Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy, HAPPY Birthday, My Sweet Boy!!!'s been a LONG time since my little guy was this tiny. He's NINE today. Oh my, that time went by so quickly. I am the mommy of an only I only got to go down this path once. I was amazed by how quickly she became a woman, it seemed like it happened overnight. So, when my little guy was born I was determined to spend as much time with him as I could.

I LOVE this child. He is so darn interesting. And, funny! We have a Tuesday "DATE" every week. I pick him up at school and we go to dinner, (he's a BOY after all, and ALWAYS starving)...then we're off to do whatever he wants to do. Sometimes we go to the museum, or a movie. Other times we just go to the library, or the bookstore.....or, a tour of local pet stores (he LOVES hanging out at the pet store). He always calls Tuesdays his SPECIAL day and says it's his favorite day of the week. :-) I hope, when he's older he'll always smile on Tuesdays, remembering it's his SPECIAL day!

I begged for a long time, for a grandchild. I couldn't wait. I imagined how much I would enjoy this little person.........but I had no idea how much he would change my life. I'm just crrrrrazy about him. He is the light of my life and joy of my heart.........what an awesome kid.

Thank you Dodi for this precious gift!!!! You're a fabulous Mom........and nine years ago today was the second most glorious day of my life! (She's 38, but still likes to know she's still "got it").... :-)

Happy Birthday Pumpkin! I love you so much. You're a joy and a delight and I am so blessed to call you mine.

Happy Friday to all!

Huge hugs!

PS...My boy forgot his lunch yesterday and his Papa.....yep, that would be my darling Hubbs, left work and took a lunch to him. Isn't that just toooooooo sweet? And by the way.............he's my daughter's stepdad!!.....he is ALWAYS there for this family. I am amazed at his devotion to this boy. My son-in-law died in a car accident, so my husband is the only MAN in my boy's life. How lucky we are to have him. God is soooooo good. He never calls Brett his wife's grandson either!!! :-) He ALWAYS refers to my daughter as his daughter (she positively adores him) and Brett as his grandson. Can you believe it??? Gosh, I am one lucky gal!

If you're looking for your own Mr. Right....don't give up! He's out there ......and.........he's looking for YOU! God has a plan for each of patient. You'll bump into each other! I did. :-) I could never have imagined my life could be so wonderful.

Thank you Father God for providing for my family. I am more grateful than I can say....


  1. Happy Birthday to your precious boy! Time does nice that you have many precious moments with your grandson.
    Your husband is a dear man. You are truly blessed and have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing those precious moments of your life with us.
    Hugs galore!

  2. From a new proud grandma to two little boys - I do so understand your love for your grandson! You sound like the kind of grandma I hope to be!

  3. Oh he is so precious! I am so glad you get to have those 'dates' with sweet!

  4. Oh Happy Birthday! We have two in the next week! My sister and her middle son! 9!!! YEEKS we have two turning 10 this year!! Your family is so sweet THANKS for sharing them with us!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. Oh Spencer, How you made me reflect on sweet youth... I, too, have an only child, but he is 23 and life is only beginning for him. I believe you are extremely lucky and blessed to have found your hubs and that he claims all as his own. Wish your little fellow of 9 a Happy B-Day. hugs, Sue

  6. Happy bday & what fantastic 'dates' you have ... he'll treasure these moments forever when he is older. You are both wonderful loving g'parents. The LOVE just pops out of our writing today. TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. Grandchildren are the best! Happy Birthday to your special little guy. Last July 4th I made cupcakes with red and blue grandson - then 5 said "ooooh, Grandma, I LOVE coming to your house!" They are precious!

  8. So sweet...and yes they do grow up waaay to fast! I love that you have a date every week with your little guy, you are creating some beautiful memories for him! Sounds like your "Mr. Right" is a terrific guy. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Bon anniversaire au petit...Happy birthday to the little one! Il est si mignon! Anita

  10. Just precious my friend....Happy Birthday to your little man!

    God surely does direct all our paths...

    My guy returns home this evening...more thankful than I can say....I'll tell you about what happened to me last night...I was totally traumatized and was in tears until 4am....

    Can't even speak of it right now...


  11. You brought tears to my eyes Spencer! It's so wonderful and inspirational to hear someone so happy and grateful! Happy Birthday to your grandson! How lucky your daughter is to have parent's like you and your husband and to have such a wonderful boy! I was so sad to hear about your son-n-law. God Bless you all on this very special day! Lauralu :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your guy! My husband is the step father to my children and treats them just like his own...even though they were 7 and 12 when we married. Today our daughter (his from 1st wife) and her husband had their second child. So! Our second grand daughter shares a birthday with your grandson. Nice.

  13. Dear Spencer,
    I think you are a wonderful grandmother and your husband is amazing! How blessed you all are to have each other. I am waiting on the Lord for my "Mr. Right" and so is my daughter, who's 23. She's an only child, so I'm going to have to wait to be a grandma. Thanks for sharing your precious story. Have a good weekend! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

  14. Spencer, once again I see your lovely heart in your words!! You are indeed blessed, and so is this little guy, and his Mom. I am so glad that you are so happy and have such a great hubby!! I pinch myself all the time when it comes to my hubby of almost 30 years!! He is such a wonderful man!!

    Thanks for sharing, sweetie!!
    Have a joyful weekend,

  15. Spencer.. I know exactly how you feel about your grandson... I feel the same about my grandchildren... when we have our children, we can't imagine ever loving anything more... and then the grandchildren come...

    i loved reading every word of the joy you feel for this special child in your life.

    blessings. Dixie

  16. AWWWW! This was such a sweet post! That picture is sooo cute, and the way you talk about him and your husband is just wonderful to read. What memories you are creating for your grandson and for yourself on Tuesdays. laurie

  17. Hey Spencer; A very Happy Birthday to your sweet little Man. I really enjoyed reading your lovely post. How blessed you really are.. Have a beautiful weekend.


  18. I have 2 grandsons and I know EXACTLY how you feel!


  19. I have two boys and hope to someday be a grandma too!!! They sure do grow up fast!

  20. Got your comment on my blog about you finding your prince and it really sounds like you found him. He, you, your daughter and grandson sound like a wonderful family. Congratulations for that.

    I also had a question for you..., I just read how you named your cottage, because it's a cool English thing..., and I love that idea (because I'm mostly English - Dutch, Swedish, etc...) But, if I sent you a photo of MY home, would you choose the perfect name for it??? Think about it and let me know, ok?

    Thanks, and I just love browsing your blog!

  21. Happy Happy Birthday to your grandson!! What a special post. I shall make my sister-in-law read it. She is almost giving up waiting for her Mr. Right. How inspiring, there are gentlemen left in this ol' world.
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets


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