Monday, April 20, 2009

He WON!!!!!!!!! He WON!!!!!!! YOWZA!!!

My precious little grandson is in second grade and is quite the artist. He LOVES to draw. They had an assignment to do a picture for Earth Day several weeks ago. It was entered and judged.......and............HE WON! Not just for second grade, not just for his school,

Isn't that just amazing? I'm so tickled and so is he. It sort of makes up for the...........oh.................many times he's been in the principles office. :-)

He's an awesome kid, and about a million on the intelligence scale, but does get into mischief occasionally! Bless his pea-pickin' heart.

He is the joy of my heart and I'm a proud Gramma........or Hemma as he calls me.

Blessing you all and thank so much for sharing this proud day!



PS......Yep, we'll be doing something special. It's Tuesday and we ALWAYS have a Tuesday Date. I asked him, yesterday, what he wanted to do and he's not sure yet. :-)

His mom took him to dinner. There were two very elderly couples at the restaurant. He asked his mom if they were on a field trip from the nursing home. Oh KIDS! You just never know what they're going to say, do you?


  1. Congratulations to your grandson! He is very talented and you should all be very proud.

  2. Awwwwwww! Congrats Spencer & Hemma! What a talented little one. My Tatiana loves to do art & is very good also. They make your heart full & young, don't they.

    WE left WA when we got married & never returned. Occasionally I get a good taste of WA weather, like today ... heavy fog, cool 50, damp ... just miss the mountains.

    Centralia has a great antique mall, if it is still there. We always go when we visit the area.

    I am sending you an answer to your email separately. TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. No matter how old or how young, when someone we love accomplishes something wonderful we nearly burst with happiness. Congrats on the win for his Earth Day Art. How sweet for you and for him. Will you take him out for a special treat in celebration?

  4. Boys can amaze you sometimes. Great art work. I see why he won.


  5. Congrats to your grandson!

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my nan and sorry to you too for your loss

    Victoria x

  6. Love your sweet site, thank you for sharing yourself so creatively. I've given you an award! Check out

  7. You have quite the little artist there..That drawing is just amazing...He really has a special gift..Congrats to your grandson..


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