Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Fun! The Daily Wag Dog Blog!

Little Francesca and Sharkey........don't they look like little princess's!

Little Ruby Mae PetuniaBelle is soooo excited about the new blog. She'll be checking it out!

Little Ruby is a Frenchie too! Doesn't she look like Francesca.......ok, really??? Ruby's really a mutt.........We bought her from a breeder who is developing a new "designer breed". She's 1/2 Frenchie, 1/4 Boston Terrier and 1/4 English Bull Dog. They say that mixing the breeds with help with common health issues. Ahhhhhhhh.....not so much here. She has allergies, we have to buy prescription food for her at the vet.......fifty dollars.......she was just at the vet last week for allergies.........300.00 and last month..........150.00.........But, you know how it goes.....they're part of the family and we'd do ANYTHING for them....

I have a horrible time taking pictures of her. Her eyes usually turn this eerie blue.....sort of like red eye, but blue?? The correction do-hickey in Picassa, and in the Cannon program will not correct it! Any suggestions? I'd love to have more pictures of her as soon as I can manage it!

Little Ruby has a wardrobe too!

Isn't this a darling vintage picture of a Frenchie???

This is Francesca......but it looks JUST like Ruby!
Check it out! Martha has some cute pets. LOTS of pets! :-)
Wishing you a wonderful day!
God Bless YOU!
PS.........thank you so much for coming! I am enjoying this whole blogging world so much!
PSS............I am still having trouble posting........I posted this from Internet Explorer, instead of Firefox, but it won't let me make spaces where I want them and such..........sorry for the messy bloggie!


  1. I love the dog pic's, how cute they are!!!! I just LOVE YOUR LITTLE RUBY!!!!! She is just too cute...I love the picture of her laying in her bed..

  2. I enjoyed seeing your dogs. My sister used to show frenchie's. They are cute. I have a shih tuz with allergies and he has to take a shot every 4 months, but then he is fine. I pick the shot up and give it to him myself. It cost me $17.00. I worried about it at first, but he has had it now for 7 years and he is 12 years old.

  3. Oh girl I love your fur cute...thanks for coming by...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. Oh I love your sweet Ruby! Sorry about the allergies. I work for a Vet and I'm thankful everyday, my sweet mutts don't have these issues. I'm sure she's worth it!

    HUgs, Lisa

  5. Hi Spencer...

    Just read your note and wanted to come by to say thank you for taking a peek at my glad that you enjoyed it!

    I have to admit that I don't know much about Frenchies but they're just adorable! Our family always had boston terriers and English bulldogs when I was growing up. In fact, my folks, sis, and brother still all have boston terriers and bulldogs. Your little Ruby Mae is just darling...I can tell that she lives the pampered life...hehe!!!

    Well my friend...I'll be back by again!
    Warmest wishes,

  6. Hello Spencer,
    Love your blog and needed to share. View my blog for a surprise!! Have a great day, Sabrina

  7. What adorable pups! They remind me of my Boston Terrier Nubby :)


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