Thursday, May 14, 2009

Texas Rocks! Thank You CANDY!!! I LOVE the Lone Star State!

Have you ever seen anything so wonderful???

Sweet little Candy's signature!

Oh my gosh...I am sooooooooo crazy about this rock, Texas, Candy and the blog-world!

I mentioned on my blog that I was collecting heart shaped rocks.......yeah, it's a pitifully small collection.......three rocks.....I mentioned that too!........and that I was hoping to add to this little collection someday.

Well, I got a message from Candy.......darlin' little Texas gal that said she'd keep her eyes out for little heart shaped rocks and send me one from Texas if she found one. No time at all went by and I got an e-mail from this dear gal........she had a rock for me, not heart shaped, but very unusual, would I like it? Welllllllllll.........HECK yeah! Isn't this the most amazing rock? A rock with a perfect heart impression? WOW!!! Boy, they sure grow great things there in Texas, including women! I so appreciate this wonder of nature. I asked this little doll-face if she'd sign it for me, so she did that too! And, marked her "spot" on the Texas postcard too. I will treasure this......not only because it's so remarkable, but because of the generosity and love I've received from the fabulous gals in the blog-world. I am humbled and amazed!!!!!!!

Have you been over to see Candy @ Rock Candy? You'll love her! Her link is in my sidebar........hurry, go right over!

Thank you, Candy. I'm thrilled and delighted!


PS~~~ I actually forgot about Show and Tell Friday, so I'm WAY late! Please don't miss the other sweet gals!


  1. So cool! what a great surprise! Enjoy!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. That is the grandest rock I've seen and will be a fabulous addition to your collection. How very kind and generous of Candy! Good for you! Have a great weekend.

  3. How much fun-
    I'm a Texan so I really like it!


  4. Ain't Blogland great! (And, yup! Texas rocks!)

  5. Bloggers are such sweet people, aren't they? *Ü*

  6. that is a very cool rock...I can't believe it has a perfect heart shape in looks like it was cut out with a cookie cutter....I have a whole lawn filled with pink marble rocks...I will keep an eye out..

  7. Spencer... You're going to end up with so many heart rocks... you'll have a rock garden at Bellamere!

    Yes... our Candy is one sweet gal!

    blessings. Dixie

  8. Hi Spencer, I wrote a comment in your previous post but I see it's not between the others. I'm sorry about this and I don't know why. Anyway, just a few lines to say hallo and thanks for your nice comments. Your blog is delightful and I have added it in my blogroll. Have a great day. Eli

  9. What a cool hobbby! Take care sweet lady and have a fun weekend! Anita

  10. I am humbled by your praise and so happy you are happy. Blogland is a magical place and am so glad I discovered it. Spreading joy is a fun thing for sure!

    Have a fabulous Friday,

  11. Your rock gave me the chills it is so sweet!!! I just love the blog world and how it links incredible people!! It's really a beautiful world! Thank you for visiting my blog. It brought me to you and your sweet rock!

  12. Morning Spencer! What a great friend and lovely items she sent to you...I agree the blog world is so wonderful and there are so many amazing women surrounding it...thank you for visiting my site, I have had fun reading through some of your posts..I am best friends with my mom and would miss her so if she weren't here with me, I am sorry for your loss. have a wonderful weekend Spencer!!

  13. Spencer this is the first time visting your blog... I think! Well... I know it has to be, I would have remembered it! Anyways, You rock also! Anyone that collects rock has a special personality! I also collect rocks and Yes, all my rocks have there own personality and are treasured by me! My kids know when they go somewhere great, that all I want is a rock!

  14. What a darling collection you have started now, Spencer. That was really sweet of Candy ... on my way over to visit her now. Enjoy!

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  15. How special. Yes, our Blogworld is one wonderful place and so many nice people.

  16. That as really sweet of Candy to look and find such a cool rock. :o) Enjoyed looking at your blog today.

  17. Howdy Spencer
    Your rock collection is so awesome :)
    I heartily agree Candy is one sweet gal.
    She is a keeper as my grandma would say !
    Congrats to you on your special blogland happy day.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings to you.

  18. Too cool - what a neat thing to collect.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. That was so neat, such a sweet gift!

  20. Awe how sweet of her! Very cool rock! I love the aged look of your pots in the photo too!

  21. I've lived in these Texas towns... Galveston, Houston, Euless, Irving, Kermit, Gilmer, Longview and Hurst... I loved them all. Everything is GREAT in Texas...even their ROCKS, Rock! :)

    I'll keep an eye out for a heart shaped from Oklahoma. They are even better than those in Texas. They are! They are! Tell Candy I said that! :) LOL


  22. How sweet! Love the rock and the postcard too!

  23. So cool! What a thoughtful surprise!

  24. What a sweet friend to send you a rock for your collection!

  25. What a thoughtful surprise..


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