Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ten Things About Me....You Probably Didn't Really Want To Know!

Ok.....Tuesday's Post Continued.........

Ten things about me.......hmmmm.....I'm thinkin' ya'allllllll really don't want to know all this stuff.....(no, I'm not from the south, but doesn't ya'allllll just work so nicely?)

1. I'm sort of a girlie girl......I started out that way actually. I didn't wear a pair of pants until I was eight years old and I can remember being in third grade crying all day because my Mum put my hair in a pony tail......I had long curls, after all......oh wonder I'm high maintenance. And, if I got my little, starched dress (hey, it was the 50's) dirty, I needed a fresh one.... My poor Mum.

2. We live in a small house that is nothing fancy. We don't have a boat, an RV, a vacation house, or fancy cars, but I am so content with what I have. I feel extremely blessed and am so grateful. God has been so generous to me. I nearly have to pinch myself sometimes because I'm so blessed.

3. Ok, I know this one is really weird. I'll admit it. I confess. I have to cut my coupons EXACTLY on the lines. If they're not perfect I'll just have to trim them up.

4. I simply CANNOT sing the National Anthem. I am so proud to be an did I get so lucky?? At any rate, I TRY......I open my mouth and I'm so choked up nothing comes out. Yeah, I generally cry too.......Ditto the Pledge of Allegiance. We have such an awesome country. I love to thank our Military for their service........yeah, I get all choked up and cry then too.

5. I can't let myself have a day to just play around unless my house is clean. Do you think I might be OCD??? :-)

6. I get hives every day.

7. You know that birth order thing? The fella that wrote the book that explains your place in the family and how it effects your personality???? Well......I'm the oldest, the youngest, the middle and an only. Wonder why I'm quirky??? My older sister was five when I was born. She passed away when I was three. I was an only child until I was seven when my younger sister was born. Three girls, all blue-eyed blondes born in July.

8. I love rainy "Make a Pot of Soup" kinds of days. I mentioned to my DH when we were dating that there's nothing like a nice, cozy pot of stew and a fire. Yep, he's still waiting. He asks me about it all the time.

9. I never go anywhere without a project. If my hubby and I go for a drive or vacation I always tote a little somethin'.....

10. Ok. I realllly debated putting this one out there, but what the heck, we're all friends, right?? I've been married three times.......YEP.....count 'em THREE!! The first one to my daughter's dad.......nearly 22 years. Then I married my daughter's best friend's dad. Mmmmmm........not a good choice. Those darn rebound marriages. Then I met my dear, sweet hubbs. We've been married since October 1997. I teased him at one time and asked if I could go ahead and celebrate my 25 year anniversary........hey, it would be 25 years if I added them all up! Oh, and by the way, the hubbs???? He's been married three times too. We met at a singles shin-dig at church and have been so happy ever since. He always tells me "it's a GOD thing"......we match in so many odd and wonderful ways.

So, there it is. Now you know it alllll!

Wishing you a wonderful and joyful day.

God is sooooooooo good.

Bless you!
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  1. Maybe a little OCD oh well me too.!lol. Mishelle

  2. Spencer - thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog! I love yellow and pink, too, although I just read that you apparently aren't supposed to put them together in the garden. Whatever. It's too late, I already did it :) It's all pink and yellow snapdragons, petunias, roses, and white allysum. Love your blog, and LOVE that you named your home...what a sweet idea!

  3. What a fun post...I loved hearing about you..I'm with you, I cry during the National Anthem too..Last night at work it came on, I had goosebumps and chills, Oh, can't forget the tears...I'm so happy you found someone who makes you happy..I think everything in life happens for a reason..If you had not had the other marriages you wouldn't have met your hubby...Hope your having a wonderful week..

  4. Oh Spencer! OK #2 Fablous! I love that am content to live in my little house and not own all the outward trappings, NOW I do have toooo many inward things my little house is bulgging!
    #4 DITTO I get way too choked up! Thanks for sharing that!
    Rainy days are good if you can stay home!
    #10 Good for you. I've skipped my first 2 marriages(hehe) and I'm waiting for my DH to be done with his! (I'm 40 and still waiting!) Its a GOD thing so I'm waiting paitently!

    Hugs and blessings, Lisa

  5. You have a delightful blog. It is always so neat to learn things about new friends.

  6. Hi Spencer!

    How wonderful to meet you! I love blog posts like this that give us a little bit more information about the person behind the blog...

    I'm right there with you on #2...ahh contentment! I've been known to do #3 myself... but I can't relate to #5 I'm afraid...though I can feel quite guilty while doing it, I still can play when the house needs cleaning...

    I'm so happy you're happy in your's wonderful to find the right man, no matter how long it took or how many wrong turns it took to get there!

    Love your blog...will be back for sure!!

    Hugs & Blessings,
    Becky S. at Just Bee 'n Me

  7. Isn't it funny how much we all have in common, I'll reveal one, maybe a little OCD! But, I have a REAL OCD sister which keeps me in check as I watch her. Have a great day!

  8. Hello Sweet Spencer!

    Thank you for the awards my friend! Whoooo Hooo for me! :)

    Love to visit and read about your very blessed life. God is sooo good!

    Today it was YOU who blessed me. Those random acts of kindness get me every single time!

    Thank you...I'm smiling!

    Love, Rebecca

  9. You are too fun...and your blog is so sweet and loaded with charm:) I've been running behind in blogland, hoping to catch up after Easter weekend. Have a blessed holiday.

    Garden Party

  10. Spencer-
    I, too, am on my third marriage. Third times charm. I was married 23 years to my childrens' father. Then married the second because I had never been on my own before and felt I "needed' someone. I was on my own for 4 years before marrying again and I don't "need" anymore but want. Big difference!
    I, too, don't like doing anything until my house is clean. It's so nice to come home after a long day to a comfortable, clean home.

  11. hi spencer,

    what a cool name and what a cool person you are. this is my first visit to your blog and it's just great.

    i do the coupon-cutting thing, too. it's cuz we're creative and like to cut, right? LOL


  12. Hi Spencer - so glad you stopped by and I'm glad your hubby gifted you with some beautiful flowers!!! Don't you just love that!!! Glad you are enjoying your "Belles of Ireland". Loved reading your post - funny and cute. We all have our "lil' issues" don't we???? That's why God made us all special, hey? Have a great Friday! Cathy

  13. Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

  14. you do sound so happy and that is all that matters.most of us do have a few marriges behind us.more than we want to talk about.ha sh?!!!!!
    i have a fan award for you.please come by my blog and pick it up.give it to whomever you want,as many as you want...ann


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