Monday, March 9, 2009

It's The Entry at Bellamere Cottage!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had a great time celebrating my DH's birthday. Whew, they sure add up quickly! We had a great dinner out with Dodi and Brett, and I did take pix but they didn't turn out.......darn it all!

My Mum passed away very recently and I inherited this adorable little table from her. It was my dad's mom' it's been around quite awhile. It was one of my Mum's favorite things, so I'm thrilled to have it.

Just one of the trays my from collection. I just love old tole. It's so sweet and we think of it as little bits of art. I have them EVERYWHERE! Yep, including the bathrooms.

I bought the lamp (part of a pair) at an estate sale years ago. I LOVE them. Throw in some china and I am a HAPPY girl.

The walls are a very pale blush pink. What an easy color to live with. It's so happy. Of course pink IS my favorite color! :-) Darling Hubby loves it too. Whew am I grateful.

Ahhhhhhh.........the floor. Our teeny little house with the tiny little entry is in a planned community. When we built the house we did get to choose all the floors, cabinets, etc., however, the choices were very limited. We ultimately plan to have hardwoods throughout the main area of the house, but that's going to be down the road sometime. Our darling little pooch, Ruby Mae PetuniaBelle loves to fly through the house and use that little rug you see there as a surfboard. Her little feet have made several lovely scratches in the floor, so until she slows down, the hardwood floors are on hold.

At any rate, I originally chose vinyl. was so nasty. That's just not right for an entry. While I was lying in bed one night, unable to sleep, this great idea came to me.......(some of my best ideas come then).....!! Why not tear up that nasty floor and paint it! I had painted the bathroom floor in our old house and it had held up so well, why not try this one? Up came that nasty vinyl and a little paint and I have a floor I just LOVE! I'd paint the whole darn house if I could. It's been painted for about four years and if Little Ruby Mae wasn't so wild it would still be perfect. Oh well........we wouldn't give that little cutie up for anything, so the scratches are a small price to pay. It's painted on the subfloor, so the whole thing cost about twenty five dollars! YIPPPEEEE......!!!!

Tiny, but full........just like the rest of the house!

I LOVE this old's one of my favorite things......yeah, I know.....everything is my FAVORITE thing! I bought it at a garage sale years ago for fifteen dollars! It had a hideous painting in it that I pitched........hmmmmmmm.......thinking I probably shouldn't have done that after watching Antiques Roadshow........might have been a mistake?? :-(

I had other plates hanging in it, but while my Mum was here not too long before she passed away she thought these would be prettier, so we changed them out. It was her idea to hang the center plate vertically........I would never have thought of that. She was a clever girl. I miss her so much.

The beat up, pooped out garland is my husbands maile lei from his daughter's wedding last October in Hawaii. Poor guy, happily lives with pink walls and tons of fru-fru, I'm not about to deny him his memory here...........He always laughs and tells me the only space he has in this house is his chair and his closet. He's such a sport. Gotta love a beat up, dry old (maybe dusty too??) maile lei then, right? :-)

Eventually the whole shin-dig on that side of the little entry will change, however. I've been working on a wool applique quilt for that space for two years now. I worked on it a ton while I was caring for my it's hard for me to pick up. It makes me so lonely for my Mum.......maybe sometime in the next couple of years it'll be up on that little wall.

I hope your week is packed with blessings!

Happy Monday!

Kind Regards,
Spencer can click on any of the pictures for a larger view!


  1. Hi Spencer :)

    Your entry is beautiful!! I love your mum's table :)

    I have an idea to get you some more comments... Have you been over to see Beverly at How Sweet The Sound?? She does a thing called Pink Saturday and since you love pink, it may be fun for you. Go here...

    I think you have to email her on the Friday before and then you do a post on anything pink. It doesn't even have to be something in your home. You can back read and see what it's all about on her blog :)


  2. Hi Spencer!
    I like your painted floor! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.
    Melissa AKA- Honey Girl

  3. Hello, I love what you did with your floor! And your hubby sure is good sports, as mine! Love to have a peek in your house, thank you very much!

  4. Love your entry way. And the tole is perfect :)

  5. The entrance to Bellamere cottage is gorgeous with all of your lovely Vintage things. Have a wonderful slumber party.

  6. what a beautiful entry way and I DO love that open frame. How sweet that your Mum hung it up vertical... what a nice memory when you look at it.

    Your little ruby mae sounds like a little doll! xo Heather

  7. I love your moms sweet table & LOVE your entryway! It's a cozy little niche & charming!:) chris

  8. Well Good Morning!
    I'm so glad you stopped by so we could meet! I enjoyed my visit to your lovely cottage!!! I could have stayed for hours! Your home is simply beautiful...I love the floor in the entrance, and the sweet little table, and I love the plates on wall! You do a wonderful job in making everything so cozy! I'll be back to visit soon and please do the same.
    everything vintage

  9. goodmorning, thank you for your compliment, I like your bell jears alot.

    I put you at my favourites.

    greetings Marit

  10. Love that flooring you did yourself. Awesome! mishelle


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