Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Blessings and Some Easter (Eye) Candy

Look! It's Pink Saturday at Nordstrom! Whew.........they sure had lots of pink. Actually, this is sort of a make-shift post for Pink Saturday. I didn't finish all the things I wanted to do...sorry! Today (well, Friday, April 10th) is my baby girl's birthday....OH MY did she get to be THIRTY EIGHT??? I'm only 29! Goodness that went quickly. I love you darlin'....Happy Birthday..........YMLY!
We were at Nordstrom's today for a little bit of Birthday shopping........Lots and lots of Pink Juicy Couture........
Happy Pink Saturday. And, thank you again to sweet Beverly for adding me to this Pink Saturday Party....
See lots of other fabulous pink today at

I think I have to go back and buy the ones on the left!

This looks like a sunny day!

Oh how I wish they had these little numbers when my little girl was younger. I don't think she'd wear them anymore. But, who knows?? Pink is her favorite color too!

Happy Feet!

Juicy Handbag.......

More Juicy!

Hot PINK Juicy!

Juicy Jewely!

Time by Juicy......

And, now the most important thing.......Easter is such a special day. I'm wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter.

Warm love,



  1. Hi Spencer,
    I would take the watch and the JC bag! Ooh la la!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
    and a Blessed Easter!
    Deanna :D

  2. Our children grow up so quickly, don't they. What pink goodies you are sharing today. I adore the shoes! Happy Pink Sat and Easter. ♥

  3. Great pinks! Love the flip flops.. aren't little girls clothes in pink just adorable!!

  4. Happy Pink Saturday! Now you make me want to shop pinky item too! I love the watches.. Happy Easter too!

  5. Oh my. Honest to goodness Nordstrom! Lovely pinks. Thanks for sharing so I can at least go virtual shopping. Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Good morning Spencer, I started the day off with a note to you on Susan's blog just below yours. LOL. Happy Birthday to your 'little girl' our children are always little in a mother's eyes. I love your juicy shopping spree. Very cute pinks.

    I didn't thank you for your email and I enjoyed it very much. We were gone for several days in Fl. I am happy you are enjoying Pink Sat. I love it too.

    Happy Easter!


  7. oh...we always got new shoes for Easter. Thanks for the memory.
    happy pink

  8. what a fun PS post! i love when someone is playing the piano at nordstrom!

    happy PS 2 U!


  9. Lots of wonderful pink goodies! Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. What lovely pink items, the styles keep changing only to look like they did years ago.
    Happy Easter

  11. Happy Pink Saturday! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  12. ♥A lovely and purr-fect Pink Saturday blog post. During this most holy time of the year I am wishing you rainbows, gracious days, dewdrop nights and the love of friends and family to comfort you and hold you close.♥

  13. Yes, they do have lots of pink going on and very beautiful too. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter too, Char

  14. I would have died to have found those sweet pink shoes for y girl, too!

    Loved visiting today! Blessings to you, sweet Spencer. May your weekend be filled with JOY from the Lord!


  15. Well I love all the Pinks! I love Pink Floppys!
    I actually own a few pairs of Pink Converse's. I am a converse Girl all the Way! It looks like there was plenty of shopping eye candy to behold! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Darling, Spencer!! I love Nordstroms! Happy pink saturday.

  17. Nothing better than a romp thru Nordstroms!
    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter, too!

  18. Happy Pink Day, Spencer. Your pinks are so fun! Thanks for sharing and do have a beautiful Easter!


  19. Who doesn't love shopping??! Happy Birthday to your sweet Daughter! Love the pinks you found!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Lisa

  20. Oh I wish I had a Nordstrum's up here in Canada, I have a little granddaughter who would adore those pink little girl shoes!! Happy Pink Saturday and Happy birthday to your daughter! Happy Easter also...lot's of Happies today!


  21. Hi Spencer :)

    I LOVE everything made by Juicy!! LOVE IT A LOT, seriously!!

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

    Happy Easter to you and yours too :)


  22. Love the name of your little cottage! I am a grammie too and I wear a pair of those pink Converse tennis shoes!!

  23. oh, i love all the pinks! those mary janes' are especially cute!! happy pink saturday and Happy Easter!

  24. Love the pink flip flops...I'm a flip flop kinda girl...Love that little dress..Just to cute..I wish I had a little girl to shop for...Happy Easter..

  25. You certainly have a large selection of pink accessories to choose from - Happy Easter

  26. Thank for the juicy post. They sure have lots of pink in their line.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is so pretty and interesting.

    Have a joyful Easter. I'll stop by again.

  27. Love all your pink pretties!! Have a wonderful Easter day and thank you so much for stopping by!


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