Monday, March 23, 2009

University Of Puget Sound Flea Market Finds! Yippppeeee!!!

Once a year The University of Puget Sound has a flea market to raise money for's not a HUGE market, but fun none the less. I found some pretty great buys and came home pleased!

*****Remember, you can click on any picture for a larger shot****

I didn't get a very good picture of it, but on top of the bibles there is a vintage wedding picture I thought was sweet. Really beat up, but still cute.....50 cents.

I'm thinking I should take a photography class......but I did my best here........I know, isn't that lampshade the saddest thing you've ever seen??? But..... :-) I recently saw one done up on somebody's blog........I wish I could remember who's it was, but unfortunately I can't....anyway.......she had left the whole frame bare and had done it up like a chandelier with lots of prisms. It had the scalloped bottom too, so I was actually in search of one. I'm delighted! And, it was only a dollar! The little plaque was one of the last things I found and was only 75 cents! I'll take the nasty leather cord off and add a pretty ribbon.

Four lovely vintage hankies for 50 cents each. I've washed all the linens, but haven't pressed any of them yet. As I've said, I have collected vintage linens for years and one of the things you never want to do is to put your linens away having been pressed. First of all, when you get them out you have to press them again or they don't look nice, and secondly it's very hard on them to store them with starch in them. It's infinitely better to just pop them in the drawer as is.

It's hard to tell, but see those two little folded bits on top?? Those are the most adorable baby sized pillow shams. Two for a dollar! Yowza! Underneath is a lovely huck towel with a crocheted edge. Four dollars.
I can't resist a little vintage frame and this one was fifty cents. You just can't pass that up! It seems I always have something I want to frame and it's great to have an assortment ready.

These were an unbelievable deal......a set of PERFECT pillowcases for five dollars! Aren't they pretty? Just imagine how long these would have taken to make? God bless the little gal who did all this work!

I have china plates EVERYWHERE with tons left over, but I still can't pass them up when they're a great deal. These were all a dollar each. I love that one on the top! Isn't it sweet? I thought of St. Patrick's Day when I saw it, but it isn't really shamrocks. I love it.

I simply cannot pass up a bible............The top on is VERY old and was $4.50, the center one is perfect and wonderful, with a zipper and gold edged pages........perfect for popping into my purse........and was...........................FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It didn't have a price on it and when I asked the gal how much it was she told me I could have it! Now, honestly, does it get any better than that??? I LOVE it! Thank you sweet lady! The bottom one is also perfect and was two dollars. I have so many bibles, but it's nice to have different versions and I like seeing them everywhere. I have a few that are very old and other people have written in them. Isn't that so special??? :-)

Have you heard the fellow on TV advertising chamois? I couldn't believe it when I found these, they are the same thing, but white with a scalloped that is just too darn cute, isn't it? I don't think I want to get them dirty cleaning though! Next to them is a lovely hand crocheted doily.......a DOLLAR! I don't even think you could buy the yarn to make it for a dollar.

This little gal's frame is going to need some work, but it was just too cute to pass up. I love vintage frames and this one was so sweet, as you can see THREE dollars! YIKES!
****Big Smile****

A set of beautiful linen napkins for $4.50........they are in perfect condition too. Now, I'm telling you, I collect napkins and certainly didn't need these, but who knows....someday I might! At least that's what I was telling myself when I was paying for them. ;-)

A close up of that old frame and one of two frogs my darling daughter found for me. I was looking for some........they're getting a smidge high at the antique stores, but these were a dollar each. I was pretty tickled with this find!

Thank you so much for coming today and seeing what's going on here at Bellamere Cottage.

Happy Monday and I hope your week is wonderful!

Many, many blessings!


  1. Those are lovely finds, Spencer. The plates are to die for!

  2. Thanks for sharing your finds they are wonderful! It's so much fun finding treasures for our homes! Warm wishes, Esther

  3. Spencer... those are some mighty-nice flea market finds you have there... I love the plate(s).

    I understand about not being able to pass of the bibles... I can't pass up a rosary or a cross... I don't know how anyone can discard those items... bibles,rosaries,crosses... but everyone doesn't think like you and me... it's wonderful that you rescued them.

    blessings.. Dixie

  4. Fun to go to and fun finds it looks like!
    Why didn't you call me? LOL
    I promise I won't fight over things with you. tee hee
    I love flea markets and rummage sales, some of the best!
    Linda Q

  5. Thanks for the visit. Came over to see what you have been up to. Some really nice finds you have! Enjoyed looking through them. Love the dresser transformation...awesome.
    Blessings, Candy


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