Monday, April 6, 2009

Bloggie Awards! YIPPPEEE!! Revised Version??

HOLY FRIJOLES!!! What fun! I'm so excited to have received my first awards. The first one is from the sweet Sabrina at My Cottage Dream.....(believe me when I say my 'puter is soooo funky lately and if I try to give you the link here I'll mess everything up...) Go see this darling blog....she's on my favorites list..........Oh, how dear this girlie is...Thank you so much Sabrina! I'm in award heaven!

And, the following awards are from Ann over at

I couldn't believe all these awards!!!  Ann is such a sweet person.  You'll love visiting her.

Thank you Ann!  ((((((Hugs))))))  She's been such a supporter....I'm so new at this and am still trying to figure out all the details.  Like........what is a MEME???  :-)  I're thinking "where has this girl been"?.........

This blog comes with the following message:
Along with the Friendship Award comes this message: "These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated." It also says: "Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
Now, isn't that special??  I'm amazed at the friendships that have been born from blogging.  Often I read about girls getting together, having met in blogland!  I'm thrilled to see how many lovely women lift one another up and are willing to Praise God for the gifts He has given them.....I am thrilled to be a teeny, eensie, bitsy part of it.   :-)

The first one goes to Chari and
I remember her caring spirit from HGTV's Rate My Space.  Her style is so fresh and crisp.  You'll love her!
#2.  Rebecca
I've been a fan of Rebecca's for quite some time....following her lovely designs on eBay.  This dear girl will always replies to a question and is so dear.  She has uplifted my spirit many times....and she doesn't even know it.  Such a deep faith in God.   I think she has an eBay/Bloggie ministry!
#3.  Rue.......EVERYBODY knows Rue......isn't she just the sweetest little cookie?  I so enjoy reading about her life and family.  I don't know where she gets all her energy, but she's always fixing or re-doing somethin'........She's a great gal!  I'm sure she has more awards than she could ever what's one more?   :-)
#4.  Connie over at    Please go over and give her a virtual hug.  She's having a tough time right now, bless her little heart.  Her son was savagely beaten while trying to defend a lady.  And still, she is up-beat.  She knows Jesus and He is carrying her through.  She's been wonderful to me and was one of my first visitors.  
Hugs to you Connie!  You are an inspiration!
#5.  Lisa @  You'll love all her interesting things on her bloggie....  She's a really darling gal....
#6.  Candy at  
Candy was my very first follower.....I have to confess, I still haven't figured out the whole following thing or how to do it.  I just fight with my computer every day......that pretty much takes up all my techie energy!   :-)
Candy has a style all her own and is so much fun.  You'll love visiting her!
#7.  Linda over at  
Linda has the biggest collection of milkglass I've ever seen.  And, some really unusual pieces.  I have no idea how long she's been collecting, but it's WONDERFUL!  You'll have a great time over visiting with the Queen!
#8.  Melly over at
Melly's a little Aussie gal and always has something uplifting to talk about.  As pretty on the inside as she is on the outside.  I'm so grateful for her.
#9.  is, how I LOVE this gal!  You'll love her too.  She's a peach.  And, you'll enjoy perusing her lovely blog too!
And, last, but certainly not least........Veronica @  
Veronica is from Suffolk, England.  It's so much fun to get a bit of England in blogland.......
So, there you have it..........
I so appreciate every single person who comes to visit.  I'm sure I'll either get a new computer or get the bugs out of this old girl soon!
I'm supposed to talk about ten things about myself....but if I don't go get busy around here soon I'm going to have BIG problems.  I'll post about that tomorrow......whew, that's a BIG order!  
Big hugs,
PS........I hope I've done this right.  I've never done it before....I'm Greeeeen!   :-)


  1. I have spent all morning with similiar frustrations. Had to comment because I just couldn't figure out what was wrong. Rebooted and found a "hidden" page hadn't closed properly. Glad you did get your post finished!

  2. OHHHHH! Spencer! THANKS!!!!! I'm thrilled. I just blogged today for Debbie she is wanting to stop blogging and I've already recieved sonmthing good! HOW SWEET!!! I feel VERY lucky to like you be in this great group of Friends! Now I have to send out more awards! THANKS!!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Congrats on your awards..You deserve it...Hope you're having a wonderful week..

  4. {{{{Spencer}}}}

    Big hugs to you Sweetie!!! Thank you, thank you...for thinking of me and giving this lovely award!!! I'm so honored and appreciative!!! I'm just so happy that I found your blog, Darlin'! It's been a real joy!!! I'm so sorry that you're having computer problems...that's so frustrating! Hope you can get them all worked out, my friend!

    I also want to congratulate you on all of your awards!!! So well deserved!!! I'm tellin' ya...Ann is just a sweetheart! She is one of the first ladies that I met on RMS and we've been friends ever since!

    Again, congrats on your awards! And thank you so much for my award!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...I wasn't exactly sure which award that you wanted me to have...if you let me know, I'll get it on my blog! Thank you, Sweetie! Also wanted to let you know that I left you a message on your last post about your fabulous bath!

  5. Hi Spencer,
    Congratulations on all your awards! Isn't blogging fun? Not only do we get to 'meet' and make new friends but we get rewarded too! Have a lovely day.


  6. Congradulations, just knowing you from blogland you are a deserving sweetie! And don't feel bad, I am green too on all the blog etiquette. So question, thank you for passing award(s) onto me. Am I suppose to put all those awards, or certain ones on my blog? Just checking, not that I think to much of myself just want to make sure, lol!

  7. How sweet you are.Hey I didn't know you were at rms.I am skeltonwyl.and tomarie is here,and vanna,and gloria.theres about 20 or more of us.yipeeeeeeee.who were you there?congrats on all so deserve them you are such a sweety.
    And-a meme is like tablescape thursday or blue join them and people come to visit you and hopefully join your blog and you join theirs etc.see?///

  8. Got it snagged, sweetpea! I'll be posting it in a few days. Thank you for thinking of me!

  9. Well, look at you! Followers, awards and everything !!

    Thank you so much Spencer! There is no award more precious than your friendship, but I'm takin' them all with me anyway LOL


  10. Spencer... you are most sweet to give me an award... I adore you and your blog... why don't you drop by French Lique and join Wordless Wednesday... I think you'd like it...

    blessings and warm wishes for a joyous Easter.
    hugs. Dixie

  11. Goodness me this award was certainly a wonderful surprise to me - THANK YOU SO MUCH! I guess I'm a bit like you and being so new to blogland don't expect to receive these lovely delights! And I guess I'm also not too sure which award you wanted me to have so just let me know when you get a moment and I'll put it onto my blog... thank you once again my friend. Hugs to you, Vxx

  12. Spencer you are such a sweetie, thank you so much for blessing me with the beauty of you.
    I'm just gob smacked that you thought of me, I am thankful for your friendship and encouragement what a beautiful gift you are.


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