Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easy Peasy Pink Saturday Tutorial!

Hi sweet and wonderful girlies...And, welcome to Pink Saturday, hosted by dear Beverly over at

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And now.......without further ado!......THE TUTORIAL!

This is such an easy little project....I do love something quick and satisfying!

If you don't have some sort of metal candlestick around the house, just zip on over to your handy, dandy thrift store and pick up something cute....this one is from Partylite....and was only$2.99, I think! That little top gizmo just screwed right off. You'll also need a nice, clear punch cup. I think mine was about 49 cents....two prisms, about a yard of pink (or whatever color you fancy!!) seam binding. This is Midori's ballerina pink. It's my FAV!!

I had some old 527 glue out in my stash, and that seemed to work quite well....and a little tealight of your choice.

I got my prisms at Lowe's or Home Depot. I think they were about $1.00 each....gotta love some sparkle! Now, glue that little cup on top of your painted candlestick....seeee! I SAID it was going to be ever so simple!......let that cure overnight. Tie the bow onto the handle and attach the little prisms on the ends of the ribbons...........YAY! Finished

And, pretty darn cute, don't you think??? I have made several of these before....but I painted the bases in cute with the pale pink ribbon.......but, hey! Whatever makes you smile!

Please come by and tell me you've finished your ever so simple, little candlestick! I want to see it! :-)

I am getting very close to my 100th post so I'll be saving this for my little giveaway. Oh yes...I have some fun things planned! You'll want to come back over the next few weeks to check on that little upcoming event! :-) Oh yes.......I AM a tease! Let me just say, it will all be PINK!! :-)

God bless all of you!

You mean so much to me.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Don't forget to come back for the 100th post giveaway.....COMING SOON!!


PS........Daughter crash update: DD got an attorney today. It was just too stressful for her to try to do it all herself. She's a bit of a worrier....could she have gotten that from me?......NAHHHH.... She's decided to have the work done on the car, then trade it in on something else. Apparently she has something in her auto policy called diminished value. The insurance company will pay her the difference between the wrecked value and the pre-wreck value.....gotta love that!

Thank you soooo much for all of your concern and good tips!



  1. Oh Spencer that is adorable, I wanna try, I wanna try!!! Thanks for showing me how, now I'll be on the lookout. Yours is pretty!! Love the pink! Happy Pink Saturday!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Oh Spencer, the candle stick is darling, I can't wait to try one.
    Now to the external harddrive, I don't know how to make it work. Can you send me ten easy steps that anyone can understand?

    purple hugs,

  3. I love your blog! The project is so beautiful and actually does look easy! Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for stopping by! I'll be back! Cindy

  4. I constantly worry about car crashes. I am so glad to hear that no one was hurt.

    Wow, what an absolutely fabulous tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing!!! That would look wonderful in my guest room!

    Have a wonderful PiNk SaTuRdAy! :) Marsha

  5. Well aren't you just too clever! That is the cutest little candle stick and you better know I'll be lining up to win.
    Hope all goes well with your daughter, not a fun thing to deal with.
    Happy Pink Post, Candy

  6. Hi Spencer,
    What a sweet tutorial! I love it! Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday to you. Enjoy your weekend.


  7. Beautiful, sugar. Very elegant, but I would expect that from you, honey!!!

  8. That is just the cutest ever. How clever. I am going to a few yard sales this morning. I will have to keep my eyes open for some bases and little cups.
    Things will work out for your daughter. These types of situations always have a way of working themselves out. I understand though about the worrying. That pesky thing called "worrying" can get in the way and it makes it difficult to even think straight.
    Hugs to you, your daughter and grandson! Susan

  9. Spencer: Love the tutorial. I caught up on news and am so sorry about the accident. I lost my father the same way as your grandson did his. It is always in my mind. And, you daughter, oh my, my heart breaks for her.

    I do thank you for the tutorial and wish you a Happy Pink Saturday! and good week.

  10. How lovely! Thank you so much for the tutorial! You've made the sun shine for me on this Pink Saturday!

  11. Hey Spencer!!
    Thanks for visiting with me; I need some company out here! First of all, your project is darling! What a fun idea! I am going to post what I have been up to when I need a break from my writing. I am so tired, my eyes are crossing! A thesis is a long research paper, about 70 pages, and then you have to "defend" it in front of a couple of professors. And no my sweet, they don't allow you to color!!! My adviser warned me and told me not to get "cute" with the writing! She said, "just state the research findings" and then for the conclusion, state your opinions, but not with flowery language"! I was crushed! So, I can't use "crayons" to color with words! I miss all of you blogger gals, but I WILL BE BACK soon, like, next week!! Stay tuned sweet one. Anita

  12. What a precious candle holder. I love all the wonderful creations you come up with. Cute as can be. Glad DD is getting things taken care of. Thanks for the tutorial. Have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

  13. Spencer, this is adorable & elegant. TY for sharing the 'how to' ... without the 'how to' I'd not have been able 'to'.

