Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Old Town Tour For You! :-)

Is this the cutest darn garden gate? It even has a door plate? Wow!

These homes are in my daughter's neck of the woods here in the Northwest. It's not the architecture of the South or the East Coast, but soooo pretty, I think!

You can click on any of the photos for a bigger shot! know you want to! ;-)

This home belongs to that lovely gate...............dreaming of that wall and landscaping........ :-)

I'm in love with black shutters!

Mmmmmmmmm......aren't those the prettiest windows???

This old gal needs some TLC, but my daughter and I both just love this home!

This home is enormous!!!! And, many of these homes have a view of Puget Sound........YUM!

High on a hill with a beautiful view.......

I always think it would be fun to live in a place like this! :-)

They just don't do windows like this one any more, do they??

Just look at all the detail!

A more modest home, but still.........way bigger than Bellamere Cottage!!! :-)

Something is just WRONG about that apartment building.....


Wooops.........didn't seem to get the close-up shot even near the "full" shot.....sorry! It's sooo big and part of it is cut off in the snap too! YIKES! Hmmmm.......I'm thinking I'd have a really big sewing room in this one!

Doesn't this just make you smile? It was soooo cute!


Cobblestone and two different kinds of pretty, but they're pretty darn bumpy!

Gosh, I wonder how long ago this was planted! HUGE!!!

So crisp and clean......I loved the little trees on the porch and the black shutters........little Bellamere Cottage has black shutters too! :-)

This is my very favorite. It looks so dear, doesn't it? This little gal has it alllll! Well, except black shutters!

My daughter and I both love to drive around looking at homes.........I always wish I could go inside. What kinds of treasures to they have? How is it decorated? YEP....that's why I LOVE blogging..........I get to peek inside so many of your homes. It's so much fun to see all the darling little ideas you gals come up with. It's like a dream come true......without having to knock on doors and ask to peek!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.

Blessings and hugs,


  1. You have a great eye for photos, Spencer. I am immensely enjoying these homes.

    Is today a better day for you?

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. What a beautiful little town! I love looking at houses, too! Has anyone out there ever just stopped at a house and asked the people if you could see inside? (Wouldn't that make for a fun post!)

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Those are sooo beautiful! It's hard t even pick a favorite!

  4. I seemed to have lost my last comment here, sorry if it pops up again:)

    I LOVE driving around looking at houses and wishing we could poke our heads in and get a tour!

    Thank you for stopping by my site...I have you bookmarked and will be coming back for another long look later!

  5. I love to take walks in neighborhoods where I can "spy" and dream about what their interiors look like! These are such pretty homes that you featured in this post. Wish I could've spied on them with you! Sue

  6. Spencer... I always enjoy the photos of the homes in your area... such diverse architecture! and lush gardens... how I envy those gardens!

    Did you know that Candy @ Rock Candy was looking for you? Drop by, she found something you'd want.. it has to do with hearts and rocks...

    blessings.... I know you'll miss your sweet mom this weekend... but she'll be with you...


  7. Hi Spencer...I don't know how you fond my blog but I'm so glad you did....I love yours...The houses are wonderful...just as nice if not nicer then the ones on my side of the world...I loved that one with the huge bush in front...soemthing my husband would let happen....I look forward to stopping back...Have a Wonderful Mother's Day....
    Sue @ the Rue-Mouffetard.

  8. oh i love to look at homes too, this was just delightful! you are surronded by so much beauty! the gate and arch are my favs~

  9. HI There fellow PNWester! I love it here in the Spring so much, the homes just sing with beauty, don't they? Wow, loved your tour, where do you live? It looks so much like the homes in my area, but all over the sound they look like that! I was thinking, I need a trip to Port Townsound soon, oh and Victoria too! I love this area when the rain isn't making everything gloomy! I was born in Seattle, but spent much of my growing up in Northern CA, it is wonderful to be raising my boys here! Such beauty!
    Take care and have a wonderful Mothers Day, and praise the Lord your daughter is doing so great!!!!!
    Donna Lynn

  10. OOOOHHHH, I just love that gate. It really is just to darn cute. What great photos..Those homes are just soooooo pretty...

  11. What a beautiful blog you have. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Funny you mentioned I Love Lucy, because ironically, she is one of my very favorites!

  12. what a gorgeous neighborhood - what landscaping! your cottage is too cute = love the entryway floors!!!!!!!!

  13. I love how all of the homes have their own character and personality- hard to choose a favorite!


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