Monday, May 18, 2009

Mount St. Helens' Eruption Anniversary.....

I think most everyone, who lives in the Northwest, remembers where they were the day Mount St. Helens erupted. that was 29 years ago today! It doesn't seem like that much time has passed since then, but it sure has! Where does the time go?

I was doing some grocery shopping.......those were the days long before cell phones, but I heard the report on the radio on the way home. Part of I-5 (the MAIN freeway here) was closed for quite sometime due to flooding. There was ash everywhere! What a mess.....I remember being concerned because it seemed to do damage to cars.....Oh boy, that could be a problem!

It was quite a "thing" for awhile after the eruption to make all sorts of things out of the ash. It seemed everyone had a Christmas ornament made from it and you could find pieces in many gift shops. :-)

Too bad we didn't have eBay back then. It would have been quite a money maker. Nothing like a little ash souvenir, by golly.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Warm blessings,


  1. Oh I so remember. I lived in Bend, Ore. at the time and my daughter was living in Washington and I was part of a police escort through tons of ash to get her so she could come home for her wedding. The wheel bearings were ground to nothing on my car from the ash. As I followed the police car, I could hardly see it because the dust blew up so easily. Such a mess. We cleaned up ash for weeks. Such a tragic event and such loss of life. Remember it well. Hugs, Marty

  2. I worked at a Lutheran camp here during the summer of 1980...the sky had a haziness to it! It really was a daily thing here SO many miles away in Nebraska!

  3. I was a newly married girl and was shocked by the eruption of the mountain! You are right...that ash would have brought some money...and everybody and his half brother would have been selling it!

    I love my visits to your Bloggie. How is your girl doing? Mending? I pray so.

    Love to you...xoRebecca

  4. Wow, I do remember that like yesterday and I live in Texas. That was quite something and I hated that so many lives were lost. We had the most amazing sunsets that summer because of the ash from that eruption and there was even a poor displaced moose spotted by some local ranchers as a result of that dark day. Seems hard to believe it was 29 years ago. Wow.

  5. We weren't in this area...but you know going to the Mount now is one of my favorite things to do..I am amazed at the power of the is a awesome thing to see what the power of God can is so beautiful up there too. I feel refreshed when I leave

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :) I am really enjoying yours! I love your entry to your cottage, just beautiful!

  7. G'day, Spencer ~ I certainly do remember that horrible day. Mother said a thousand times that Mt. Rainier & Mt. St. Helens would blow ... she lived 40 miles by a crow from that explosion. My brother was visiting from Seattle & he started yelling, 'give me your panty hose'! Mother gave them to him, he put them on some part of his car & sped home.

    We took our son out to graduate from our high school, since he wouldn't do it at his school, so all the gr-gparents & gparents could see the 'first; child graduate. The ash was like raining cement from the constant drizzle, you could only do a mandatory 5 mph so as not to stir the ash ... those majestic evergreens were bent to the earth as if in prayer ...the explosion was so strong that the ash literally embedded thru home walls. When you would sit on a sofa the ash would plume up out of it.

    That was the day that was ... it brought tears to our eyes to see the devastation to the beauty of our 'former' home state.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I have started the posts from our most recent "Grandparent Disney trip" with a look into the eyes of my little guys from this "Grammy"! Also every comment counts as an entry for the May giveaway. (See Monthly Card Box Giveaway")! Stop by for a visit when you have some time.

  9. Found you over at Wendy's.

    I do remember. I was working later at a jewelry store in South Coast Plaza and our biggest selling item was the ornaments made with ask from Mt.St. Helens.
    We are visiting family there next month.

    Warm Wishes,
    karen Eileen

  10. I remember hearing about that eruption and it seemed to far away. Since I lived in Tampa and was the same age as my son is now~~wow!
    Those terrifying moments that stay with us are just incredible. Living in Florida we had our share of hurricanes and one dramatic tornado that came thru our street when I was 8 years old. Will never forget it...

    Take care, Spencer~~

  11. I am on the east coast & I vividly remember that day. The news was covering it endlessly. My step-mother's brother lives in Idaho & he was concerned with the ash.
    That was a fierce explosion & I hope it never explodes again...
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  12. I can not BELIEVE it was that long ago! Wow. WOW! I remember it well...and yes; just think of the money you'd make on eBay now! :-)

    I don't believe I thanked you for your sweet (and funny!) comment on my Cottage Giveaway blog post. So THANK YOU...and good luck!

    Hugs from the shore house,

  13. Spencer... I remember that day well... I was at home in Mississippi... pregnant with #2 daughter... I had family that lived in Northern California, and I remember worrying about them... but alas... it was a little far away from them to worry...

    A very frightening experience... even from halfway across the country!

    blessings. Dixie

  14. Those pictures are something else...Just amazing...I don't remember that happening, but I do remember hearing people talking about it...That really would've been a site to see..Probably something you would never forget either...

  15. Hi Spencer :)

    I remember it! I was 10 years old and living in S. Cal., but it's all anyone could talk about for weeks. 29 years ago? Shoot me! LOL


  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a lovely blog...I enjoyed my visit here. I love the special post you did about your mum...very sweet and loving. I lost my mom too, it's a very hard thing.

  17. thanks for visiting my blog! Oh yes, that day will live in infamy for all of us in the PNW.
    I just couldnt believe that Spirit Lake was gone and would never be the same again. I had friends who lived in Spokane at the time and they described the "black cloud" of ash on the horizon coming towards them was like something out of horror movie. Luckily living SW of the volcano we were spared tons of ash. My baby girl at the time is now almost 30 YIKES!

  18. Hi Spencer,
    Gosh, I so remember this, Iwas right out of high school, and it was all over the news.. Seems like yesterday, now that I think of it.. My friend in Washington sent me ashes in an envelope.. Bet that would freak the post office now-a-days..different world we live in.. Thanks for sharing your memory..Have a blessed evening..hugs ~tea~xo

  19. I remember it too. I was 18 at the time, and it was all over the news here in Australia. What a frightening event, much like the recent bushfires we have had here in Victoria, its so devastating.
    Thank You for visiting my blog, and sending me an email xxxx
    I have taken 8 photos for you too put in your mothers memory jar, and sent them too you in an email. I hope you like them, and please let me know if you don't receive them please.
    I hope your daughter is well on the mend xxxx
    Lots Of Love,
    Kay xxxx


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