy.

Not good. :-(

There you go!

A lovely little scallop.

Easy Peasy.

I attached these to the tops of my curtains.....but wouldn't it make a reallllly cute little bedskirt?

Hmmmm......wish I'd have thought of that sooner. My bedskirt is little ruffles.

Ok, my dear and wonderful girlie friends.

I'm off to do some sewing and spray painting today...

And, go with the Hubbs to get some new glasses. He stepped on his yesterday.


Huggies to you!

Love you all soooooooooo much.




  1. Oh darn Spenc, I really thought I was going to get your famous recipe for Scalloped Potatoes. My aunty used to make the BEST ones.. and I don't have her recipe. She's gone now : (
    ... but I LOVE your pretty scalloped tutorial. I can't sew worth beens.
    Love you and have a great day my friend.
    Love Claudie

  2. are amazing...can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. What a great way to make scallops! Thanks for posting this! Can't wait to see what you do in the future!

  4. Very pretty...thanks for all the little tips in your tutorial! Have a great week, Spencer.

  5. Girly you slay me! You are wonderful to share all these tips. LOVE IT. Will try the scallops soon! xoRebecca

  6. Now that is very impressive! Thanks for the tips!!


  7. Hi Spencer! I have done scallops like this from a pattern, but I really appreciate this tutorial for when I make aprons without a pattern! Thank you!.. So sorry to hear about your dear hubbie's glasses. I just broke a pair, myself, this week; but thank goodness I still get away with the dollar store ones! (I don't know for how much longer, but for now I do!) Hmmm.. Now I have to get ME some of that freezer paper! ((hugs)) ~tina

  8. Neato, sugar. I'll try that for some other things I want to do.

  9. Great tutorial, Spencer! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Spencer, these are just wonderful tips. I quit making scallops years ago because they drove me nuts. This is just wonderful. Now I just may have to try this one more time. Hugs, Marty

  11. Great tutorial and tips for making such darlin curtains.

  12. You made that look so easy...I've got to try it out. I love the scalloped look.

  13. You are amazing and generous! I don't really sew but I think I can do these scallops....oh, boy. Thank you,

  14. Spencer! You're just too good! These scallops look awesome! What can you not do?
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  15. Awesome! My mom does the same thing. Do you know how often we have to search the house for the right size circle!! We have a lot of stuff to pic from!!! I am excited you have new curtains!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  16. YOU ARE AN AMAZING SEAMSTRESS AND TEACHER! Oh, if I had the time, what I could do with a sewing machine.....I want to have a sheer organza slip cover made for my harp!!!! But I have no machine.OH well..This was fun my dearest! Anita

  17. Oh my gosh do you 'speaka de english'? That was way over my head! They are gorgeous though. Would love them in my home.


  18. You are inspiring me to want to sew again. I am spending most days with you and your music...

    Love it..thank you so much, Spencer!

  19. Spencer your my kinda gal. I am going to get some freezer paper, brilliant idea. And cute shades. darn cute. love the scallops..

  20. You are so clever Spencer. And such a good teacher too. I'm making scallops today...but the potato variety!

  21. Love this scallop tutorial. Makes me want to run out and sew something with scallops!

    You truly amaze and inspire me with your sewing talents, Spencer! My mother was a great seamstress (which I have written about on my blog) but me...not so much. I don't seem to have the patience for it. I swear, if we EVER get settled in the "house in Hooterville" I'm going to dig my sewing machine out and try it again. Yikes! I wonder if the machine will even sew after being stored in the backyard shed for 20 years?! Yes, that's how long it has been since I've sewed anything more than a button.

  22. {picking chin up off of floor} I echo...Is there anything you can't "whip up" Cupcake?

    Love love love these adorable scallops, and your easy peasy tute! {you crack me up BTW!!)

    I adore ticking and old sheets!! Were we separated at birth Spence?????

    Thank you for sharing your lovely talent and inspiring us to get our tushies moving and make some loveliness of our own! You're such a doll!

    Have a blessed Friday and weekend! Know that I love ya!!!

  23. Can't wait to see your curtains hanging in your bedroom. That was a great tutorial and you did make it seem so "easy-peasy"
    Love the ticking stripe.

  24. Great tutorial.

    Here's a tip that can make it even easier-you don't need to pin freezer paper if you lay it on your fabric plastic side down/paper side up you can iron it on. It would make it even easier to draw the scallop pattern onto the fabric. Once drawn, just peel off the freezer paper-it leaves no residue.

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    Someone in blog lands needs help, go to my blog and read about Marilyn, or just go to Marilyn's blog,

    Our you people in blog land as nice as you write on your blog?

  26. Wonderful tutorial! The scallops are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy a most lovely weekend.



  27. Hi Spencer,
    Oh my goodness where have you been all my life? I just loved reading this tutorial, and I wasn't even thinking about making scallops - it was just fun to read!!
    Thank you for stopping by the other day, and for the kind words about my mom. So sorry for you, too. You mother had an absolutley angelic face - so very sweet! I know you miss her.
    I'l love for you to stop by again anytime. You might like the giveaway I'm having - open til 5/7.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  28. Crack me up, you do math like I do. I think all of us true artist types do. Tee Hee. I should have paid attention in math. Who knew I would ever use it? Thank you for a wonderful tutorial. I am going to use it!


  29. Oh my goodness, Spencer!! I love the scalloped curtains....have ALWAYS LOVED scallops!! I am going to try make it look so so easy!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  30. Oh, fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I want to make swag curtains for my kitchen window and am considering the scallop detail along the bottom.


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