Friday, May 22, 2009

It Really Is The Small Things In Life! Show and Tell Friday. An Award!!! Yippeee! And, Random Stuff.... :-)

Hi there little Sweetie-Chicks! I've been ever so busy and my blogging has been on that 'ol back burner!

First really is the SMALL things in life........My darling Hubbs installed a new faucet for me! Isn't it a cutie? I had the yukk-o builder's grade number that was none too pretty......although efficient!........Now, this is really big stuff here at Bellamere Cottage. My dear, darling Hubbs is NOT a MR. FIX-IT.....He has learned a few things along the life's highway, but not toooo much in the home repair department.............because............

This is the back yard of the home where my DH grew up. He surfed EVERY day........he didn't hang around learning how to change faucets, re-roof a house or change oil. He was way too busy LIVING! And, he has loads of pre-cancer stuff to prove it. His Dr. calls him a dermatologist's dream.......Those two little "bumps" out there are the Mokes...pretty? Yeah, what a way to grow up!

This is the view to the right...........the Koolau mountains...........My MIL lives on the, straight out is the canal.........right....Koolau's............Oahu, Hawaii.....

Left..........yeah, the Pacific Ocean.......wouldn't it be a tough place to grow up???

He moved here about 17 years ago to be with his girlfriend. No, that was NOT me...... :-) But, after that didn't work out, God brought us together miraculously and we've been living happily ever after in the beautiful NW.....

My dear, darling hubbs and I actually had one of our two wedding receptions right here on this very lawn....... :-)

Now, you won't want to miss all the other lovelies who will be listing fun and interesting things! Please check them out at There is no place like's on my sidebar! :-)

Now, onto the Mount St. Helen's eruption.........well, I was amazed! I got comments from lots of gals who lived a LONG way away and got some ash or who heard about it on the and night! This was so long before cable news shows with their round the clock coverage and certainly before the internet. I had no idea so many people were "in the know" and remembered it..........yeah, I DO live in a bubble! :-)

On a totally different subject..........should you need batteries.......ANY kind of batteries, I'd like to suggest Interstate Batteries as your choice. I saw one of their commercials recently where they asked if you knew Jesus.........!!!!!!!!!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I have only seen the commercial once, so I can't tell you exactly what the commercial said, but I sure DO remember that! I'll be making all my purchases from them from now on. You may even have a superstore in your area.....but they sell on the net too.

I simply cannot figure out how to add a link, but if you search for Interstate Batteries you'll find it! :-)

And now!!!! I've been given an award by the wonderful Melly over at His Pink Princess. I'm so pleased. A GOLDEN HEART! WOW! Thank you really need to visit this little gal, if you haven't already, she is a DOLL......from Down Under!! You'll find her link on my know I can't handle that linking thing........

Part of this award is to give it to five other Golden Hearts......Well.........I thought and thought and there is just no way I can only choose five. Every single one of you has lifted me up and brightened my day........Soooooooooo..........if you've left a message for me please take this golden heart as your very own!!! You're ALL Golden Hearts to me! xoxoxox

I hope you have a glorious Memorial Day weekend........I'll be spending mine remembering our fallen. I am grateful to them and to the other dedicated men and women AND their families who are serving now and who have served. If you are one or know one.......GOD BLESS YOU!!

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. What an adorable faucet! Little things/improvements like that make me feel so good about the home! Lovely pics of where your husband grew up. I don't swim, so I cannot imagine such a paradise!!! Hope you two have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Spencer!! LOVE the new faucet..tell Mr. Surfer-dude he did a Great job!
    Those photos are so beautiful...I'd be outside all the time too!
    Congrats on your new award, too!!
    Have a Tremendous Memorial Day weekend~~~
    God Bless the USA!
    Take care,

  3. Hello sweet Spencer!
    What a great faucet! Yes, the little things in life do make us so happy! Glad to hear that your husband is well and that he finds pleasure in making you smile with a new faucet! My husband is awesome too. He has made our cozy cottage such a lovely place to live. Blessings to you my dear, Anita

  4. Spencer, the faucet is gorgeous. Isn't it great to get rid of all the really bad builder things and have something nice. I know you love it. The pics of where your DH grew up are just gorgeous. What a paradise. Since we're in the desert now, I really miss the beach, I grew up in San Diego and lived at the beach, not I live with the cactus. lol Have a fabulous Memorial Day. Hugs, Marty

  5. The new faucet is stunning! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pics --- lovely!

  6. Oh I wish I could go to HI!! Lovely pics! I love the little things too! Thanks I'll gladly take the award! I'm not good at choosing either!
    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Hi Spencer,
    Sweet post !! Lovely new faucet I might add.. Way to go for your hubbs..He made you happy !! And my oh my, what beautiful scenery in your mil's backyard.. Forget leaving for vacation.. You've got the perfect spot.. I LoVe to be near the ocean.. I will be this week-end for sure.. It's funny, cuz I thought you only surfed in the Southern Pacfic Ocean, not the Northern part.. Seems sooo cold..Ooohh.. I learned something everyday !! I'm not ashamed.. Have a wonderful week-end as well Spencer.. Lovely sharing from sweet you !!
    Hugs ~tea~xo

  8. I love your new faucet! I would love a new one in my bathroom, too. :0) Have a wonderful long weekend!

  9. oh what a wonderful Hubby, and what gorgeous scenery. Thank you so much Spencer, for your sweet words, see that's why you get The Golden Heart Award!!
    Love & Hugs

  10. Hi Sweet Spencer
    WOW I am not sure where to begin.the faucet,the view, oh my.
    There are so many wonderful things to comment on .Let me keep it simple .
    Thank you for the awesome post ,congrats on the award and blessings to you .
    Happy Memorial Weekend.

  11. LOVE the faucet. It's similar to the one I've thought of I'd like for our sinks!

  12. Hi Spencer...

    So glad that you came by for a visit today, my friend! Thanks for your concern but I've just been busy...doesn't look like it's going to lighten up anytime soon either!

    Ooooh...I love your new sink's purtee, my friend! My honey always laughs at me because I can get really excited over such things...but hey! I just love that new brushed nickel finish! That's what we put in for our kitchen requires so little clean-up! Oh yes...and I think your surfer boy did a great job with it too! Wow...those are some lovely photos of such a fabulous place! would have been tough having to grow up in a place like that...wink!!!

    Well my friend...have a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend!

  13. Since we share the belief that "too much is never enough", I really enjoyed seeing your pretty vignettes. I love the way you display your treasures. Those photos of your husband's "back yard" are gorgeous! Isn't it amazing how much a new faucet can change the look of a room? Yours looks great.laurie

  14. Hi Spencer,
    Nice to meet you. I will pass on the birthday wish to my daughter.
    Love your pink tea pot!!!
    Have a happy day!


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