Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bellamere Cottage Has An Itty Bitty Den!

Aren't these wonderful pictures??? I bought them both at garage sales. How could anyone sell them? I don't remember how much I paid for Jesus, but I know I paid 15 dollars for the bottom one. I've had it for many years and would NEVER get rid of it. It was missing the glass so the picture is a bit scratched up, but I don't care. I love it anyway.

Wonderful old suitcases............GREAT storage.

This is the room I bought the plaid silk fabrics for.......I also found a silk duvet cover to use for the daybed cover at Tuesday Morning........quite a bargain too! It's king size and came with two king size pillow shams for 100 dollars. Not bad for silk.........I'm going to remake it into the daybed cover and bolster pillows.

I bought the pine cupboard many years ago. It's always been one of my favorite things......yeah, I know, I do have a zillion favorite things! :-) That's the new chair on the left side, barely in the photo. It's microsuede and really not my usual style.......my DD HATES it, but I think it's going to be just fine when it all comes together. I don't have very much white ironstone, but I do have these three platters. I love them. I love those old suitcases too.........I've looked for more for quite some time and just can't seem to find any great ones. The center one was my Mum's. She stored old pictures in it. I love having it. The curtain is made from an old damask tablecloth. Old fabrics have a look to them you just can't get with new fabric.

I collect old postcards and some find their way into this old planter. Isn't it sweet?

I love and collect heart shaped rocks. Ok.........this is my collection. Isn't it pitiful? I do have a couple of big ones outside, but I think I'd better get busy looking for more small ones. My little grandson found the one on the bottom left for me.........not a good angle to show their heart shape......

I bought this little white chest at a garage sale for five dollars. It was painted with shiny black spray paint, had about ten inch legs that were pointy and the UGLIEST modern chrome handles. I added the little bun feet, new knobs and the little braided edge. A nice coat of paint and now it's a cute little piece. I like it because it's small so I can fit it in SOMEWHERE. I don't think I'll ever stop being amazed at what a few coats of paint can do for something.

The walls will be a cocoa color, the fabric is blue/brown plaid silk........the duvet from Tuesday Morning is ivory..........It's soooooooooo not my usual look, but it's a den........and the room that my Darling Hubby uses to read, and I think he'll like it. I do try to please him once in awhile.......poor guy lives in a VERY girlie, pink house. (I didn't notice the tassel was crooked when I took this shot..............ooooooooooops!!!)

Thank you so very much for your visit.

God bless you.



  1. I think it's cute and especially like the postcard planter! What a neat idea. I also store things in old suitcases. I decoupage them and put them on plant shelves to display. Serves 2 purposes that way, chickee......

  2. Lovely soft colors on the pictures and rocks, now your talking my language. The next heart shape rock I see (a small one!) is yours from Texas.
    Blessings, Candy

  3. Spencer... knowing Candy... expect your heart rock in the mail soon... What a lovely room. I love everything about it and can hardly wait to see the grand finale'!

    We've talked about this before... who sells Jesus at a garage sale! Good you were there to rescue...

    have a wonderful weekend. Dixie

  4. I love it all too..Jesus is wonderful!!!
    I collect old pictures like that..
    I've even given some to my grown
    kids.. How could someone sell such great

    smiles, Deena

  5. Such beautiful treasures! I love the pictures and the planter with the postcards is too sweet!

  6. Fun things and I like to see how you have used them. I want to find me some old suitcases like that! I love that look of them stacked up!

  7. So many fun things to look at on your post.
    I love the make over you did on the white chest. I also like your old suitcases.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. A lovely room and many lovely pieces. Your description of the fabrics and colors sounds great.

  9. The pictures are beautiful and true treasures to find. I can't wait to see the finished room eveything sounds wonderfully grand.

  10. Visiting from Kelli's Show and Tell!

    All your things are lovely, but my favorite is the old suitcases - I LOVE old suitcases and you are right they do make TERRIFIC storage!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. What a wonderful visit I had to your blog... and Jim Reeves playing to one of my favorites!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

    Just A Gal...

  12. Hey Spencer...
    Thanks for sharing.. everything is so beautiful. Love the Jesus pictures and the planter is perfect for the vintage post cards.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  13. That little chest is what I like the best of all the things you've shown today. I like the way it just fits in anywhere. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday. Here’s mine:

  14. That says so much about you....your collection of heart shaped rocks. I love the whole concept.

    My show n tell is all about my Easter Lily. Stop by if you get a chance.

  15. Lovely room! I love the cabinet you redid. So sweet!

  16. You did a wonderful job on the night stand. Every corner looks neat and comfy.

  17. I love the vintage postcards and the holder there in...I also like the old suitcase display...ADORABLE!!! Have a wonderful weekend...Julie

  18. You have a wonderful style...I love the simple beauty in everything.


  19. Love your style! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Renee @ Cottage Lifestyle


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