    So glad your daughter is going to be ok now. It always pays to come back with the car insurance companies, they just don't tell you anymore than they have to. Good luck.

    TTFN ~Marydon

  14. Thank you for this lovely idea. Your tutorial is perfect.

    Happy Pink Saturday,

  15. Spencer that is just the cutest idea, I love the white and pink together. It would also look great with little pink flowers floating in the cup in stead of the candle.
    I will be checking back to see what you plan for the 100th.

  16. So cute. Hope daughter and grandson can put this behind them soon.

  17. Hi Spencer! What a cute idea for a candle holder! I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing this! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Oh Spencer. I am going to the thrift store today to start my project. The heavy glue I have, do not have a candle stick tho, or the punch bowl cup. The clarity of the cup looks so beautiful with the candle and the prisms. Woops I also have to make a stop at Lowe's, and thans so much for sharing this wonderful project. I have signed up to follow your blog, as I can't wait to see what you share next. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you follow my blog as well. Country Hugs, Sherry

  19. Spencer,

    That's a great project that I may have to copy.

    May I ask who painted your beautiful sign for Bellamere Cottage Est. ? The lettering is really beautiful.


  20. What a great project! Simple and really pretty.

  21. Hello Spencer! Thank you so much for your visit and for your nice comment! Your blog is very nice too and I see you are a very creative girl and I like this!
    Wish you a nice week end!

  22. How pretty! Thanks for the lesson and Happy Pink Saturday!

  23. Happy pink Saturday. what a cute tutorial!.

    Have a lovely Pink Saturday


  24. What a wonderful little project. I want to make several to use in the garden when we eat supper there. Won't the flickering candlelight be pretty? Thank you for this sweet idea.

    My very best wishes go out to your dear daughter and grandson as they work through their ordeal.


  25. Well I just found you. And what a day to stumble upon you! I'm in love with that cute candle stick project! Love the tutorial! Thanks!

    Beautiful tutorial...I love the candle stick.
    Yours is so sparkly and the prism just adds to it
    I have a reward for you on my blog.
    I continue to pray for your daughter and grandson.
    Angel hugs

  27. Dear Spencer - Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial! So sorry to hear about your daughter's crash! Thank goodness they are both alright, but that must have been doubly stressful considering what they have suffered through in the past.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  28. Lovely pink post! Thank you for sharing! I LOVE the candle holder!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Mary :)

  29. What a brilliant transformation. It looks so good. Nothing like how it started out. Good job. I'm from the U.K. and live in a Victorian house which is called The Laurels. My cottage that we lived in before was 16th century and was called Hermitage, so you are right, we do seem to like naming our houses.Thanks so much for coming over and your kind comments. One more thing....I see that you have read Tara Road...only one of my favourite books. XXXX

  30. This is really very cute, Spencer! Thanks for the tutorial...Christine

  31. Spencer, that is just soooo cute and sooo easy! I'm definitely going to make one of those, but I may wait to see if I win this cutie! So glad your daughter finally got some better news! laurie

  32. Oh i just love your votive holder!! Your are a crafty one!
    I am so glad your Daughter is getting something done with her car.
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  33. Oh Spencer this is lovely!! Really shows your creativity and talent!! Thanks for the tutorial, I will give this a try!!
    So glad to hear that your daughter is doing better. Our kids mean the world to us.
    Take care and Big Hugs, Nerina :)

  34. Spencer, this is such a precious and creative idea! I've seen the plates atop the glass candlestick but never this. I'm going to have to try this one! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

    I'm sorry about the stressful and scary ordeal your daughter and grandson recently went through. So glad they are okay.

  35. Your candle is darling! Thanks for sharing, Esther

  36. I was just passing by and thought I'd leave a comment. I just loved your candle light project. I will definitely have to try that when I get all of the materials together. Thanks for that cute idea.

  37. Spencer, what a beautiful blog you have here! Next time I'll make some tea and stay awhile longer!

    I too love all things English and have named our home as well. We live on Marigold Circle so it just came to me one day . . . Marigold Manor! I even had a plaque made up and it sits over our front door. I'll post it in my blog to share with you!

    I love the tea light tutorial! I forsee a shopping trip to the Goodwill for me! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments!

