Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Little Bathroom At Bellamere Cottage For Pink Saturday!!!!

Happy Pink Saturday! I'm going out of town today, so I'm not going to be able to peek at everyone else's beauties until I get home......but I'll sure look forward to it. I've decided I'm a busybody.......isn't it fun looking into other ladies' homes? I've gotten so much inspiration by the love that all you gals put into your homes and gardens. Lovely!

Above is an adorable little A.E. Mitchell plaque my daughter bought for me. We love them and collect them whenever we can. God bless her, she has such an eye for these things. We were at a flea market several months ago ..........I went into a booth, came out..........she went in and danced out with an adorable little plaque. DANG!

This is my husband has his own. It's not
soooo girly! :-)

I love not sharing. Isn't that bad? But all that steam in the bathroom when you're trying to get ready? And, he is not a five minute bathroom guy. He takes longer than I do!
Shhhhhhh.......don't tell him I mentioned that. ;-)

If you click on my photos you can see a bigger image. I'm hoping you'll be able to read this's one of my very favorites and I read it often. Words to live by!

This would be the "potty" shot........I tried to leave that little lovely out of the pictures. It's just not pretty, is it??? :-) I love this tole tray. As I've said......I have them in EVERY room! I bought the little shelf years ago at either Joann's or Michaels'.....And, I bought the little clock a zillion years ago at Mervyn's. I neeeeeeeed a clock in the bathroom. I can dink around so long and if I'm not careful, I'll be late. The little drawer do-hicky came from Target quite a long time ago.

The curtains and shower curtain are made with vintage white linen damask tablecloths. The have such a lovely look to them. I really didn't enjoy sewing on it, however. It's a big wonky.

Can you see the little buttons crocheted on the edge of the center towel? Towel bar from Ikea. I just couldn't find anything and this will work for now.

Oooopsssssss..............potty shot.

When I got married my daughter gave me the little charm with my initials on the front and YDLY on the back. From the time she was little I always put YMLY on everything for her.......YOUR MAMA LOVES YOU.......on lunch sacks, presents, hand made she did YOUR DAUGHTER LOVES YOU........for me. I wore it on that special day.

I use lots of hair product. It gets everything dirty, so I love things in jars. Easy clean-up.

I bought this little cabinet at Home Depot. Another great spot for keeping things out of the hair spray zone. Little "stuff" inside.......I love all that little stuff.

Another shot of that little cabinet. I added the little knobs. Actually, I bought them at a little store called Keepsakes in Buckley, Washington. (Now closed). The adorable gal is Debbi Bock and has a bloggie now of her own........check her out! Just click on the link on my favorite girlies titled Garden Party.

She's a sweet little Christian'll LOVE her.

One of my dear friends always tells me......."and God is still in control" when things are out of whack in my's in the little frame in this snap...inside the jar. You know, it's all about keeping things safe from the hair goo.....

More of the I really needed to add another picture of it???

That little curtain under the sink?? Yeah, storage. As I've said my little cottage is pretty small and I have to make every area pay! This holds one of those little plastic drawer do-hickeys for beauty supplies and my little stool. I sit here every single day to put my make-up on.

The bottom of the shower curtain. This is an example of measure twice, cut once??? :-) I had intended a solid strip across the area where the little points are. In the end, although a lot more work, this came out just fine. I can't tell you how many boo-boo's I've made when I'm sewing.

And, finally, my little chair. I LOVE this little cutie. I bought it at an all-city garage sale several years ago for 12.00 and made the slipcover for it. It is my very worst slipcover, but I love it anyway. This was a tough chair to do. It doesn't have a cushion which hides MANY little problems. It's on wheels, so I just shoot it into the closet when I clean the bathroom. I never use all matching fabrics. I like to "shake it up"........or, as my friend Jan says......"add a bit of poisen" makes everything much more interesting and achieves the cottage look much better, I think.

I hope you've enjoyed the little bath tour today.

Now, go and have a great time checking out all the other fabulous girls and their Pink Saturday posts.

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Thank you Beverly!

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  1. terrific post - quite the frilly bathroom you have there! :)

    HaPpY PiNk SaTuRdAy!

  2. How in the wolrd do you manage to leave your bathroom, Spencer?? It is beautiful but what I loved most was the charm your daughter gave you, what a beautiful and precious tradition that will always engraved on your hearts.

    Hugs to you, thank you, your post has blessed me so much.

  3. OH! This is wonderful! How fun to have such a bathroom!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Such a nice girly bathroom! Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing.


  5. Spencer your bathroom is lovely. I wish I had a girly bathroom, but have to share with my hubs. I foofoo it as much as possible! Your little cabinets are so cute!

