Saturday, June 6, 2009

There's A Handpainted Island At Bellamere Cottage!

Happy Pink Saturday! I'm so happy you came to visit!

Get your morning cuppa and kick back for a little bit and enjoy all the lovely girlies at Miss Beverly's..........

So little's the story of the island at Bellamere Cottage....

As I've said, our home is in a planned community and there were only SOOO many choices as to style, colors, hardware, etc. when we built the little cottage about six years ago. One of the options that WAS available was a center island for the kitchen. According to THEIR plan, it couldn't have an overhang for, tell are you supposed to sit at the island with no stools?

Ahhhhhhhh...........but this is where the handy, dandy half-husband (see previous post) comes in! Oh, what a great guy to have around! He and my adorable little hubbs built a wood top for me WITH the desired overhang. It was just plywood, however.......yeah, that's just not going to work, is it?

No problem! The lady of the cottage.......that would be me.......came to the rescue with her little paint bucket and a couple of brushes. .........let's tape off the center and free hand the posies around the edges........roses are hydrangeas would look happy, don't you think?? A couple of coats of primer, a base coat of paint and some dolling up..........about 4 coats of Diamond Finish Varathane.......and VOILA'!!!

This is actually the THIRD time I've painted it. I discovered it's not a good idea to leave a cleaner bottle on top of it on cleaning was so sad.......then I repainted it with a golden border and HATED it, so, as they say, THREE times is a charm.

This is a temporary solution for the island top. I didn't care for any of the upgrades they offered for our counters, so I just went with the standard laminate and will be replacing all of the kitchen counters in a few more, in the meantime, this painted countertop works just great for us.

I tried for two days to take decent snaps of the kitchen and living room to share for Pink Saturday and couldn't get them to look right. I have a Canon's a pretty good camera, I think, but my shots all looked FUNNY! Almost grainy???? Does anyone have any tips? I don't know what all those little buttons are about?? :-) I just use auto, but I think another setting might work better. We were actually having sunshine here in the NW too.... Things that make you say hmmmmmmmm.

God Bless All Of You!!!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Thank you SO very much for visiting.




  1. What a great job you did! The pattern is stunning and so cottagy! Great job, Spencer. Take care now! Anita

  2. What a great idea and so very pretty.

  3. Saturday mornings are mine. I spend them traveling the web, hopping from page to page visiting some of the most lovely blogs loaded with pink all thanks to Beverly and her great idea.

    Thanks so much for sharing your pink this week and for making my morning just a little bit brighter. Wishing you a special weekend filled with fun and family.

  4. Don't ask me about the camera setting, mine is SO simple and the pictures reflect that. Sigh. You painted that? The flowers and all! Wow, nice!

  5. And charming it is!!! Harbor Lights so connects with my family.
    Hubby & son just left for the airport, destination--FLORIDA. A week of Scout sailing in the Keys. And my ukulele band does Harbor Lights in our show.
    Enjoy your fab in bar! and please come swing with the girls at my place today.


  6. Spencer, this is just adorably sweet and oh so practical! When I first glanced at the picture, I thought you were showing a rug! silly me then looked a little closer and started reading... I love your idea immensely! Your pattern, using both geometrics and florals, is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sue

  7. I remember your cute painted island top from RMS but is the pattern different? You really are a talented one with a paint brush, Spencer! It's just beautiful!

    Now about the photo problem...I never did much with a camera until recently and I'm having problems too. I'm finding out when something looks good to my eye, the camera sees it in a whole different way. Ugh! So frustrating! You would not believe how many photos of a piece of cheesecake I had to take just to get a couple good ones to post yesterday.

    I am NO camera expert but you might need to check your instruction manual to see if you have the option of changing the resolution. My husband says the memory card only holds so much and better quality photos use up more memory. On our cameras we can chose to have fewer high quality photos with the high resolution setting or more photos of lesser, grainy quality with the lower resolution setting. And then there are a couple choices in between. See if you can change the setting so the resolution of your photos is higher (and understand that your memory card will hold fewer pictures because of it).

