Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lake Quinault Lodge............What a great place!
Built in 1926.

My dear, darling husband took me to Lake Quinault Lodge for a couple of nights! Yippppeee! It was a wonderful getaway in such an old fashioned retreat. They were having a fabulous special so if you're close and have some time, be sure and check it out! You'll have a terrific time. We stayed in a fireside room with a view of the lake. Room 226 if you'd like one of the very best choices! Or just ask for a room in the Fireside Building on the second floor. It's actually a separate building from the old main lodge, but the rooms are better and a bit bigger. Plus they have a fireplace in the room! Does it get any better than that??

This is a view of the back of the Lodge........

The fireplace in the lobby. The lobby is quite large and so relaxing to just sit and read or play a nice game of cribbage! We love that. They also have puzzles and games there for you to use, including a wonderful, vintage chess set.

Too wet and rainy for a boat ride this time of year, but isn't this a great picture??

I've wanted these vintage light fixtures since the first time I saw them!

Another lobby shot.....

More of the Lobby.........

Can you see the size of those logs? Whew! The curtains and furniture are all new. They used to have wonderful old wicker furniture and actually no curtains. I liked that look better.....

It's in the midst of the rainforest, so you'll get plenty of rain.......all the better to cozy up by the fire and enjoy the ambiance of this great spot. We're from the Pacific NW, so we're used to the RAIN!

Front view.......

So, once you get to this little get-away spot in the Olympic Rain Forest you are WAY out in the sticks. There is NO shopping! It's quite remote, but if you love to hike (I don't....but that's a long story for another day)......this is the place for you! Loads of outdoor things to do in the summer, but we really prefer the fall/winter time. It's just so cozy and relaxing. Some of the rooms have TV, but none have phone. There is WiFi in the lobby, but nowhere else. The restaurant is nice and the food is YUMMY! We always have the Plank Salmon for two. It's just the BEST!!!

This from the Lake Quinault History:

In 1925 Frank McNeil acquired a special permit from the U.S. Forest Service to build and operate a lodge.

In a natural clearing, the site selected for the lodge provided a vantage view of the lake and from the first turning of a shovel full of earth to opening night took ten weeks. That this building was completed for occupancy in such a short span of time is a wonder in itself, since this was accomplished long before the days of prefabricated and precut materials. Hauling the lumber, bricks, glass, plumbing fixtures, and furniture over fifty miles of dirt road was a 24-hour a day job. Even more astonishing was the cost of the building, $90,000!

Guests have come from many stations in life, most famous perhaps, being Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1937 on the visit which inspired the creation of Olympic National Park in 1938.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday planned for you and your honey!


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