Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 Sewing and Stitchery Expo
Puyallup, Washington

This adorable little heart is from Bird Brain Designs. It's a valentine, but it's too sweet to wait until next year to make this adorable little cutie!

I bought little Eloise the, darn it, it's not the finished product, just the pattern. I'm going to make it for my sweet, elephant loving, grandson for Christmas. Is this not the cutest thing ever? Where do they come up with these great ideas?

Redwork. You really have to look at the ADORABLE redwork patterns they have. I've never seen anything nearly as cute!

Oh my gosh.....What a wonderful show this is! If you've never been, try to make it next year, you will NOT be sorry.

I took my handy, dandy little camera so I could get some great pictures to share with you.......well, don't some of us need to learn the hard way? I took my old Kodak, so I wouldn't have to worry if it got lost............I took TERRIFIC pictures. And now I can't get the darn things off the memory card. I've tried everything under the sun and there they are, easily viewed as long as they're on the camera, but, I tried all three methods to get them onto my computer and none of them work. It seems the card was formatted for the Canon, so I can't get them off with the Kodak program and since they were taken with a Kodak, I can't get them off with the Canon. I tried the printer method too............HOW DOES THAT DANG THING WORK???? I HATE my printer. I bought it for this purpose, but it's just never worked right. HP Photosmart......I'm here to tell 'ya, this thing is anything but smart. It jams the paper every other sheet and it'll print nice and crooked on the page, if that's what you're looking for..........

So, back to the pictures. I took a picture of sweet, little Robin at Bird Brain Designs and asked about putting pix of her and her SIMPLY FABULOUS products on my blog........seems she has a blog too! ( Robin, I hope you don't mind my snagging some pix of your great stuff from your website! I just HAD to share. You'll find their delightful merchandise at I look forward to their things every year and am so inspired to start on some projects! I've been collecting all the stuff for a year or two to do needle felting and have yet to make anything. You know how they used to have Make it Tonite patterns by Simplicity? My daughter used to call them "BUY THEM TODAY AND NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN PATTERNS"...........I will NOT live long enough to make everything I plan on making. Be sure to go check the things out at Bird Brain..........Where did they get that name? Robin, you are NOT a bird brain. Their things are a cut above anything I've ever seen and will leave you in awe AND inspired.

As I've said, wool is my VERY FAVORITE medium.........I bought a wool applique tree skirt pattern at Reets' Rags to Stitches is SO cute! I wonder if I'll get it done by next Christmas? I bought the beautiful green wool blanket to make it from about five years ago! :-)

I took Cheryl Weiderspan's class on Beautiful Bindings.........lots of great tips here! Cheryl said to ALWAYS make your own binding, and use the Clover bias maker, it's so much better than the others. She has loads of cute patterns over at Homestead Specialties! I especially liked her backpack pattern. Quite handy!

Karen, from, gave a great class on dining room chair slipcovers. Did you know your dining room chairs need undergarments?? I've been making slipcovers for a number of years, but I try to take as many classes as possible.........I ALWAYS learn something new! If you're interested, the NINTH Annual Slipcover Summit is coming to Seattle this summer. Whew........this is right up my alley. I'm hoping to be able to go.

Wishing you a blessed and creative weekend!



  1. I'm sick I didn't go!!! Everything you liked...I would have liked. I need to make a slip cover for my sofa...I just want someone to hold my Love the elephant pattern...I'm going to go over to Bird Brains web site now. In a couple of weeks there is a wool show in Canby...I cant wait to pick up some roving from the sheep people. I found another place to get wool out of Corvallis...hope to go visit them next week after payday!! What else did you buy? Were people spending money??? I hope so. I'd love to hear more about the "good class' here is my email.

  2. oh my goodness. I forgot to say I love the heart!!! Laurie

  3. Spencer, Thank-you so much for visiting my site and leaving such a sweet comment!!! I adore my children and GRANDCHILDREN~~~they make my world sing!I'm so glad you enjoyed my site. I've only been blogging since Jan. ALLL OF THIS IS NEW TO ME!!!!But I'm having the time of my life learning!!!I've met so many wonderful people~like yourself!!!!I love your site.I'm adding you to my BEAUTIFUL LINKS so my friends can find you too! Also I'll become a follower~~~we all need a following!!!!By the way I love all kinds of needle work!!!Hope to post some soon!!!Blessings, Deborah

  4. Hi Spencer!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway! It's so nice to meet someone new during one of these things.
    You have a great blog! I've enjoyed visiting. Your post on the old lodge was fabulous! Great photos!
    And as for the technical parts of the equipment we need for blogging, I haven't a clue! I always have to call one of my boys!!LOL It's a never ending battle isn't it?

    Hugs, Sherry

  5. Thanks for stopping by my place (Rock Candy)so I could meet you. Loved looking through all your stories. Flowers, books, that Lake Lodge is fabulous!, and all the other prettys. Blogging is a tech challenge but oh so rewarding, please stick with it. My son (16) helps me all the time. Look forward to coming back soon.
    Blessings, Candy

  6. Oh my that is so neat. I think Posie Gets Cozy posted about that Expo too and she attended...gotta go check. She's on my side bar too. xo rachel

  7. How lucky you are to have the opportunity to attend the Puyallup Expo! That is absolutely on my wish list of travels. I just love the felt heart-shaped Valentine. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today :)


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