Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh yummmmm! Tales from an O.C. Cottage is having a giveaway...

I'm sorry, you'll have to copy and of these days I'll figure out how to make a link do-hickey work! :-)

You'll want to zip right over and check it out......but, here's the deal.....PALLLLEEEEEZE don't win it....I reallly want to win this one! :-) Just kidding....well, really I'm not!

Big hugs,


  1. Spencer, Stop by my blog- I have tagged you for a little game..... :-) Sue

    p.s.- do you want a little lesson on doing hyperlinks? Let me know.

  2. LOL!! She does have some pretty things there in her giveaway, cross your fingers. ;)
    ♥ Teresa

  3. Yikes...I better get on over NOW! I hope it has to do with those pink and glittered sea shells! Anita

  4. WOW I love that pink sea star! I am going over NOW! Anita

  5. Good Morning Spencer... you're probably still sleeping there on the west coast... to add a link, when doing your post just use that little icon that looks like a frog face... highlight the text you want to link in your post, click on the frog face & an http link will pop up... add the http address there that you want folks to link to... and save... easy as pie...

    have a beautiful day... Dixie

  6. If someone hasn't already explained how to do a link, I'd be glad to help you. Just let me know whether you use Blogger or Windows Live Writer to compose your posts.

  7. Good morning,

    I just had to come and visit,your blog is darling. A bit ago you made a comment on my blog and I was so thrilled as you were one of the first, as I am new to the blogging community I really appreciated your visit.
    Have a terrific day!!
    Hugs Nerina :)

  8. Just love the beautiful starfish!!
    HAve a great day!!

  9. This is a great give away! Thanks for entering mine!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! OK I'll just enter, you can win! *wink* TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. Thanks for the heads-up on this giveaway! Very sweet! I just found your blog and it's beautiful and fun! Lots of interesting things to read!

  12. Congrats on winning all that wonderful loot. It was fun to read your list and get to know you a little better.


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