    Maybe someone with more camera knowledge will come along and explain that better or have other suggestions.

  8. Absolutely stunning work, love it! TTFN Marydon

  9. SpencerrRRRRRrrrrr!!!!! That's gorgeous, honey! Do you do commissions in Idaho?!?!?! I love it.

  10. OMG!! Love it Spencer!! Thanks for another enjoyable visit!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  11. I love your island. Very unique.
    As far as pictures and I am certainly no expert, but I quit using the auto setting months ago. I use museum. No flash. The flash always seems to discolor the photo. If the room is lit by lights or natural, it looks fine without the flash. If you no longer have your instruction book for the camera...look online. Most of them are posted. good luck!

  12. Spencer,
    That's lovely. Wow! I'm impressed. I'm not artsy in the painting dept. I appreciate when others can make things so beautiful with just a brush and an eye for beauty. Love it!

  13. Hi Spencer - what a fabulous counter top and wow! you painted it like that! You are one heck of a talented lady! Good to see you again, warm wishes, Vxx

  14. I'm LOVIN' IT! Absolutely LOVIN' it! Where have you been hiding all that talent?????

    I'm blown away by you girly girl. Your story about the half-husband has me in stitches. I have my man doing so much stuff on the inside I need to hire a half-man to do the outside!


  15. Spencer - what a fabulous paint job on that island top! Fantastic. And I loved your matchmaking post. Sigh. I love stories like that. Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. So charming and, beautiful work!!! My goodness. I couldn't help but notice the adorable pic of your mom. I post an article every week called 'Wednesdays with my Mom'. I spend each Wed. with her and then post about it. I'm sorry you have recently lost yours. That is the CUTEST photo of her. : )

  17. Hi Spencer,
    What a fabulous job! Very nice! Happy Pink Saturday.


  18. I am so impressed. You are quite an artist! I love what you did. It's the perfect pink day item!

  19. I'd keep that island top just as it is, never mind changing it later. It's unique, it's beautifully done, it's GORGEOUS! Re grainy pix, your best bet would be to adjust on your computer - maybe Gaussian Blur would be the answer. Happy Pink Saturday.

  20. what a beautiful island! great idea! Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a great weekend ~ Susan

  21. What a great idea to get an overhang. Your paint job is beautiful too.And you can always change it when you redecorate. I think I'm planning to name my bike Bonnie Blue. Because she's blue (obviously) and for little Bonnie Butler in Gone with the Wind, one of my favorite movies, Rhett gives her the nickname because of her blue eyes. That's the plan for now. Happy Pink Day and have a loveleigh Sunday.

    Sares @ Loveleigh Treasures

  22. Oh my stars, that is absolutely the most gorgeous island I have ever ever seen. I wish I had the talent and patience to do that!!! (better yet, I wish you were in my neighborhood, so I could get you to do that!!) Wow wow wow!! I'm in love with it!!! Super job!
    ♥ Teresa

  23. Happy Pink Saturday now Sunday.
    Fantastic painting on your island.
    Have a great day and thank you for visiting

  24. Oh I think your island is beautiful. Black and white and favorites. You did a great job. Happy Pink Saturday (on Sunday)

  25. Hi Spencer,
    WOW !! Quite lovely.. Wish I could be able to paint.. Isn't it amazing what a paint brush and a talented girly can do !! How fun !! Thanks for sharing again... Have a wonderful Sunday..hugs ~tea~

  26. What a great idea,every one is going for granit or marble this is so much nicer,if I could only paint as well as you.Happy belated Pink Sat.

  27. I just LOVE your solution to your island top!! So beautiful and so creative. Lucky you to have half-husband!! Too bad I can't find one--mine is not too handy!! How great that you played matchmaker and paired your good friend with him!! I'll look forward to wedding plans!! :) Happy Belated Pink Sat!!! Dana


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Many, many hugs!