Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh My Gosh!!!! It's A LOVE Story!!!! YIPPPEEE!!!

Several months ago I shared our little CUPID just doesn't get any better than this.....

On the left you'll see Bobby. He's been my DH's best friend since they were in elementary school. He's a wonderful guy.........I mean REALLY wonderful. As I've said, my hubbs surfed every day and never learned to do all those little house-ie project things. Welllllll, Bobby grew up right around the corner from DH with NO FATHER and knows how to do everything. Bobby also lives about 45 minutes from us now and whenever I need something done I'll ask the Bobster......I've teased him and called him my half-husband for a lonnnnng time...........because.........when you have a WONDERFUL husband, but he doesn't know how to fix stuff you just NEED a husband and a half. :-)

Bobby's been single for soooooo long and just never found the right gal. He's been so lonely and it made us sad.

Ok........that was part one...........

Part Two.....

I have a dear, sweet friend, Susan. Yeah, that would be her on the right. I've known Susan for quite a long time........yep, single too. It seems she just couldn't find the right fella. Now, Susan lives VERY close to me. I know her very well and just LOVE her. She's a wonderful gal.....TRULY WONDERFUL........Our dream has been to find Bobby a gal that we loved so we could all do things together. day Susan and I are having a coffee at the local Starbucks......... I'm chatting on about my half-husband...(he was helping us fix something)......and she asks "why don't you let me meet this fine fella"...........or something like that.....

Part Three:

We invite them to dinner. They hit it off. They date. And now???


I talked to Susan today and she just can't believe how wonderful Bobby is.

Every time Bobby's here I pump him for information.........he ACTUALLY SAID.....I'd happily wash toilets just to get to spend time with her.....ok.........this is where you sigh and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ ;-)

Susan is just a few weeks younger than I am, Bobby's a few weeks younger than my dear fella...........A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN!

I'm not kidding........we can't figure out why we didn't think of this before??? They are two peas in a pod.....they have so much in common, it's no wonder that they really like each other.

I did give them two conditions when they began dating......1) If they get married, they'd have to live at Susan's, since she lives closer to us.......BBQ's and that sort of thing would be so much easier.....and 2) I still had to have the Bobster's help from time to time.

No wedding bells yet, but........I'm looking for the HAPPY ENDING here...... :-)

Don't you just love a good love story??

In the meantime, we're THRILLED that our friends are so happy.

God Bless 'EM!

God is sooooo good, isn't HE??? It just goes to show you, even when you're in your 50's or 60's you can still find THE ONE!!!!

Hugs to all of you dear and wonderful CHICKIES!


Oh, and can be sure the boy is crazy about the girl if he'll actually rent a tux to go to one of her work parties! He doesn't like to dance either....guess what??? He DANCED!!

It makes my heart happy.


  1. Yes! I do love a happy ending! Hope you 4 have many great times together.

  2. I love happy stories! I think as we get older & yet wiser, we appreciate people so much more & in a unique way. I hope love does prevail. Great job cupid!

    Hugs to my PNW. How I miss Seattle♥

  3. I feel romance filling the air ... you need to spray some Opium (perfume) around when they are together ... enticing, romantic, bewitching.

    Darling couple ... best of luck to your wishes & their future dreams.

    Cute post. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. OMG, what a wonderful romantic story. They are a handsome couple and they sure look like they are meant for each other.....Christine

  5. ohhhh...that is a sweet story...I think I hear wedding bells....and I agree they have to live closer to you and Bobby needs to sign a contract that he will STILL be your helper...
    once they marry and get that HONEY DO list...well you need to keep him in check, ya know..

  6. Wow...truly sweet! I keep saying this over and over...God is in the details. Both the simple and complex... He WILL direct our every step if we allow Him to do so...

    What a faithful, loving friend you are. It's heartwarming to see your affection for those you love.

    xo to you dear sweet Spencer...


  7. This is a wonderful story, Spencer! I wish them a "happily ever after"!

  8. What a wonderful Love Story!!

  9. Don't you just love it when things go soooo right. Best wishes to all!

  10. Hi Spencer,
    So totally awesome and sweet.. Could it get any better ?! Ooohh yes.. wedding bells..hahaha.. How fun for the four of you !! You,ve done well Spencer..Gotta keep the handy man around..hahaha.. Blessings for a wonderul day.. hugs ~tea~xo

  11. Dontcha just love romantical stories!?

  12. This is such a fun and happy story. I hope they live happily ever after. Good job, Spencer!

  13. What a sweet little story! I love it and I'm hoping that one day again I'll find my new Prince Charming. God has a plan and I hope if he need a little help, my friends will play matchmaker like you.
    PS: I love the term 1/2 husband. Everybody needs a good one. :)

  14. Oh good for you! Send one my way! hehehe I'm glad for all of you!
    Hugs, lisa

  15. Looking forward to the "next" chapter*!
    _Ashley ~

  16. Spencer, I'm thinking of that song, "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. Find me a find. Catch me a catch..." Sue

  17. What an amazing love story! How wonderful for everyone involved - usually these types of things don't turn out, but here you go... p.s. thanks for stopping by

  18. Awww.. Now I think that was just the SWEETEST post!! Who doesn't love a story like this?! Whatever happens, happiness and the best of luck to them both! They certainly do make a cute couple!

  19. They are so cute together! LOVED this story. Thanks for sharing it. laurie

  20. That's a definite aaaaah moment. Hope it all works out. I'm sure you'll keep us posted (won't you?)

  21. That is simply adorable! ~He's smitten~

  22. Yep. I had to go find the "rest of the story". LOVE IT!!!


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