Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Bellamere Cottage......

This is our cozy, little house in the Pacific Northwest! I wanted to wait to post pix of it until Spring when everything was pretty around here, but decided to use pictures from a couple of years ago instead of DOES NOT look like this around here right now. We have soggy ground, droopy plants and sick looking hydrangeas. I KNOW it will be pretty again, right???

Bellamere Cottage is a petite little girl....1500 square feet. Every inch of which is packed full. I am NOT a minimalist AT ALL. Why then, I wonder, do the Scandanavian homes appeal to me so much? Is it knowing that they would take half the time to clean? That I'd be able to actually pull the vacuum cleaner back without hitting something? They are so pretty, aren't they??? If you haven't checked them out before, I some on my list of favs!

Ahhhh.......isn't that little bunny the cutest thing? He's still out there. I think he probably has moss on him now..........not that I don't LOVE moss!

This isn't the best shot, but it's all I have. I posted these pix a long time ago on Rate My Space.......My sweet friend, Jan and I have a garage sale every June. During the entire sale I sat there looking at this adorable little bedstead she had for sale. Ever thinking of making something out of nothing, I began to wonder about making my house sign out of it. So......voile!!! This is the headboard from that set. I whacked off the legs and added the little piece across the bottom to finish it off and painted it up. I read tons of English novels and it seems they always name their homes........hey, I'm English, mine should have a name, right? Although I had been thinking about it for a long time, I hadn't really planned a name, so I went to work. I tried everything out. I didn't want to use our name......well, that would be pretty hard, I kept my maiden name, so whose would I use, my husband's or mine? After many days and a hundred ideas I decided on Bellamere Cottage. Bella means pretty, mere means small.........and so Pretty Little Cottage was born.......

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed Monday!

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  1. What a precious home. Love the bunny and moss too! We have a few trees already sprouting baby green leaves. Oh, the hope of Spring.
    Happy Monday, Candy


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