Friday, April 3, 2009

Washington State Historical Museum And Museum Of Glass Trip!

I have "DATE DAY" every Tuesday with my little grandson. I pick him up at school, take him out to eat and then we go do whatever he wants to do for the rest of the day. He really looks forward to it, but it's really alllllllllll for me! I only have one grandchild and I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to miss having special time with him, hence......"BRETT'S SPECIAL DAY"... Last week we did the Washington State Historical Museum and Dale Chihuly's Museum of Glass. If you don't live tooooo far away, make this a destination. It's in Tacoma's museum district, also housing the Tacoma Art Museum. You could actually do all three and make a day of it.

These pictures are actually taken OUTSIDE in the walkway between the Washington State museum and the Glass Museum. BEEEEE-UUUUU-TI-FULL!!!! It's on the ceiling!

More of the ceiling.......

Blowing Glass.

More from the viewing area.

They have an art room where you can go to do a little project.......My boy LOVES art and is all about art supplies and little projects. Oh, how I LOVE this child. He is truly the joy of my heart.

Brett, working on his mobile.

This is a shot from the Historical Museum. Isn't it cute???

Shirley Temple and the Dionne Quints. My daughter has an enormous Dionne collection. She's loved them ever since she was a little girl.......when her Mommy used to buy her she buys her own! :-)

Dionne Quints sheet music. Fifty Chubby Tiny was my daughter's very first item for her collection. She became enamoured with them.......Ok.......I have always gone to antique shows and flea markets, so there was a method to my madness......I never had to coax her to go.......she was always on a quest to find something for her collection. And, the hobby has held. She still loves to go on the search for something fun! YIPPPEEEE!!!

I know this picture's not very good, but it's a shot of the inside of a ship being built from the historical museum. Brett loves this room......

Wooops.........I didn't realize somebody had walked into this picture!

So, that's my Show and Tell Friday..........I'm sorry I'm so late. I've had so much trouble getting things up and running. I've tried five different browsers now and for some reason none of them work properly.
Now, I'm not about to mess this whole gizmo up by trying to hide the link, so I'll just put it out there for you.....
Sweet Kelli hosts this lovely event and you can see more lovely ladies at:
I'm going to put something fun up for Pink do come back!
I LOVE visitors.
God bless you and have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. Hi spencer you are so welcome!!
    I had lots of fun myself!! I could have gone on and on...LOL!!
    Have fun and do check out the others its a nice mix of all kinds and I still have a list a mile long. ENJOY!!

  2. Hi Spencer....just catching up tonite on blogging and wanted to thank you for visiting me. We had a traveling Dale Chihuly show last year in my hometown and it was so inspiring! ~Janet~

  3. Your grandson is such a cutie!!! That is so sweet you do that with him...I know he's gotta love that..Those pictures of the glass is just amazing. I don't think I have ever seen anything like that before...Loved your seeing the pictures of your outing..

  4. Hello Spencer... friend, that is the sweetest! Taking your sweet little grandson every Tuesday! You're making some precious memories together...he'll never forget! He sure looks like a sweet boy...and he loves arts and crafts!!! Sure makes me homesick for all 10 of my grandkids...they're all in Texas and so far away! It just breaks my heart that I miss out on so much of their lives...but I am making a trip down in June to see them all! Yeeeehawww!!!

    Girl, that ceiling full of all the colorful glass is simply fabulous!!! I've always been fascinated with the entire process! When I was in Venice, Italy three yrs. ago...I seen some of the most beautiful pieces of glass art there!!! Thank you for sharing your Tuesday's date with all of us!!! I just think that's so sweet!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  5. Love that glass! Reminds me a bit of the Corning Museum in NY.

  6. That museum of glass looks fascinating. Your grandson is adorable, I can't wait to have grandchildren. I just love glass, my sister creates beautiful stained glass designs.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  7. Hi Spencer, your grandson is adorable young man, I bet your time is special with him, as it usually is with a grandma!
    I am so close and yet to see The Glass Museum and history museum. Ron and I need to take a weekend down there and do those things. But I have been to Dale Chihuly's Boat House, were it all began and he lives upstairs. Ron knew someone to be able to get me a tour of it and it was amazing. He has a glass ceiling between some rooms , a whole hallway long. I got some great photos in there. It was one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do.
    Thanks for sharing this, now I want to come even sooner to Tacoma and do that.


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