Friday, June 26, 2009

Show And Tell Friday.....What A Fun "Special Day"....A Train Trip With My Boy

Hi Girlies!! Nope, didn't fall off the face of the earth.....I've just been having a very busy week...but I'm so happy to be back here with all of you wonderful chickies... I hope you've been having a fabulous week!

It's Show and Tell Friday can see lots of fun posts over at Kelli's... (you'll see the link on my sidebar!....there's no place like home)

Two years ago I took my little grandson on a little train ride to Centrailia, Washington. What a fabulous, old train depot they have there. It has the DELISH old architecture. Oh's just soooo yummy. I wish my house had the same fabulous details.... :-)

My sweet little guy and I did the same trip again this past Wednesday. I was so surprised by what a difference two years would make. He enjoyed it so much more this time. We took the Coast Starlight down to Centrailia....a lovely OLD train with an observation car. He LOVED it....The train takes you right along the waterfront so my little guy was watching for all kinds of wildlife...

Have I ever told you how much he loves animals? He knows much more about every kind of animal than most adults.!!! He often tells me about an animal that I've never even heard of before. He is AMAZING!!!

Yummy architecture!

Isn't that just gorgeous???

Ahhh.......isn't he just so darn cute???? (2007)

Our train was soooo late that day......he kept watching for it! :-)

Oh my gosh, it hurts me to see that two years have already passed. He's grown up so much in these past two years! As I've said, I have a "special day" every Tuesday with my boy. I pick him up at school and we go to dinner, then to do whatever he'd like to do....a movie, the library, the park....

And, during the summer I have him from Sunday thru Tuesday.....sometimes Wednesday. This past week he stayed from Sunday through Thursday. Gosh I love it! I miss him so much today. The house seems so quiet without him.

Look how much he's grown!

We had a delish lunch. He didn't like his cocoa.....he said it tasted funny....

We saw several murals....

And, this DARLING pink dress! I should have gotten it to wear for Pink Saturday tomorrow!

We saw this Bentley....holy cow! Isn't it perfect???

Look at the old, brick street? Centrailia really is a cute, old town. Quite a few antique stores...I tried to refrain....boys DO NOT like shopping! It made me sad to see many shops gone, spaces empty. So many people put all they have into their little businesses and it's heartbreaking to me to see "the death of a dream"....I'll be so happy when the economy picks up again and these little shops can thrive.

Yowza! Look at that handsome fella! As I've said.....animals=his favorite thing. He LOVES Cabella's. It's an outdoorsy store....he's in his glory there. I've taken him quite a few times...

And, two years little boy is watching for the darn train again. Yes, it WAS late! :-)

I simply cannot believe my little guy is nine! Time has gone by so quickly. I love him so much, and while I'm so happy to see him growing up and learning more every day, it makes me so sad to see the moments passing. I knew it would happen too quickly....that's why I am determined to spend all the time with him while I can.....but still............... :-(

When I tell him.........."I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH"......he just smiles, tips his head down and says.........."I know"..... It just doesn't get any better than that! I am blessed beyond belief and I am grateful....

Love and hugs to all of you!

You're just the BEST!!

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Have a wonderful FRIDAY!!



  1. What a sweet post! Cherish these memories forever!!

    Angelic Accents

  2. The train station in Centralia is so very old & beautiful. I remember as a child we drove over there to board the train to go to Napavine to visit relatives, sometimes we used the Chehalis station to visit Mother's sister in Centralia. They have kept both stations in beautiful restorative condition.

    We took our Joshua on the train rides when we visited out there. He loved trains.

    So glad you had a wonderful time.

    Check this out ... FREE PAINT ~ it is legit.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Very handsome young man! Great photo documentation of your day! Thanks for sharing... :-)

    Here is mine, too:

  4. He is indeed a handsome young man! Love the photos of your day! Thanks for sharing!

    Here is mine, too:

  5. Dearest Spencer,
    Your love is great for this darling child! What a sweet life...God bless you! Anita

  6. Oh, Spencer, cherish those moments because they will be gone and that little man will be a big man before you know it. I can tell you it does change but not for the worst, it will be different but a good different. I really enjoy the relationship I have with my big man. He turned 19 in Oct and still comes to Granny when he just wants to sit and talk. He always knew no matter what his Granny was going to be there for him, I was at all of his soccer and baseball games when no one else even his parents could be. He knew from the age of 7 when he turned around and looked in the stands Granny was going to be there.
    1 night last year the game was 45 miles from my house and I drove alone to it, it was cold and raining and I was late getting there, before I got there I got a phone call on my cell, "Granny where are you, are you alright"? it seems the game had started and he looked up and I wasn't there, he left the field and used his cell phone to make sure I was alright.
    So, I understand your special bond.

  7. Awwwww, how precious he is, Spencer. I can don't love him much, do you? ;) What wonderful memories he is going to have of all the time he has spent with you and the special adventures you both have shared together! Priceless!

  8. Oh the memories he will have of riding the train with you and all of the other fun stuff! Can't you just hear him telling his children about how he and his grandmother rode the train back in the day! He's so good looking! laurie

  9. SOOO COOL! I love the sweet town and waiting for the train! I'm glad you had a good time with your boy! As we have an abundance of them I know exactly what you mean about the head tilt Iknow!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Your post makes me miss my grandsons soooo much!

    Enjoyed visiting,


  11. Oh Spence, It is so hard to see them grow isn't it? I made my Maddy promise me when she was 4 that she wouldn't grow up. Well she did promise, but she is growing up!! She will be 11 in a few short days. Where does the time go, anyway? We just have to soak up all we can, just like you said!! What precious blessings children are.

    Before we know it they'll be asking for the car keys!!

    He's a cutie, for sure!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!!

  12. What wonderful memories you are creating for your boy. It does seem like time flys when you are spending time with loved ones.

  13. What a darling post-- very fun!!

    But i have to admit I loved loved loved the Bently-- you are sooo right! Perfect!!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  14. Love the architecture. How wonderful that you have a daughter and now a grandson. The best of both!


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