  6. Thanks for the great detailed tour!

  7. Thats such a precious bathroom and so much like the you I know so far.Sweet and feminine,but classy.I love the window shelf.That is awesome.And the tradition with you and your daughter is awesome too...ann

  8. Hi Spencer!
    Oh my goodness. if that were my bathroom, I'd get up in the morning, take a shower and just stay in there all day long looking at all of my lovelies! It's definately important for a wife to have a ladies room of her own!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
    Deanna :D

  9. Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday. Check out my book giveaways!

    Come for Blue Monday.

  10. Your bathroom looks so charming!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. I just love the framed quote inside the jar! Hair goo or not it's a great idea - mind if I steal?

    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  12. Hi Spencer!
    There are SO many Adorable treasures in your bathroom! I love the little cabinet! The wonderful shower curtain & curtain - great job! The sweet little frame in the jar! Love the unique towel bar too! A very Lovely bathroom!
    Thanks for visiting me & have a great weekend!


  13. that chair! Happy pink day!

  14. Your bathroom is wonderful. I thought the shower curtain and chair slipcover were great. You did a wonderful job with EVERYTHING in that room. I don't even want to go into my bathroom now, but I guess I'll have to eventually. :) Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. such a pretty room. i would spend lots of time in there!


  16. Hi Spencer, Hope this finds you well and that you got and enjoyed some sunshine today too. I am ready for it to stay that way!
    Your bathroom is adorable, love the chair, the window setting, all the little touches, to to sweet!

  17. Your bathroom is gorgeous! Thank you for the tour. I adore the little chair and I think you did a wonderful job of the slipcover. My bathroom is so tiny, it owuld probably fit into yours. I haven't done anything to it yet since moving in. Once I get the shop set up, then it's back to working on my own little nest.

  18. Just love your bathroom, It's so pretty...I just love every little detail...Those jars with the picture frame is just a sweet idea..

  19. Adorable, sweetpea! I think I'll make some little jars with "pretties" in them for my guest bath. Thanks for the tip....
    xoxo chick,

  20. I love your bathroom.. soooo nicely done.. I love your small cabinet.. and spy some vintagey talcum powder.. and I also like the way you display lil frame in the jar.. so sweet.. Happy PS!

  21. Hello.I have some awards for you.Please come by and pick them up please.One of each...Ann

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    if you can't log on this will do you no good,but if you can you can go to your pc maker and get the download to pack it up/
    and -----we out of neccesity put a reg cd,my mind went blank,into my worked just fine.

  23. Love your bathroom and the sweet pink things in it. I am like you, I love tole trays -and your chair is lovely. Happy Pink Saturday!

  24. Excuse me but I need to use the restroom, carry on without me, I will be awhile, just beautiful, good job, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  25. Yes this blogging is sooo additive! I'm really hooked! Enjoy!



  26. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy (belated) Pink Saturday...on Tuesday! X Es X

  27. Thank you for stopping by.You are always so sweet and brighten my day.Good luck Thursday...Ann

  28. Hi Spencer,
    Such an adorable bathroom, now I need to go and do something with mine!:)) Thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I get sooo excited when someone leaves a comment. HAve a fabulous day, Janice

  29. Beautiful girly bathroom!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog to offer hugs:)
    Hugs to you...

  30. Hi Spencer...

    My friend, I don't know how I missed this fabulous post! So sorry but I'm here now.

    Ohhhh my...Spencer, this has got to be one of the prettiest baths that I've ever seen! I love your style!!! First of all, the colors are simply divine...I love green & pink together! (Have you checked out my blog that I have my Tea Rose bedroom on? I did that room all in greens and pinks).

    You are definitely a talented seamstress...I just adore your window and shower curtains...that's such a pretty fabric!!! And...that pretty slip you sewed for your chair...gorgeous!!! Many years ago I did alot of sewing for my 3 daughters but I've never tried doing chair slips, etc...hmmm, sure would love to try it! Do you use a purchased pattern or do you make your own patterns? Love, love, LOVE that pretty chair!!!

    I just adore all of your beautiful that pretty shelf under your window! Well I could just go on and on...seriously! Oh yes, I do want to talk about that pretty cabinet filled with all of those beautiful jars, etc! I love the pretty rose pulls!!!

    Well...all I can say is, I certainly can see why you would need a clock in this fabulous bath...if it were mine, I would be spending soooo much time in it! Hehe!!! Beautifully done, my friend!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  31. Oh, you gals are allll so sweet.....And Tristan too! :-).....I actually would jam more in there if I could.......but I have to take it all out to clean it every week and that seems like too much work! I use Bare Escentuals make up and let me tell ''s MESSY!....

    About the of these days, when I get some time, I'm going to slipcover a couple more chairs. I'll do a tutorial when I do it. It's not as hard as you might think..just step by step...and it's so rewarding to make something pretty out of something not so swell....

    Hugs to all of you!



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