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Teresa the MiniMadWoman

  38. Hello Spencer, thanks so much for visiting my cottage and for leaving such a sweet comment. I love your blog, I had to glance at it quickly because I am late for work, and however, I am coming back tomorrow to read your current and archived posts. To start with I love the name you gave your cottage and you are right about the British!! Quickly looking I can see love throughout your blog, love of family, all things beautiful and the world. I am impressed; therefore, I sign up as a follower and will link your site to my blog (which is on a separate page and you can enter by clicking on the blue door located at the top right hand corner). Spencer, please drop by for a visit again, I will love to have you over for tea, and next time, if you have a moment, please join my followers, I will sincerely appreciate it.
    Talk to you soon Luv
    Duchess xx

  39. Just found your blog and it is lovely. That is a wonderful candlestick. I can't wait to make one with a glass teacup. Thanks.

  40. Hi dear! I am going to try this project! I'll run over to Lowes for the prisms...I hope they have them!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
    Deanna :D

  41. Cute idea to put some bling around the house. Happy Pink Saturday.

  42. Hi Spencer, I definitely put this one on my "to do" list. Is that glue a clear glue? I love the pink ribbon with the prisms tied on it. HPS xo Lynn

  43. Your tutorial was wonderful and you made it look so very easy too. I will have to give it a try, I loved the finished look. I am also so happy with all your good news, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  44. My first visit to your post. I think you do a super job and I enjoyed my visit with you. Too, I am always pleased when someone takes the time to visit me.

  45. When we lived in Spain they named their houses too...we lived in one near the ocean called Estrella del Mar...Star of the Sea.
    Thanks for sharing that wonderful project !
    My DD went through a similar experience as yours, unfortunately she didn't receive the value for her car we felt she should have...but all turned out well.

  46. What a wonderful idea!!!!

  47. Oh, I love that! I'd like to try to make something like that sometime.

  48. Hi Spencer! It's so very nice to meet you! I'm glad you've popped in to see me and I'll be coming back to see you for sure! Please know I've entered your tiny name in my giveaway!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  49. Thanks for the beautiful tutorial!:o) I love it, and must make one for me soon!:o) What a beautiful place you have here and such a pretty Pink Saturday!:o) The glow of the candle is just beautiful.:o) I am always excited when I find another warm and wonderful place to visit. By the way, I love the lovely photos on your sidebar, beautiful indeed.:o) Thanks so much for dropping by to say hello. You and your family enjoy a beautiful coming week.



  50. Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day and especially thank you for leaving a comment...comments are always appreciated!

    Your candlestick is ADORABLE and looks like something I could even tackle! Thanks for the great tutorial.

    Have a wonderful week.

  51. very creative of you and great end result! thanks for the tutorial!

  52. That turned out so cute! Now, it's obvious that you painted it, but somehow I missed the part where you talked about that. What sort of primer did you use before you painted it and what sort of paint did you use? How did you do that ~ was it spray paint? This is just darling and it looks like something I'd like to try sometime! :)

  53. The candlestick is really cute!
    Sorry to read about your daughters accident. Glad she is okay. :)

  54. What a lovely outcome, Spencer! This looks so high end and you could probably make some serious cash selling these!! Too cute!! You are just so talented, my dear!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for the update on your daughter, too. SO glad she's ok!!

    Love ya

  55. Oh my!!! I LOVE this pretty!!!!Will make one soon! I just adore that pink seam is my fav too! I have fallen in love with that seam binding, use it often, too.
    Thanks for the update on your daughter. Ahhh, YES~ "Diminshed Value" is offered in alot of states, but you usually have to inquire about sure does help, though!

  56. How pretty I'm going to have to make these!...Jo

  57. Cute, cute, cute!!!

    So, did you prime your candlestick then paint it?

    I'm guessing you used a thick glass for the candle so as not to break it with candle going.
    And you just glued it straight to the candlestick top? The paint did not peal off causing the cup to come off? I have had that happen before.

    Thanks for showing us your cute project.

    Love the painted floor and counter on your sidebar.

    You do beautiful work.

    Barbara jean

  58. i can't believe those are the same items recreated! i left a comment on your giveaway and then came back to look around at your other post and was amazed that you made that old light into a beautiful treasure. you sure have an eye for turning old into treasure :) love it

  59. I love tutorials Spencer, Many thanks for sharing, NOw, why did I never think of Punch Cups, I have two bowls with them in my garage, maybe 24 of them, I better get busy!

    Smiles, Cyndi

  60. How absolutely brilliant and fun...I don't want to work this week...I want to run around to garage sales now! Smiles - Donna

  61. I just found your blog. This candlestick idea is great. I am just wanted to decorate all shabby chic romantic like so I am learning even though I am 40+

  62. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That is too good to be true! So easy but so beautiful!!! I must must try this....running to the GW very soon to give it a try! Thank you so much for sharing!



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